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               🖤{My Boss Demands}🖤

                    EPISODE 46.






     "I have been thinking that I don't really know much about you, when were you planning on telling me things about you? "

I ask Alex as I braid his head while he groans,shifting his head that's on my lap and staring up at the ceiling.

It has been some few weeks after that day at the office and I have been his fling I guess.

We have been making out but we haven't got to the sex part yet. I don't know why but he always stop whenever it gets too hot.

"I don't like talking about myself, Lyla. "

He says and I roll my eyes at him,stopping the movement on his hair 

Who likes talking about themselves anyways? I was just asking him to tell me some things like where he grew up. His parents. What happened to his family, he's never talking about them.

"Well I will like to know things about you, I mean you know things about me too. Don't you think I've also earned the right to know a few things about you too?"

I raise my brows at me and he grunts before raising up from my lap and turning to look at me, his eyes darker than I can remember and I take in a deep breath.

"I do not like talking about myself and I do not want to tell you either. What am I always saying and telling you to keep things professional and not going into people's personal details."

He raises his brows at me and I breathe out.

"But that was when I was only my working for you. I mean we are together now,this is different. I should be able to know things."

I shake my shoulder and he suddenly starts chuckling, shaking his head like what I had just said is funny.

"You don't think that we are together like really together right? I'm still your boss Lyla and I'm not in need of a girlfriend, do not forget that the only reason that you're here is because I want you and I already have you. You're my slut,nothing more."

Ouch. Out of all the things that he said, I never did expect him to throw it at my face that I'm the whore who has been going out with her boss.

I bite down on the inner of my cheek to stop myself from crying before nodding at his eyes and standing up.

I need to get out of here, I refuse to allow myself to break down and let him get the best of me right now.

I wouldn't let him know just how much those words of his hurts me so much.

I wouldn't let him know.

"Where are you going?"

He asks, gripping to my wrist as I walk past him and I turn back, jerking his hand away from me and glaring hard at him.

"Don't you dare fucking touch me! I'm your whore I get it, God I can't believe how stupid I am. I get what we are doing here Alex. I know that I'm nothing but the girl you play with when you're bored but you don't have to throw it in my face anytime that you get angry."

I grab my bag before storming out of the room and walking downstairs.

"What Lyla? You can't just go, it is raining too hard and you didn't bring you car either so please stop been stubborn and follow me back in. "

I scoff,shaking my head before running out of the house and into the rain.

I don't care if I get drenched by the rain. I just need to get away from him. That's all that matters.

   TBC ♥️


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