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 ❤🏫Royal High❤🏫

❤❤️(He was a rogue but she changed him forever)❤❤

❤❤️Episode 5❤❤

‘So that's the library over there and that's the salon,the hair cuts are free though and...Are you even listening??'..Anabelle muttered turning back at Curt who was pretty carried away at the moment...

‘Huh?? Ohh you were talking about some blah blah blah shii'...He replied adjusting the headphones on his neck..

‘Seriously??I've been showing you around for the past hour and you weren't even listening??'..She snapped and in return Curt just raised his brow..

‘Hey Princess i didn't beg you to be my tour guide so you have no right to flare at me like that and besides no one could even concentrate in this suit!! Jeez I'm heating up here'..he replied...

He's just a rogue Annabel just chill,Annabel said in her mind silently and Curt just smiled which took her back..

There was something savage about him and she's never seen something like that before...

Royal High hasn't had someone like him before and admitting someone who wasn't even a royal or from a very rich influential family...

‘Well i don't see why I'm here anymore you seem to know everywhere so i think I'd better get to class'..She said as she dug her hands inside her pockets...

‘Okay Princess see ya later'..he murmured not even glancing at her...

Bastard,Annabel thought and walked away..


‘He's cute'..Tanya whispered as Curt walked past..

‘Who?? Curt??'..Annabel asked and her partner gasped..

Annabelle and Tanya aren't really best of friends but you could say they get along pretty well cause their kingdoms both share the same boundaries...

‘You know him??'..She asked..

‘I'm his tour guide Tanya and besides he's a rogue and a jerk'..Anabelle replied jotting the lesson on her notepad...

‘Yeah he isn't princely nor looks noble but i love his swagger,Royal High boys are so boring and most of them are bullies'...Tanya muttered and her eyes rolled the moment Caitlin walked past them with her clique...

‘There she goes acting like her father is the ultimate ruler!! Even your kingdom Macademia is way bigger than hers'..She added in a sneer and Anabelle laughed...


‘Hey Prince Curt'..Caitlin said seductively as she sat next to Curt who was drawing something on his pad...

‘Hi I'm Caitlin,The daughter of King Nicolas'..She added extending a hand towards Curt..

‘Curt Anderson'..He murmured still concentrating on his drawing..

If there was one thing he hated then it's pushy girls..

‘Ohh you're really good at this,you know my father once bought a whole island for my birthday and he rented the Monalisa family is really influential you know?? We even helped Barack Obama win his first election and—

‘Wait who the hell are you even talking to??'..Curt asked..


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