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       πŸ–€{Getting Into His Dark World}πŸ–€

         πŸ¦‹ EPISODE 76πŸ¦‹{The Truth About Him.}




       ~πŸ₯€ ALEXANDERπŸ₯€~



    "What the actual fuck are you taking about right now?!"

I yell at him. My mind going to different places and different thoughts.

He's lying. I know he's lying.

He is only trying to get into my head just like he has successfully gotten into hers but I'm not going to allow that to happen.

I'm not going to allow him to separate me and Lyla so he can get her for his selfish desires.

"Oh my God. You actually don't know,do you or you just want to pretend like you don't so I won't tell her about it?"

He smirks and I'm quick to grab him by the collar once again, slamming him against the wall with my heart beating faster against my chest and my breathing heavy.

I know that I have done a lot of bad terrible thing in the past and I know that Lyla has lost her parents due to a reason that I don't know because she never told me... Because I never asked about it.

But I can't think of a possibility about how the hell that I will be the killer of her parents.

That's impossible and it can't be true. It must not be true.

I have hurt her more than enough and she has found out about lots of terrible be things that I have done more than enough.

If this happens to be true also and she finds out about it, one thing is for sure.

I'm losing her forever and I'm never going to get her ever again.

"Oh, so you really don't know about it I see..."

He laughs and I take my gaze back to him, my breathing heavy and I'm sure that my eyes are wide as anything right now.

"Tell me everything. Everything that you know about what happened to her parents and how the hell that I happen to be the killer..."

I growl at him and he shakes his head, smirking.

He jerks my hands away from him and smile at me as I watch him walk over to his seat once again and sit on it, crossing hid arms against his chest and smirking even harder at me.


I'm getting so damn impatient with each second that passes by.

"I am not going to tell you how it happened or how you have done it. You will have to figure that out yourself but instead, I will do you one favour and tell you the date that it happened and the names that you have killed without a single thought because you thought that it would never have anything to do with you."

He smirks.

"The murder of the Gwen's. Last three years ago."

He says and everything comes crashing down immediately because that murder is one that I can never forget because I know what it did to me.

I know what had happened and I thought that I will finally forget about everything but now this...

He is right.

Fucking hell. He's right.

I destroyed her life.

I killed her parents.

   TBC ♥️.

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