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               🖤{My Boss Demands}🖤

                  🦋 EPISODE 53🦋







    "Damm guy. Why the hell would you yell at her like that? You could have just told her to leave that you need some privacy. That was fucking cold of you!"

Chris says and I sigh before nodding.

"I know but I freaked out when she had entered like that. I don't want her to know about any stupid shit that I have been doing."

I groan and he nods.

"I understand but still that wasn't so fucking nice of you. You know these women always tend to take things seriously, that must have hurt her badly. You should probably apologize."

He says and I nod.

"I will but for now, let's talk about that damn Sebastian once again. You said he's trying to pull the deal out for me?"

I raise my brows at him and he nods.

That fucking cunt is really wishing for death and I will gladly give it to him if he ain't damn careful about where he steps.

"Nigga has been going over to the other big guys you have been working with. Wants them to cut you off."

He laughs and I shake my head.

If only he knows who he's dealing with then he wouldn't be trying this dumb shit with me. Who exactly does he thinks I am?

" I think you have to get him off the line before it goes real bad. Trust me I know that nigga ain't going to stop until he cuts through your damn throat."

"Not if I cut his motherfucking throat first. I will surely make sure that I do but how about the ripper stuff?"

I raise my brows at him and he sighs before bringing out his cigarette and lighting it.

"Don't know about the bitch man. Have been trying to convince him but he ain't backing down, he's hell-bent on getting that deal even after how much I had convinced the bastard."

He groans and I nod.

"Then we are left with nothing but to cut him off the line. I'm tired of everyone of them trying to run my business for me. Fucking cunts."

I growl and he chuckles before nodding.

"Yeah, you should do something about that. I need to leave for that Russian deal and you better go apologize to your bitch."

He smirks and I glare at him.

"Call her that again and you're going to lose your head."

I groan and he chuckles, raising his hands playfully in surrender before walking out of the room while I sigh, rubbing my palm down my face.

Things are actually getting even messier than I thought and I don't even know how I'm going to actually keep everything from Lyla.

I don't want her to get involved with the mess that's me.

But again, how is she not going to get involved if I'm going to be around her every single time.

This is actually damn hard than I thought it was going to be.

       TBC ♥️.

   So anyone getting to know who Alexander really is🧐🧐🤔

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