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             🖤{My Boss Demands}🖤

     EPISODE 44. {His Demand.}



     "So how did he react when you told him about it? Did he got angry?"

Kate asks on the phone as I cross the road and I shake my head,letting out a sigh.

"I think it would have been so much better if he had reacted like that but he didn't. He was just sad and silent through the whole talk. It was almost like he knew what was coming. Like he knew that I was going to break up with him that instant and he knew that something happened with someone before I even told him. Just like he always do. "

I sigh. I wish I could just comfort him.

I'm so stupid. I shouldn't just have left there like that, I should have stayed and try to comfort it but that would only probably complicate things more than they are complicated right now and I don't think I want something like that right now.

"Well, I know that he must be hurting right now. You don'tunderstand just his much he loves you but you can't force yourself to love him if you ain't feeling the vibe anymore. In fact you did him a favour cause most of the girls would have continued that relationship with him even though they are with someone else. I'm proud of you. "

I smile before nodding and then I look around the street that I'm about to cross over.

"So now that you have taken care of Ryan. What do you plan on doing with Alexander. I mean you're going to do something right?"

"Yeah.. I have to."

I sigh,shaking my head as I let out a deep breath once again.

"I think I am in trouble Kate. I think I must have fallen in love with him. I think I'm falling in love with him and I don't know what to do about it."

I shake my head and she chuckles on the phone as if I had just said something that's funny.

"What do you mean you don't know what to do? If you love him then go get him I mean he wants something to happen betwen the two of you also, right ?'

"Yeah, but what he wants to haooen is quite different from what I'm feeling. He doesn't want me to be his girlfriend. He just wants my body and that's all. Whereas I want him. Like really want him to be mine. He just wants me as a fling. "

I mutter the last part as I shake my head.

God I can't believe myself right now.

"Then do it. If it's as a fling that he wants you to be then be one. I mean there's nothing wrong with been someone's fling from there, you make him fall in love with you. I mean there's no way you would be having sex with someone without wanting them in the right way. Right?"

She says and I try to reason what she's talking about.

That's also right but again. This is Alexander that we are talking about. Could this thing really work?

TBC ♥️

  Guys,your encouragement are getting low. What's happening?

What do you think about this episode?

Lyla been a fling🤦🤦🤔


  1. Alexander will fall in love with Lyla

  2. Hmmmm. I hate that word 'Fling' though. Let her do wat pleases her.

  3. I hate what she did to ryan,it hurt me deeply...but I gats move on with it.she left someone that loved her and wanted to be a fling for another person...God...

  4. Ryan is someone that every lady will want I love him for wat he did



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