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Season 7

Episode 86

(High IQ Kills (7) 

“Thanks, Big Brother.” Huo Mian showed no sign of weakness and called him ‘big brother’ for the first time in front of everyone, after all these years.

She was now the Young Madam of GK and didn’t want anyone to have any misunderstandings towards her, especially rumors that had to do with Huo Siqian.

“Ahem… for all these years I’ve known you, this seems to be the first time that you’ve ever called me big brother… For that, I have to drink two glasses more than usual at lunch.”

Then, he flipped open the files in front of him, looked it over, and slowly said, “I assume all of you already know what this meeting is for today. It’s to ask for everyone’s opinion on appointing my brother, Mr. Huo Siyi, as our company’s vice president. The Huo Corporation may be a family business, but we wouldn’t have succeeded without all of you shareholders’ support, so everyone should get a fair chance at deciding such an important matter. Don’t hold back, please say whatever you’d like.”

No one said anything after Huo Siqian finished speaking… No one wanted to be the first to talk.

Huo Siqian laughed and looked at Huo Zhenghai. “Dad… you should say something first to encourage my little brother.”

“Okay, then I’ll say something. Siyi is old enough now, and everyone has witnessed his upstanding character and modesty. I’ve decided to entrust him with this great responsibility, so he could help his older brother at the company. I hope everyone can support him.”

After Huo Zhenghai spoke, a founding member immediately followed, “I support the chairman’s decision, I believe that Siyi is capable.”

“Let’s begin…” Huo Siqian spread out his hands and smiled.

Huo Siyi wore a suit as he laid back on the chair with an incredibly arrogant look on his face…

With his father’s help, he knew he would definitely get this position. Then, he would be able to find an opportunity to kick Huo Siqian out.

“Yanyan and I also support Siyi, we believe in him, so it would be great if everyone can give him a chance,” Shen Jiani said gently.

“Mian… what do you think?” Of course, Huo Zhenghai wouldn’t let Huo Mian off the hook.

“I…” Huo Mian seemed a bit troubled.

“It’s fine, say whatever you like. Don’t be scared, we’re all family here.” Shen Jiani smiled in such a fake manner that Huo Mian felt like throwing up.

“I’ve to think about it some more, let the other’s decide first…” Huo Mian smiled.

Later, the others voiced their opinions and made their decisions…

Of course, some were against Huo Siyi’s promotion, since he was young, impulsive, and inexperienced.

However the final results were, out of the sixteen board of director members, ten agreed, while five disagreed.

Finally, Huo Mian was the only one left…

“Mian… have you decided yet?” Shen Jiani was a bit impatient.

Huo Mian looked at Huo Siqian and noticed that he had a very pleased smile on his face…

So she nodded and said, “I support Huo Siyi’s promotion to vice president… He won’t let us down.”

Huo Siyi glanced at Huo Mian with disdain…

Huo Yanyan, however, had a satisfied smile on her face…

Both Huo Zhenghai and Shen Jiani felt relieved, upon hearing that Huo Mian’s decision was in their favour…

Huo Siqian smiled. “Okay, the results are obvious. Next, allow me to announce that… Mr. Huo Siyi has been elected as the vice president of the Huo Corporation. At the same time… he will take over the real estate renovations in the west side of the city. Make us proud.”

“I will, thanks bro.” Huo Siyi stood up and smiled.

Everyone clapped…

“Siqian… that project is too extensive. If it’s given to Siyi…” Huo Zhenghai seemed to be hesitant.

“Father, didn’t you just say that you believed in Siyi? Since you believe in him, then have faith in him and let him do it. We have to believe in Siyi’s abilities. You’re right, he is no longer a child,” Huo Siqian said as he looked at Huo Zhenghai.

After the meeting ended and everyone left…

Huo Mian was just about to leave when Huo Siqian’s secretary stopped her.

“Miss Huo… the president wants to see you.”


Huo Mian stopped her footsteps, and then she walked back and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

“You asked to see me?” Huo Mian asked as soon as she entered.

“Please sit.”

“I’ve got other stuff to do…” Huo Mian wouldn’t sit.

“Weren’t you pretty mighty just now when you challenged me by supporting Huo Siyi? Where did that Huo Mian go? Are you afraid that I would take revenge on you?” Huo Siqian laughed.


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