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Season 7

Episode 70

(The Means of a Calculating B*tch (10)

“Karma’s a b*tch. Don’t be retarded, or you won’t even know how you die,” Huo Mian said, word for word.

Jiang Linyue’s expression darkened immediately; Huo Mian always looked so gentle and weak, but her words wielded much power. ‘Don’t be retarded’, Huo Mian’s warning was clear.

However, Jiang Linyue was no longer in her right mind to listen to Huo Mian’s warning; she wanted to take every chance she had to break Qin Chu and Huo Mian up.

“Haha… really?” Jiang Linyue laughed like a b*tch, testing Huo Mian’s patience out provocatively.

Just then, Jiang Linyue heard footsteps outside the door…

Before Huo Mian had the chance to speak, she immediately hung up the phone, deleted their call history, and turned off his phone…

Qin Chu opened the door and walked in as soon as she placed his phone back onto the table.

Just now, they were meeting about the announcement of the new winter jewelry line. During this time, the finance director asked to speak to Qin Chu, and they talked in private.

Her other colleagues either went to drink water or rest…

Just as Jiang Linyue was about to leave the room, she heard Qin Chu’s phone ring.

She originally planned to give it to the president, but then she saw the words, ‘My Lovely Wife’.

Unable to control her jealousy and hate, she picked up as if she were in a trance, and brawled with Huo Mian over the phone.

Upon seeing Qin Chu walk in, Jiang Linyue immediately passed him his cellphone. “President Qin, perfect timing, I was just about to give your phone to you. It’s off, I think you ran out of battery.”

Qin Chu didn’t say anything; he took his phone and glanced at it before turning around to leave…

Jiang Linyue sighed in relief when she realized that Qin Chu didn’t suspect a thing.

Huo Mian didn’t plan on calling him again, because she knew what was going on.

That little b*itch, Jiang Linyue, probably picked up Qin Chu’s phone while he was away.

Why did she have to pretend to be so close to the president? Was she an idiot?

Who was Huo Mian? Would she misunderstand Qin Chu and hold a grudge against him? Of course not.

She trusted Qin Chu, just as he trusted her…

She wasn’t going to call Qin Chu to demand what just happened. Instead, she planned to teach that little calculating b*tch, Jiang Linyue, a lesson.

She didn’t teach her a lesson during the open ceremony because she thought that Jiang Linyue would tone it down.

However, it only got worse…

Therefore, some people were just shameless.

Huo Mian knew of a phenomenon: when married couples fight, the one thing to avoid is spouting off at the mouth. For example, if a wife says to her husband, “Why do you always come home so late? You never tell me where you are! Are you having an affair with Lan next door? Lan is really slutty, and you won’t be able to control yourself…” so on and so forth… Definitely avoid that, even if you’re not saying it on purpose.

This is because, after a while, these words will have a subtle influence on the husband, making him wonder if he was having an affair with Lan. Therefore, when he sees Lan, he might develop subtle feelings for her.

In the end, something that’s not supposed to happen would happen…

Therefore, Huo Mian didn’t even want to mention Jiang Linyue to Qin Chu, because to her, Jiang Linyue was just a clown that didn’t deserve to stand between her and her husband.

On the other side of town, Wei Liao added Jiang Xiaowei. He waited for a long time, but she never added him. He soon got anxious and sent her two more friend requests…

He noted on the friend request, “Hi, I’m Wei Liao.”

Finally, Jiang Xiaowei replied, but she still didn’t add him.

All she said was, “Who’s Wei Liao?”

“The guy who placed a drinking bet with you last night.” Wei Liao was speechless but still explained to her patiently.

“I drank with my good friend Huo Mian last night, don’t try to dupe me.”

Wei Liao was speechless…

“Are you pretending not to know me just because you’re sober?” Wei Liao was outraged.

“So… did I do something to you?” Jiang Xiaowei returned his question with one of her own, immediately silencing Wei Liao.


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