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           🖤{My Boss Demands}🖤

  EPISODE 41. {The Temptations}






       "Wow. Okay well that isn't so bad because I did knew that something was going to happen between the two of you. To be sincere with you. That wasn't what I had expected, I thought that you might have had sex with him or something but since we have all know now that you didn't had sex with him. It's alright so what are you going to do about Ryan? You aren't going to tell him what happened?"

Kate raises her brows at me and I sigh but she's right. I should tell Ryan about what happened between me and Alexander and I should start by probably telling him where I had been last night and explain to him why I had refused to come to his place when he had asked me to.

"So you're quitting the job right?"

I turn to look at ria, chuckling before shaking my head. I don't understand why I chuckled but it's just so funny that she thought I was going to quit that job.

"I'm so sorry if that's funny but again. I don't see how you intend on working with the boss that you're attracted to. Mind you he wants you also and we both know that if you're that close to him everyday then there's no possible way that you would be able to avoid the temptation. "

She says and I nod slowly realizing that she's saying the truth.

How do I work with someone that I'm attracted to. Oh God, this is such a stupid mess. How the hell did I got myself entangled in this deep shit that I'm finding myself.

Everything would have been more easier so much easier if nothing had happened between us then it would have been so much easier to ignore him and focus on everything else but after what had happened between the two of us. I don't want to ignore him. I want him to touch him once again. It seems almost as if I'm always wanting him each time that I look at him or each time that he's around me.

It's crazy and insane and it isn't really right now is it fair towards Ryan but to sincere, I don't have control over myself any longer when it comes to him.

"What am I going to do guys, ria is right! I can't work with him if I'm going to be attracted to him every single time and again, I can't quit the job guys. Where else would I find another job. I lost my place at constructing tech and now I'm going to quit working at the one company that's so much better than any other one?"

I raise my brows, shaking my head repeatedly at them that I'm not going to do such thing and they both sighs before looking at each other and shaking their heads once again.

"I think that's what you would have to do Lyla. I don't see any other way of you focusing. It would have been better if you guys hadn't had anything but you have which means the Temptations would even be higher and harder to control so I'm saying why don't you just quit the job?"

 TBC ♥️

Quitting the job 🤧🤧

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