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       🖤{Getting Into His Dark World}🖤

                 🦋 EPISODE 71🦋







   "Boss, I don't understand what's happening anymore. I thought that we kidnapped this lady because you wanted to be with her, then why the hell did you let her go again?"

One of my guards says and I chuckle before shaking my head as I flip through the pages of the file that I'm holding.

"She will be back."

I sigh, really hoping that what I'm saying is true. What I have wished and hoped for is true and she will really be back here.

I don't know what I will do if she doesn't but if she really values her life then she will be.

"How sure are you about that boss? I thought you said that she's in love with Alexander."

God, the mere talk of it makes me so fucking angry.

Yes ,she is in love with Alexander but I'm going to steal that love away from him.

He doesn't deserve it and fuck, neither do I cause I'm acting low.

I'm playing this game like the motherfucker that I am and I'm not clean either.

I'm not a fucking saint and I've got bad blood on my hand but I'm ready and I'm willing to give up all that if she's going to stay with me.

I'm ready to give up everything if she comes back to me.

That... That's how much I've come to fall in love with her.

"She is but after everything that I've told you which is just half the truth cause I didn't tell her what that motherfucker did to her and her family."

I groan loudly.

"She may overlook it sir. Love conquers everything they say, you should have told her about the family stuff. That's the biggest catch sir and I'm sure that she wouldn't ever want to see him again."

He laughs and I shake my head.

"It's not right, it just isn't right..."

I shake my head repeatedly as I think of me telling her what the motherfucker had did to her family.

How he had destroyed them..she wouldn't be able to take it and I'm sure as hell that she wouldn't want to stay with me either so what's the whole point of that.

"If I had told her then it would have left her broken and that isn't what I want. I don't want her to be broken. That isn't what I want from her, I want her to be mine."

"You said you were never going to lie to her again, what do you call this sir?"

He asks and I gulp down the lump that's beginning to rise up in my throat.

"Protecting her from the demons.."

I whisper before shutting my eyes.

Initially, I had planned on just doing what I've always promised to do as soon as I get my hands back on her.

Force her to come with her and then take her away with her to somewhere far.

Somewhere that he wouldn't be able to come then I'm going to force her to love me.

Force her to be mine. That's what I had planned but after discovering what that motherfucker had did to me.

After looking at her and seeing through her, she deserves someone better.

She deserves someone that isn't me and that isn't that fucking dick.

She deserves someone good, not someone that has been tattered by the demons.

She doesn't deserve me but I'm too selfish to try and make her mine but this time, not in the wrong way.

    TBC ♥️.

😋😋😋😋😋 Anyone loving Sebastian?

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