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       ðŸ–¤{Getting Into His Dark World}🖤

         ðŸ¦‹ EPISODE 80🦋{The Truth About Him.}







    There's a huge silence at the other end when I had said that and when I mean silence. I didn't mean the type of since that are there between us before because everything was awkward.

It was a huge deafening silence and I could feel the way that he was breathing through the small device.

He was trying to calm himself down and I couldn't help but to feel more guilty about it.

Maybe I shouldn't have came here anyways but I needed someone to talk to at that moment that he did that to me and everything didn't seem right either.

I just wanted to stop thinking about him and I just wanted to stop seeing everything that has to do with him.

I had been so hurt and I still am.

I don't know what I'm doing right now either, I had told myself that I will forget him and I don't want to ever have anything to do with him eve again and yet, here I am. On the phone with him and thinking that he night me hurt because if something that I did.

Something that only happened because he allowed it to and he causes it.

No matter what happens, I have come to realize that I will always care about him.

No matter how many times he hurts me or how many times that things go wrong between us, I have come to realize that I will always love him and nothing can change that fact because I've allowed myself to fall in too deep with him than to just turn back when everything goes wrong.

"Are you guys back together now?"

He asks and the way his time sounds makes me so mad at myself but I shake my head, reminding myself once again that he brought this upon himself and I wouldn't have been here right now if he hasn't messed up everything.

I would have probably been with him, we will have been in his room and we will have been doing something together but I'm not and it's all because of him.

He lied to me about who he really is and he made me felt used then he called me a whore without even thinking twice about it and that's not the first time that he would do something like this.

He's always doing something to hurt me and every single time that I get hurt, I have always told myself that I will most definitely get over him but the truth is.. I'm not and I can never do.

I had thought that I knew everything about love but Alexander made me realize what love really is and it makes me wonder if I even ever loved Ryan from the start or I only thought that I loved him because he was always there for me.

Because the things that I feel for Alexander, I didn't feel it for him and the more that I realize that, the more that I feel guilty that I had been using Ryan all along and the more that I can't help but to fall even harder for my boss.

     TBC ♥️.





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