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 Season 7

Episode 46

(Fame Comes with Trouble (6)

“I was teasing you.” Qin Chu patted Huo Mian’s head with spoiling adoration.

“I’ve missed you so much, you’re not leaving this time, right?” Huo Mian felt incredibly insecure.

“Yes, everything’s been dealt with.”

Qin Chu let go of Huo Mian, took off his jacket, and then went to the washroom to wash his hands…

“How are things over there? Did you find the people responsible?” Huo Mian asked worryingly.

“The person responsible for the accident left the country, and since we couldn’t find him, we had to personally take responsibility for this… But since I don’t want the incident to burden our company’s reputation, I’ve looked into the manufacturer that supplied the materials and filed a lawsuit against them. Our legal team has already started the legal process over there.”

Huo Mian nodded and let out a sigh of relief. “What about the compensation for the victim’s family members?”

“Aside from the consolation money from before, I also gave an additional two million to the family of the deceased, and eight hundred thousand yuan for those who were injured. After we win the lawsuit, we’ll have to see if the immoral manufacturers are willing to pay.”

“That’s good, at least it’s settled… Honey, you must be tired.” Huo Mian walked over and coyly wrapped her hands around Qin Chu’s neck, nuzzling his chin. He looked a bit worn out, probably because he was too busy recently.

There were hints of stubble on Qin Chu’s chin… prickling Huo Mian’s skin.

“You’re the one who should be tired. Not only did you have to worry about me, you also had to take care of the company crisis when I wasn’t in the city… Honey, it’s great having you around.” Qin Chu lowered his head to lightly kiss Huo Mian’s lips. The kiss was as light as a feather, but contained dense adoration.

“Okay… let’s not be so sentimental, hurry up and eat,”


Then the couple sat down to eat…

“Honey, come with me to an exclusive interview tomorrow.”

“Uhm… what interview?” Huo Mian was a bit confused.

“I accepted an interview with the Legend Column and want to take you with me tomorrow,” Qin Chu ate as he slowly and calmly said.

“Legend Column?” Huo Mian knew that this was a very influential interview, both locally and domestically.

The host was Jin Lan, a famous Chinese MC. All of her interviewees were great influential figures, either superstars or famous individuals in the financial or sports sectors.

“Are you saying that you want me to appear on TV with you?”

That television show’s viewership was terrifying, so Huo Mian was a bit hesitant…

“I’m not asking for you appear on TV with me, I want to announce our relationship to the whole world.”

“Uhm…” Huo Mian was a bit surprised upon hearing what Qin Chu said.

She wasn’t ready yet… did they really have to announce their relationship? Did he not want to stay secretly married anymore?

Qin Chu placed down his chopsticks when he saw that Huo Mian seemed unwilling, and then he gently looked at her.

“Honey, we can’t hide for our whole life… After all, I’m a public figure, and the whole company knows that you’re my wife. News has already gotten out anyways, so why don’t we use this opportunity to announce it? What are you so worried about?”

On his way back, Qin Chu kept thinking that he must announce their relationship on Legend Column tomorrow…

Not relationship – he wanted to announce that they were married. Even though they haven’t held a wedding yet, he still wanted the world to know that they were legally married.

This way, Su Yu wouldn’t be able to approach Huo Mian as often. After all, approaching a married woman was risky, and he may have to endure public pressure.

Qin Chu’s proposal did have selfish reasons; even though he won this time, he didn’t want to undermine Su Yu as an enemy.

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