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        🖤{Getting Into His Dark World}🖤

              🦋 EPISODE 56.🦋




          ~✨LYLA✨~(EXPLICIT 18+)



   He pulled me into a kiss again but this time, it was slow, passionate and at the same time intense. 

   His tongue slid in my mouth and he kissed the back of my throat. 

  He pulled away and his kiss made contact with my skin. I moaned out slowly as he sucked on my neck before his teeth grazed out and bit it. 

   I'm sure that's gonna leave a hickey.

   He trailed kisses down my neck to the collarbone then my cleavage lingering a little on it. 

   He pulled off the top I was wearing, leaving me only in his bra. 

  He kissed my breast from inside my bra then trailed it down to my stomach before pulling off my trousers. 

    He kissed the waistband of my pant, my pant then my thighs while I squirmed absently under him. 

    I arched my back and he unhooked my bra before tossing it aside. 

  He kissed inbetween my breasts and take in one breast in his mouth while I let out a moan. 

   He stopped and turned to look at me, smirked and sucked on it like it wants it to produce something then he grabbed the other one and pinched my nipple, sensations driving me wild as heat rushed through my entire body settling on my core. 

  I gasped when his tongue flicked out to tingle my nipple, the feeling. It was indescribable. 

 He let go of my breast and I'm sure they're as pink as anything right now. 

  He kissed my stomach, down to my thighs and his thumb pressed against my pant while I gasped. 

  I let out a moan when he rubbed me through my pants. 

  I threw my head back as he continued his murderous attempt. 

I'm sure I'm as wet as anything right now. 

  He pulled down my pant and his finger slid in my sensitive pant. 

   "Oh gawd... "

  I moaned as he thrust his finger in and out of me while using his thumb to rub my cl*t.

  He doubled the finger to two and I whimpered. He smiled gently at me and stopped for a while, allowing me to adjust. 

  I nodded and his fingers thrust in and out of me while I moaned like a crazy woman. 

   I tried to keep my moans low but it's just impossible. The sensations is just too much. 

  "I'm close... "

  I groaned and looked at Alex as he continued his treacherous attempt. 

   My body shook and my orgasm broke as Alex removed his fingers and licked me off. 

  I frowned and he chuckled before kissing me and I tasted myself in him. 

   "You tastes so fuckin good "

   He smirked and pulled away from the kiss. 

   I giggled and accidentally pulled my waist to his. 

   He groaned and I watched his eyes darkened. 

   He parted my legs with his knee and his warm tongue met with my core. 

  Oh gawd... I arched my back and closed my eyes as my breathing hitched. 

  He sucked on me and used his thumb to rub my cl*t.

   I pushed my hips to him and his tongue slid in me, kissing everything. 

   I gasped as I erupted in his mouth and he licked me off before closing my lips on his. 

   "You taste so fuckin good... "

  He muttered into my mouth before pulling away from the kiss. 

   I absently grinded against him and he groaned, letting out a moan. 

  I said his laugh was the most beautiful sound.. I was wrong, his moan is better. 


          ~✨ ALEXANDER✨~

  I watched her as her eyes glistened with lust for me. 

 She's so fuckin beautiful. 

   I removed my belt and pulled down my trouser, including my boxers. 

  Her eyes widened as her mouth hung opened and she blinked twice before looking at me. 

   "You're okay? "

  She nodded and I parted her legs with my knees. 

   I rub against her and closed my eyes to the feelings. She shut her eyes and let out a soft moan. 

   I gently pushed into her and she gasped. Damn! She's so fuckin tight and it's freaking driving me crazy. 

   She held me by the waist and I kissed her forehead before lowering myself into her. 

  I finally succeeded in penetrating fully and I stopped, giving her time to adjust. 

 She nodded and I pulled out slowly then in again. 

 Her walls tightened around me and she feels so fuckin good. 

  The feeling of being inside her bare without the obstruction of a rubber Is the best feeling I've ever felt. 

  This is different. Different from having s*x with a random wh*re. 

  She is different. 

  I moaned out as i pushed in again and out then in again. 

  This feelings is driving me insane. 

 I stopped and placed her right leg on my shoulder then thrust in again. 

  Our moans filled the rooms and it's a crazy sound. 

   "Oh, I'm almost there.. "

  She whispered and turned her head to look at me. I smiled at her and bent to kiss her lips. 

  I pulled back and groaned, thrusting in again. 

    "Fuck.. You feel so fuckin good "

  I moaned and thrust in again. 

     "I'm close.. Gawd.. "

  Her breathing hitched as I thrust in one last time and she reached her orgasm. 

  I pulled out immediately and.

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