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      🖤{My Boss Demands}🖤

   EPISODE 31. {Touches... Kisses... Lingering Wants.}




     Oh god damn! 
She wouldn't be the death of me. No actually she would be the actually fucking death of me because she does things to be, things I never knew are possible. Things I never knew even fucking exists. 

She makes me want her in such a way that scares the actual shit out of me, she makes me so eager to be with her and to make her all mine. 
She makes me so goddamned full with need and fucking want for her. 

Her lips are so soft and they taste like strawberry against mine as I pin her fully to the wall and push my tongue in, forcing my way in as she let's out a soft moan into my mouth. One that makes me so fucking restless. One that makes me so goddamned harden with need and want for her. 

I need to feel her. 
I want to feel her, every fucking inch of her. 
I want to fill every of her inch with me and bury myself deep inside her but slow, I have to take it very slow with her. Very slow. 
She's like a goddamned bowl and one single wrong move, she's going to break. 

I gently lift her away from the wall with my hand resting in the small of her back as she wrap her arms around me. Her touch lights up something in me, so many dirty and wild things to me and I breathe it into her. 
Oh fucking hell! 

She threads her fingers in my hair, tugging at them in such a fucking sexy way that makes me almost come in my pants but I control myself as I pull away from her, my lips attaching her neck. So soft, so glowing. So delicious. 

She moans out as I slowly but hardly bite and suck on the sift next to her earlobe and her fingers tug even harder at my hair, pulling at it so hard and I couldn't control it anymore, I bring my hand slowly to slip under her dress, slowly rubbing over her pant and I can feel her breathing quickens as she jerks away from me immediately, pulling away very hard than I expected that it pushes me back and she unwraps her legs around my waist, now on her feet with her breathing hard. 

"I can't. I can't. "
She murmurs as she looks at me through her eyelashes and I raise my brows at her. 

"You can't what baby? "
I take another step towards her to move closer to her but she holds one finger in the air to tell me to stop and I bite down on my tongue to stop myself. 

"I can't. This isn't right, it... It isn't. Oh my god, what have I done? "
She shakes her head continuously, her body slowly thrashing as she moves around, tugging at her own hair like she's insane and I breathe out. 

"Baby, you didn't do anything wrong.. You only.. "
I try comforting her and at the same time, trying not to pound on her throw her on the bed and thrust into her.

"No! No! I have done everything wrong! Oh god! I'm so stupid. I'm so stupid! I can't believe, I can't... You are my boss, this shouldn't be happening. Oh god, what the hell is wrong with me? I just... I just cheated on him. He had been worried about me and yet, here I am. Cheating on him and liking every single moment of it! "
She screams before storming out of the room but what age said didn't go past my notice. 

She loves every single damn moment of it. 


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