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      🖤{My Boss Demands}🖤

  EPISODE 37. {Things That Should Have Never Been Done.}




    "Oh Lyla. Yeah, she had called us that she's alright and fine and we shouldn't be worried about her. I was just about calling you to let you know. "

I murmur to Ryan as ria walks inside the room, raising her brows at me in a questioning manner probably to ask who it is but I shake my head at her, giving her the signal that I can't talk right now. 

"Alright. I know about that, she had called me also earlier but I don't know what happened with her or what's happening. She was acting all weird when I had asked her where she is. It's like she doesn't want to tell me or something. "

I gulp in hardly. Oh god, how the hell do I reply to a question like that when I know the real answer but I'm not supposed to mutter even a single word. 

"Yeah, I think it's because of what happened to her, concerning her disappearance, she probably doesn't want us to get into trouble because of her so she thought it's better off if we don't know where she is cause we had asked her also. She refused to tell us, only saying she's fine. "
I look over at ria who looks like she's about to burst into a fit of laughter but I'm quick to hold my finger over my lip, telling her not to do such thing. 

"Alright, I'm just worried about her that's all and since you guys are her best friends, I thought she might be able to tell you guys what she can't tell me but since she couldn't tell you also. Let's just pray and hope that she comes back to us. I will keep trying the number again, thank you Kate. "
I smile before nodding even though he can't see me right now. 

"It's nothing Ryan. I'm sure she would be alright, I will let you know once we know what's going in with her. "

"Okay. "

"Sure, alright."

"Yeah, bye. "

I sigh before dropping the phone beside me and shaking my head. 

"Lyla lied to Ryan about where she is, don't you think that's kinda a little cold? "
Ria mutters as she walks to sit beside me and I roll my eyes. 

"So what did you expected her to say? Oh Ryan, be rest assured, everything is fine. I'm just at my boss because he seems like a better option than you right now? "
I raise my brows at him, shaking my head. 

"We both know how Ryan can be and he most definitely won't take it lightly with her, let it just remain like she had said it. It's the best choice. I'm not supporting her lying but right now, that's all she can do. "

"You think something would happen between her and him? "
She doesn't have to mention names before I know who she's talking about. 

"To be sincere, I know that any girl in the same situation with Lyla would have been doing this exact same thing. Who wouldn't be trapped with Alexander McQueen? Of course something would definitely happen between them but I don't think it's fair to Ryan. She should probably break up with him if this thing is going to continue with Alexander. "

"Oh poor Ryan. He has always love her and stood by her. This will probably break him. "


   Putting on my gown from last night, I feel a presence behind me and then arms wrapped around my waist. 

My breathing quickens and I need not anyone to tell me who it is. 

"Where are you going? "
His voice is raspy and god, the things it does to me. 
I shake my head before removing his hands from my waist and turning back. 

I try to look at him but I can't even do that. Not after what had happened. 

"I'm very sorry for what happened last night. I wasn't in my right state of mind and I had done what shouldn't have been. I will like if we could just forget the event and I will like to take my leave now. "
I bow to him before turning back and trying to walk away when a hand grips my wrist. 

"You're going absolutely no where! "


  Someone is been possessive?🥱 Guys, what do you think about Ryan? 🤔

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