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               🖤{My Boss Demands}🖤

     EPISODE 39. (Been Overposessive)





       "Because you're mine."

He nutters and I gulp in,my heart hearing faster against my chest as he moves away from beside me and turn to look at me, a smirk dancing around the chargers if his lips while I roll my eyes at him.

Of course,he did that so he could have me wrapped around his fingers onceagain but I'm not going to allow that again. I feel so ashamed of myself after what I had did. After what we had both done.

I don't even want to look at his face because I don't even have the courage to do that.

"I'm leaving Sebastian. I mean it. "

I mutter,saying nothing else than to just stare down at my feet like it's the most interesting thing to do but Ido know that he's staring at me or glaring because I had just said that. Stood on my ground.

"You didn't hear me when I was speaking? I had said that you're going no where. "

"And I had said that I would go wherever it is that I want to. You're my boss, you're not my parents or my brother so please stop trying to control me please. Even if we just had the one night stand, it still doesn't mean anything to me and I had told you earlier. Erase the last twenty four hours from your memory. It was a mistake and it'll never repeat itself again."

I mutter and when I raise my head to the a peek at him since he said no word, he's starting at me and then he starts chuckling like everything I had just said is funny. What's with him and laughing about things anyways,it's driving me insane.

"I'm not going to erase what we did and what we had together because I don't want to and I know that you don't want to either. You're just saying that because you felt guilty about what happened and you shouldn't feel guilty baby..."

He stops his words and stare around the house before his gaze settled on me once again as he moves closer to me while my breathing hitches up just like it always do whenever he's near.

He's playing with me and it's stupid and funny that I'm walking right into his game. This means nothing to him than one of his games, I guess the rumors were true anyway. He's a Playboy, a man whore and he would do anything to get what he wants from any woman and I had been walking right into his trap.

I want to reach out and shout at him, yell and continuously beat at his chest for making me feel this way. For making me these things that I can't stop.

I want to stay away from him and I don't want to stay away from him.

I don't want him to touch me and again, I'm dying for his touch.

I want him to stop saying these words to me and yet, I want him to continue saying these words to me because they makes my heart flip in a dangerous way I never thought was possible.


He calls my name in that gentle and soft way that makes my heart beats faster than anything and makes me turn into puddle in his arms.

This is what he's always doing to me. He knows all my buttons damn too well and he's always pressing them.

Question is, how much longer am I going to allow this to happen?


  Anyone has the answer to her question 🤔

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