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Season 7

Episode 71

(Whoever Touches My Man Shall Die (1)

“Fine, you win.” In all these years, Wei Liao had never met a woman like this.

She nearly crippled him last night, so how could she shamelessly ask who he was today?

To him, Jiang Xiaowei was at a completely different level from Huo Mian…

Huo Mian was still fairly rational; she knew she was married, so she wouldn’t take the initiative to talk to Su Yu. But at least she didn’t pretend to not know who he was.

However, Jiang Xiaowei was a witch who would eat someone up, bones and everything…

Wei Liao kept thinking that this woman looked as sweet as a Japanese pornstar, but the way she behaved was truly barbaric.

Even if he slept with her, she would never ask him to take responsibility, because she would straight-up deny that it ever happened.

Being a physiatrist was sure a waste of her talents, she should be the top star of Imperial Star instead since she could definitely handle tens of thousands of media outlets with ease.

Wei Liao was depressed, so he stopped trying to add Jiang Xiaowei…

Jiang Xiaowei had also forgotten about him…

Her parents had been pestering her to try out some dresses for the engagement party, but she kept stalling and was unwilling to go downstairs.

The truth was, her parents knew that she was very unwilling to get engaged.

However, to ensure that their daughter had a happy marriage, they thought forcing her would be doing her a favor.

Qin Chu rarely got off work this early, so he drove straight to South Side to pick up Huo Mian.

“Why are you here?” Huo Mian immediately turned into a shy little girl as soon as she saw Mr. Qin.

“I’ve come to pick you up from work. We’ll head over to the old house for dinner, so we can visit your mom.”

“Ha, sure, Zhixin just happens to be home as well today.” Huo Mian felt very happy when she heard that they were going to her mother’s.

After getting ready up, she got into Qin Chu’s car and left her Audi in South Side’s parking lot.

As they passed by a grocery store, the two bought quite a lot of vegetables and fruits.

It was already 7 PM when they arrived at the old house.

Luckily, they had called her mother beforehand, so her mom and Zhixin waited for them to eat.

“Sis… you’re finally here, I’m about to starve to death,” Jing Zhixin clamored.

To their surprise, Huang Yue was there as well…

Evidently, they’ve already become inseparable.

Huang Yue was still a bit reserved in front of Huo Mian and Qin Chu…

“Senior Sister… you’re back.”

Huang Yue wore a pink dress, and since she was fairly young, her attire was very pink and youthful.

Zhixin was a super caring man; he had always been very sweet to his sister, not to mention his girlfriend.

He barely argued with Huang Yue and spent everyday sweetly and lovingly.

They also showed off their relationship in every way possible in their WeChat friend circles…

Huo Mian didn’t quite understand this sort of showing off, but she wouldn’t stop them, because each person had their own and different ways of expressing joy.

Since time was limited, Huo Mian bought some food for hotpot at the grocery store.

The five of them sat underneath a big tree in the yard to enjoy a delicious meal of hotpot.

Yang Meirong was no longer visibly hostile towards Qin Chu…

She would even occasionally say, “Have some more.”

“Thanks, Auntie.” Qin Chu was not used to this kind of treatment.

Never mind how Yang Meirong was as a woman, but she at least raised and cared for Huo Mian for the last twenty or so years.

Plus, even though Huo Mian was a girl, she wasn’t biased at all and never treated her son better than her daughter.

Despite her sharp tongue, deep down, she was a very kind person.

Or else, she would never have been tricked by that old thief, Huo Zhenghai, again and again…

Simply put, Yang Meirong was actually a ditzy woman…

She wasn’t much of a schemer when she was young and didn’t have any tricks up her sleeves, so she ended up losing to that calculating, double-sided trickster, Shen Jiani.

“Sis… you looked so cool that day on the red carpet… Haha, Yue noticed that it was you first, I didn’t even dare to recognize you.”

Jing Zhixin giggled as he teased his sister…



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