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Season 7

Episode 97

(Let’s Make a Little Human (8)

“You guys should go, I’m not interested,” Su Yu looked down and said quietly.

“You should go yourself, I’m not interested either.” Wei Liao smiled.

“Should we go to Seductive Fox for a drink then?” Tang Chuan suggested.

“I’m going home today, you guys have fun.”

As soon as Su Yu said that he wanted to go home, the driver immediately took him back to the Su Family Mansion.

Ever since he became of age, he rarely went to the Su Family Mansion. He was probably used to being independent. Back when he was in the military, he only went home twice a year.

When Mrs. Su missed him, she would secretly visit him in the military.

However, for some reason, he really wanted to go home today…

Perhaps people who were hurt really needed the comfort of their family…

It was only 8 PM when Su Yu arrived home…

His family had just finished dinner…

Mrs. Su was extremely flattered to see that her son was back. “Honey, have you had dinner?”

“Not yet… Mom, I’m a little hungry.”

“Come sit down and have some biscuits, I’ll ask Ru to whip you up some dishes.”

“Mom… could you make me some egg fried rice?”

“Son… what’s wrong?” Su Yu wasn’t one to act coyish in front of his mother.

When he was seven, he got into a fight with other children and bled all over. Once he got home, his dad whipped him.

Even then, he didn’t throw a tantrum of any kind or try to act coyish…

However, today he asked to have some of his mother’s egg fried rice.

Mrs. Su didn’t really cook, and so her egg fried rice didn’t taste that good, but Su Yu missed that familiar taste.

“I’m fine, Mom. I’m just hungry.”

“Okay, okay, wait here. I’ll go make you some fried rice.”

“Mrs. Su, please let me.” The housekeeper was mortified when she saw Mrs. Su go into the kitchen.

“It’s okay, I’ll make it.” Mrs. Su rarely got to make his son food, so naturally, she didn’t want to give up on this opportunity.

– Twenty minutes later –

Mrs. Su placed a plate of egg fried rice on the coffee table…

The color of the fried rice wasn’t that good, and it even tasted a little burnt…

However, Su Yu didn’t complain. He picked it up and began wolfing it down, enjoying each bite in fulfillment…

“How does it taste, Honey?” Mrs. Su asked nervously.

“It’s delicious, thanks Mom.”

Su Yu’s family members were all interesting individuals…

Mrs. Su was gentle, Mr. Su was strict, and Grandpa Su was a combination of both.

The Su Family was diligent and traditional, but they rarely ever interfered with Su Yu’s life.

The Su Family would never do anything like Mrs. Qin, who accepted an interview and basically slapped his own son across the face.

Su Yu quickly finished off the egg fried rice…

“Is it enough? I can make you some more.” Mrs. Su looked at her son lovingly.

“No, it’s okay, I’m full.”

“Do you want some fruit? Your grandpa’s old comrade came up from Guangyuan and brought with him a lot of lychees. I can ask Ru to bring you some.”

“I don’t want any.”

“What about tea? The dark Oolong tea your father bought is really good… It’s top quality.”

“I don’t want any.”

After Su Yu finished the egg fried rice, he realized that he was still in a bad mood, and he couldn’t explain why…

Nothing his mother said piqued his interest…

“Honey… is something on your mind?” Concerned, Mrs. Su put on a white pashmina and sat down beside Su Yu.


“Is it about the girl you told me about last time?”

“How did you know?” Su Yu tilted his head and looked at his mother in surprise.

“Of course I know, you’re my son, and you crawled out from my belly. I know what’s going on in your head.” Mrs. Su smiled.

Su Yu looked down but remained silent…

“Does that girl… not like you?” Mrs. Su tried to feel her son out.


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