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       🖤{Getting Into His Dark World}🖤

                 🦋 EPISODE 72🦋








I should have known that something was definitely wrong with that motherfucker letting go of her without a fight.


I had the perfect plan to rescue her in my head.

Those stupid fuckers. They are just as stupid as I thought.

They actually left her phone on which have me the chance to track her and reach her from wherever that they thought they would have taken her away from me.

I had positioned my guards in case I would be needing them cause I know that fucker isn't one to go down without a fight.

I had got to where they have been keeping them and I was planning the attack when she had suddenly walked out of there willingly.

Without even bothering to check the expression that she had across her face because I had been so damn happy to see her, I just jump towards her and grab her.

And when she had looked up at me...

I had never saw that much hatred for anyone in her eyes... Especially not me.

But she had them and I knew that the shit had went wrong.

What I have been trying so hard to keep away from her is now out and there's absolutely no giving nothing that I can do to it.

That motherfucker had spilled the beans.

"Lyla, please I can explain everything. I was going to tell you but..."

"So it's true?"

She chuckles,shaking her head as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing and God I felt like seeing that motherfucker right away and burying him deep below the ground then next time, he would think twice before messing with me.

"Everything that he had said about you. They are all really true. You are really all those things

 God I can't believe this."

She shakes her head as she moves further away from me while I follow behind her suit to home her but she jerks me straightaway immediately.

"Don't you dare fucking try to touch me!"

She yells so loud. So so loud that it attracted attention from the fucking guards of the damm fucking motherfucker because we are still right at where the fuck had the mind to kidnap her.

"Please, Lyla. Just come with me and we will talk about everything. I will tell you everything that you have been..."

I try to say but she didn't even allow me to say anything as she cuts me off.

"Shut the damn up! You think that I want to know about anything anymore. I have just found out about everything, I know who you truly are now and I know everything that you have done. Everything that you have been doing..."

She shakes her head and I sigh.

"Fine. I'm been involved in dirty jobs but he isn't that pure either. He's getting into your head and you're allowing him to.

All he wants is to just get into your damn legs and you're actually been a whore enough to allow him to.!"

I yell, frustrated and annoyed.

Only when the words had dropped did I realized what I had did and I regreted it immediately.

I regreted it immediately but she was gone before I could even blink my eyes.

When I had tried to catch up with her, she shun me off and yell at me not to follow her and for once I decided to listen.

To give her space but you know whom I won't be giving space?

The damn motherfucker that caused all this will definitely regret it... Today.

    TBC ♥️.


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