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        πŸ–€{Getting Into His Dark World}πŸ–€

                πŸ¦‹ EPISODE 52πŸ¦‹







     "Who is it?"

He groans as I try to move away but he isn't allowing me to and he's still keeping me down.

"Bastard. Open this door you fucking cunt."

A voice says from the other side and from the looks of things,it seems like whoever is about to come in has a close relationship with him cause I don't think anyone in their right senses would call him those words. Expect they have a death wish of course.


He hiss slowly before turning me back to look at him and then he kisses down to my stomach before dragging the shirt back down.

"I'm not done with you."

He winks at me and my heart skips a beat as he pulls me down from the desk and his lips finds mine in a rush.

He grabs my waist, pulling me closer to himself to let me feel his erection as he slowly rubs against me and if I was just wet before, now I'm even wetter.

He groans as he trail kisses down my neck before his lips finds mine again, his tongue pushing in for entrance as he swirls around me and takes me as his.

His hand trails down till it gets to my ass and he squeeze it gently in a way that makes me not want to leave.

"Bastard, I knew you would be doing something in here."

A chuckle comes and I bury myself into his chest,feeling so embarrassed.

His chest is broad and it makes me realize that this wound be the first time that I would be hugging him like this.

We only just do the kissing and the fucking. He never hugs me and it feels so good to actually hug him like this.

"You're such a pussy,did you had to come in now and make her feel embarrassed?"

With each word that he says, his chest vibrates against me and I totally forgot about why I'm embarrassed in the first place.

"Oh I'm so sorry milady, I just have something I have to tell to the motherfucker then he would get back to you."

I hear a voice behind me and Alex curses at him once again.

"Fucking cunt. Don't worry Lyla. That's how he is, come on go to your office."

He whispers in my ear and I raise my head to look at him before nodding.

Just as I turn to walk away, he slowly drags me back and kisses me once again before letting me go and I finally turn to see the guy that had walked in on us.

He's almost like the second version of Alexander. Same dark eyes. Same hair and he's just as tall as he is. Just that he's a little slimmer than him.

I smile at him before making my way out of the office and then I walk back to mine,my heart beating faster as I remember everything that had just happened and I couldn't help but to smile.

Just as I want to the my phone to call Kate,I realize that I had dropped it at Alexander's and I'm on my feet back to his office immediately.

"That fucking cunt! Still can't believe that he isn't going to give up until he gets you. He has been going to every..."

Deciding that it isn't really good of me to sneak in them when they are talking about business, I push open the door while trying to knock and the two guys turns to me.

Alex's eyes as dark as anything I have ever seen and he looks so so angry.

"Get out!"

He shouts and I jump immediately from the way that he had shouted.

"Out! Now!"

With tears threatening to roll down my cheeks, I turn back and run out of the room immediately.

     TBC ♥️.

    What news could Chris bring?πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί



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