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Season 7

Episode 93

(Let’s Make a Little Human (4)

“She’s already gone, Young Madam.”


Huo Mian nodded…

She really disliked Jiang Linyue. Therefore, sending her off to T City could be considered as retribution…

Although she was the branch company’s president, she was actually just there to clean up the mess…

After something like this happened, for the short time being, the branch wouldn’t be able to make profit…

However, Jiang Linyue was determined and hadn’t yet resigned…

She decided to suck it up and just do it… an opponent like her was actually pretty scary…

– Halfway –

Qin Chu received another phone call, but this time it was from his father.

“Chu, come see your mother when you have time. She was fine, but staying at the hospital for such a long time has made her sick… she didn’t really look so well today.”

“I got it.”

After hanging the phone, Qin Chu’s expression was still as calm as ever…

“Maybe you should go…” Huo Mian was just about to convince him.

“Honey… what do you feel like eating?” Qin Chu interrupted her.

“Lingling said that one of her relatives opened a barbeque pork feet restaurant and wanted us to try it out.”

“I was nice enough to ask Gao Rao to come along. Now that I think about it, the four of us haven’t enjoyed a meal together in a while.”

“Yeah, we’ve all been really busy.” Qin Chu smiled.

When they arrived, they parked their car but didn’t find the restaurant, Dummy’s Pork Feet.

Huo Mian called Zhu Lingling again…

For some reason, however, Zhu Lingling said that Gao Ran would be able to find it. Just then, a Jaguar parked behind their Maybach.

Gao Ran was still in his police uniform…

“Hey, guys.”

“Lingling said you knew where the restaurant is? Where is it?” Huo Mian was confused.

“Oh, it’s in that residential district… go through that little alley, turn left and drive 50 meters, then turn right, and you’ll be able to see it.”

“The restaurant is so secluded… why would anyone come to eat here? Aren’t they afraid of losing money?” Huo Mian exclaimed…

“If the food is good, it doesn’t matter how secluded the restaurant is, right? I heard that this place was featured on a local food program, and business is booming. There has always been a long line…”

“You and Zhu Lingling come here often, don’t you?” Qin Chu glanced at Gao Ran and asked quietly.

“No… it’s my first time here.”

“If it’s your first time here, why would you know the directions so well? Is your brain better than Google Maps?” Qin Chu asked sarcastically.

“Haha… Honey, you’re so annoying. You can’t be so straightforward, at least save some face for the people’s police.”

“He doesn’t need anymore face, he already has really thick skin.”

“Screw you… Qin Chu, you douche-face! Getting all high and mighty in front of me recently, aren’t you? You’re treating today, I’m going to wolf down a bunch of pig trotters…”

Then, the three of them walked into the alley together…

After they turned left and right and arrived at the end of the alley, they saw a restaurant with a wooden plaque, with the name, Dummy’s Pork Feet.

“What kind of name is this? Dummy plus pig feet… making it sound even more hilarious.”

“Haha, their chef isn’t dumb at all. He’s a really nice and friendly guy. He’s bad-mouthed Ling’s uncle’s third cousin’s first aunt’s…”

“Holy crap… that’s a lot of aunts and cousins… they’re barely related.” Huo Mian was speechless.

As soon as they walked into the restaurant, Zhu Lingling came out to greet them…

She was dressed very simply today – a white Adidas top, black pants, white runners, and her hair up in a ponytail.

She looked like a young schoolgirl… and Gao Ran kept sneaking glances at her…

Huo Mian lightly coughed and teased her, “Why are you so dressed up and pretty? What’s your motive?”

“Screw you… I’m always pretty… Sit down guys. I already ordered.”

“I’d like two more pig trotters please, since Mr. Moneybags Qin is buying today.”

“Look at you, such a good-for-nothing. Two pig trotters bought you off…” Zhu Lingling glared at Gao Ran.

“Mr. Qin’s buying, so you guys eat as much as you can… Why not, am I right?” Huo Mian smiled.

“Thanks for ripping your own husband off.” Qin Chu lovingly pinched her cheek.

Huo Mian had a big smile on her beautiful face… she didn’t even notice that someone was staring at her.

“Su Yu… should we go somewhere else?” Tang Chuan, a big foodie, came here after a friend introduced this place to him. Therefore, he was eager to bring Su Yu and Wei Liao here to try it out. To his surprise, however, Huo Mian and Qin Chu were here as well. What was that saying again? ‘Meetings between two enemies are inevitable’?


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