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        🖤{My Boss Demands}🖤

  EPISODE 38. {Been possessive.}




      "You're going no where!"
 He yells and I turn back to him with my brows furrowed before my gaze goes to the place he's touching and it burns there. 
Damn! I'm thinking about it again and I'm slowly losing it. 

"Let me go Alexander. "
I murmur and he shakes his head. 

"I will let you go Lyla once you tell me that you're going no where cause that's exactly what's happening. You're going no where Lyla. "
He says and I couldn't help the chuckle that slides through my throat, ignoring the way my stomach tightens when he had called my name like that again. 
"You're insane Alex. Full on. You can't just tell me that I can't go, I own my life and I will go where ever I want, didn't you hear what I had just said? Let's forget what had happened between us, I had been stupid and I didn't know what I was doing. You're my boss and I have a boyfriend.. So please... "

"Is that where you're going? His place? "
He cuts me off and I turn to him with my brows raised and my chest heaving up and down. 

"I don't understand what you're trying to say. "
I mutter and he shakes his head. 

"I'm asking if that's where you're going right now. Your boyfriends place? "

"Why would you want to know that? "

"Cause I want to know. "

"Well, I don't want to tell you. "

"You have to either ways, you don't have a choice. "

"No, I do. I have a choice. You don't just get to act like this! You don't just get to come here and act like you own me or something. If I say that I'm leaving here, then I'm leaving here! Let go of my hand Alexander! "
I yell loudly at him with the hope that he would listen this time but no such thing is happening cause he only chuckles, shaking his head at me. 

"No. No such thing will happen Lyla. You're not going anywhere because it isn't safe for you out there. Sebastian is still around and I'm very sure that he's still searching for you. You can't just move around the whole city to fall into his trap. "
I know what he's saying is true but I don't want to stay here anymore. I can't stay here anymore, not after what had happened. 

"You can't go anywhere, at least not when I don't even know where you're going. "
He says again and I sigh, shaking my head. 

"You don't get to tell me that. "

"Yes I do Lyla. I get to tell you that and that's exactly what I'm doing. You're going no where! "
He stands firm on his ground and I scoff, crossing my arms against my chest. 

"Why the hell do you care?! "
I yell, once again ignoring the way my body had reacted to him calling my name. Does he knows what that does to me? Is that why he's torturing me with it right now? 

"Because you're mine! "
He shouts right back at me and my breathing got caught up in my throat as my eyes widens, my chest heaving up and down as I process the words over and over again. 

Because you're mine! 
He didn't just said that, did he? 
"Because you're mine and I say you're going no where! "
I shake my head before jerking his hand off me even though my heart is beating so fast against my chest. 

"You didn't hear me when I said I have a boyfriend whom I love and when I said we should forget whatever happened between us? "
I raise my brows at him and he smirks, shrugging. 

"I heard you. I just decided not to listen to it because you're saying nonsense. I'm not forgetting what happened and your boyfriend will need to find another girl for himself. You wanna know why? "
He raises his brows at me, closing the distance between us and my breathing gets heavier as he leans down near my ear. 

"Because you are mine. "


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