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Season 9

Episode 98

(Dongzi Unexpectedly Became Famous Too)

Dongzi froze. He was slightly unaccustomed to being filmed.

Seeing that Lin Che was fine, Dongzi quickly bowed in front of the lens. Thereafter, with one arm on the stage to support himself, he jumped off the stage swiftly in a dashing manner.

Wow. Hes so handsome.

Everyone felt that his movements were really dashing and quickly took photographs.

Lin Che had not expected this either. For a moment, she stood there and said, Hey, hey, hey. Dont take photographs of him. Take photographs of me. I put so much effort into generating hype. Why arent you taking photographs of me?

Everyone laughed out loud.

In comparison to the solemn atmosphere on the other side, the extraordinary bustle on this side immediately made it seem as if there was more to talk about here.

Several reporters quickly made their way over to watch the fun as well.

On the other side, the director hastily ended the press conference in advance when he saw that the situation was not ideal. Once the interview segment was over, he announced the end of the press conference.

Meanwhile, on this side.

After the press conference ended, reporters and fans swiftly uploaded clips of the press conference online.

In no time, news about the production crew having a low budget and Lin Ches bodyguard became trending topics.

The response to Lin Che calling the production crew poor was very good. No one felt any sense of embarrassment at all. Instead, they discussed the topic frankly, amusing everyone greatly.

Apart from that, the video of Lin Che falling off the stage was extremely beautiful. It seemed like an actual action movie. Dongzi immediately flew over and caught her in his arms. His nimble movements were swift, stable, and did not look unappealing at all. It made the scene look very impactful.

Everyone felt that this bodyguard was very impressive. His movements were all so dashing and he was handsome too.

In the first place, fangirls had a bit of a thing for men in uniforms. The moment they saw him, they immediately associated him with those brilliant and mysterious bodyguards. They thought that he was definitely very amazing.

During that time, a simple search of keywords concerning him would result in numerous comments about Dongzi.

Is that Lin Ches bodyguard? Hes so handsome.

He looks a lot like a teenage idol.

Despite his young age, his skills are really good.

I felt like I was watching a blockbuster. This is what they call an action movie.

Please tell me if these bodyguards are high-level bodyguards. How much money do they charge per month? I really want someone as handsome as him to protect me.

Lin Che saw the way everyone was besotted and could not help the urge to laugh.

Just then, when she saw Dongzi come in, she looked up at him and said, Impressive. You really became famous this time. You havent seen it yet, right? Photographs of you and comments about you are all over the Internet.

Hearing this, Dongzis first response was to freeze. Thereafter, his face turned red.

He blushed bashfully like a girl. Lin Che found it particularly amusing.

She said, It seems like we have hopes of finding you a wife. Look at it. So many people are asking for your phone number. They want to contact you and look for a husband like you.

Dongzis face turned even redder when he heard this. He looked at Lin Che and quickly stuttered, I I swore to protect Miss to death. Personal matters like these are not worth considering right now.

Upon seeing how he had actually started talking about the matter seriously while blushing, Lin Che laughed even more.

Dongzi, youre way too cute. But when I look closely at you, Dongzi, youre indeed quite handsome.

Although he had always given off a very dependable aura, he really gave off a different feeling when he put on a suit. His face had a sense of maturity about it and even had an air of seriousness.

She recalled the first time she had met him in A Nation back then. He had still been a simple and honest village youth. He had indeed looked unsophisticated then. But now, he had changed completely.

When Dongzi groomed himself, he was also a clean-cut, good-looking young man.

Lin Che suggested, Why dont we actually find you a wife among these girls?

No no way. Miss, dont tease me. I genuinely want to protect Miss with all my heart. I have no other thoughts at all.

He had an expression of determination on his face. He looked at her as if he wished he could take his heart out and show it to her. He looked as if he was resolved to be loyal to her.

Lin Che felt that he was way too serious and hastily said, Alright, alright. Looking for a wife is one of the important things in life too. But youre still young, so we can slowly find a wife for you. Why are you getting anxious? Im not trying to chase you away either, right?

Dongzi looked at Lin Che. Miss, Im really very content that I was able to leave from that remote and desolate place and attain what I have today. My gratitude towards you is something I cannot describe in words. Im not good with words and I dont know how to express myself either. Anyway, I have always treated you as the benefactor of my sister and me.

Lin Ches heart clenched as well. She felt that the word benefactor carried too heavy a weight.

Dongzi, dont say that. Back then, Gu Jingze and I didnt die in A Nation all because of your help. We were the ones who led the evil people there and caused your father to die from a bullet wound. I have always blamed myself immensely and thought that perhaps your father would not have died had we not gone there.

Miss, youre the one who shouldnt say that. Even though I came from a remote and desolate place, my mother taught me right from wrong when I was young too. I know that both of you are not to blame for these things. Furthermore, ever since my father died, the two of you have really been very good to me and my sister. You and Mr. Gu are people of such high status, to begin with, and are far more superior than we are. You could have totally pretended not to know us and given us money as compensation to resolve the matter. Many people in our village go out to work and die on a worksite away from home but each person only gets a few hundred thousand as compensation too. However, you treated us and my grandmother so well too. You brought us to C Nation and after bringing us here, you funded our studies, gave us places in the best schools, let my grandmother live in a huge house that she had never lived in, and even found someone to wait upon her. Miss Linda even brought me to the military school and allowed me to fulfill a childhood dream I never thought I would fulfill. These are all things that I had never dared to imagine. But our dreams all came true because of you and Mr. Gu.

Lin Che looked at him and felt that Dongzi was really a very good young man. He was so upright and so simple.

She smiled and said, Looks like I really have to take charge of finding you a wife in the future. Youre so silly. Youll definitely fall into someones trap when you look for a wife in the future.

Dongzi did not know how Lin Che had returned to this topic again.

Lin Che smiled. Alright, I wont tease you any longer. Lets stop debating about who is helping who. In any case, its fate that brought us together. Since youre one of my personal bodyguards, youre also part of my family. In the future, well work hand in hand and live a better life, right?

Yes, Miss. I will definitely work hard to become your best personal guard. As he said this, Dongzi stood straight and made her want to laugh even more.

Lin Che scrolled through the comments on her phone. Good lord, youre famous now. I really didnt expect everyone to be so interested in you.


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