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     I don't know how it happened or how the hell that he did it but somehow, I find myself on the bed.

Him on top and me underneath him.

I am going to explode soon with emotions as he works his fingers even deeper inside me.


I groan and he looks up at me,planting a soft kiss to my forehead before staring down there again.

"I'm going to make it two now baby,I promise that I won't hurt you."

He says and I nod slightly.

Sex with Ryan has never been this hot and I have never felt this want to get so much deep with him.

Although we are usually doing it because Ryan believes that it streghtens the bond between us, it just never felt so right like this.

This feels so... Right.

So so right and I don't even know what to think about that.

I have fallen in love with this guy too deeply to even ever think of unfalling for him anymore.

He has me wrapped around his fingers and as much as it annoys me because I'm the only one feeling this way towards him. It also makes it happy.

This thing between us is fucked up in a good way. A very complicated good way.

"Oh God."

I moan out as I feel him add another finger and I can feel my p*ssy stretching to accommodate his two fingers.

I have never had two fingers in me at the same time and it's as painful as it's pleasureable.

"You will be fine. I promised,just don't panic and let me do this. Allow yourself to relax and you'll actually enjoy it. Everything will be okay."

I nod and breathe out, allowing myself to relax in the pleasure that he's giving me just like he had said.

"God, you feel so good and you're so wet."

He groans and I feel my eyes rolls to the back of my head as he keeps working his fingers inside of me. Circling them around and rubbing on my clit. Even his words does so many things to me.

Oh God!


He groans before bringing out his two fingers and before I know what's happening,he's eating me out!

And when I mean eating me out! I mean the type of actually eating my p*ssy out!

"God, you taste so goddamn good!"

He groans as he swirls his tongue around me and I hold tight until the duvet to keep myself from pushing him off me due to the pleasure that this is giving me.

I can feel my stomach tightening and my legs tensing up and I feel something building at the depth of my stomach. I know I'm close already.

He raises his head as I realease into his mouth and he licks me clean before he pulls down his pants together with his boxer and my eyes widens immediately as I stare at him. My eyes going down.

How the hell is that thing going to fill into me?!

"You will be fine."

He says, chuckling but I don't think that's true. I don't know how the hell he's going to fill inside me with that.

He grabs my legs and pulls them apart before he bends down, planting a kiss to my forehead then kissing my eyes close and I feel him slowly ease himself into him.

I gasp out and I hit at his shoulder for him to stop which I'm glad that he did but my joy was only for a little moment as he starts moving once again.

This time going deeper inside of me and I can actually feel my walls stretching to accommodate his size.

"Oh God."

He grunts as he stills the a moment, probably for me to get used to his size.

I nod at him when the pain reduces and he starts moving his hips, circling around and hitting really deep inside of me.

I gasp out each out that he does and he grabs my hair,lifting my face up to look at him.

"Say that you're mine. Fuck..say that.. Goddamit!.."

His words slurs and I hold tightly to his shoulder,my nails digging into his flesh but I don't care about that right now.

"Say that I'm the only one that's ever going to see you like this and that I'm the only one that will ever have you this way. Say that you're mine forever!"

He grunts and I breathe out, my breathing heavy.

"I'm yours forever."


🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 They have did the do oh.

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