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Season 9

Episode 97

(This Program Is Way Too Low Budget Dont You Think?)

This scene was finally completed after wasting nearly an entire day.

When she left, Nan Gongyu did not really bother with her either.

Lin Che thought that he was angry about her poor performance today and felt a little upset as well.

After returning to her room, Abby called to inform her that the reality show had confirmed her place in the show. The name of the reality show was Traveling Poor and the cast was basically confirmed already. She could attend the press release once she went to sign the contract.

Over the next two days, Lin Che was busy with the press conference. On one end, her relationship with the director was not as smooth-sailing as it had previously been. However, because everyone was busy, they all went their separate ways to do their jobs after wrapping up filming, so things were pretty much harmonious.

On the day of the press conference.

As Lin Che was the only female, she was given the role of the goddess among them. The production crew specially prepared an ethereal costume for her so that she looked extremely stunning in it.

Of the people participating in the program, one was a personal trainer who was getting very popular lately, one was an industry rookie who had a bit of popularity, one was the ace oldest brother who was a veteran host, one was a celebrity in his thirties who was given the role of a warm-hearted man, and one was a comedy actor whose role was to be funny. Lin Che was another addition to the five of them. Each persons image and his or her role was different. Grouped together, the picture they created was pretty peculiar.

While Lin Che was preparing backstage, she heard that another program was also having its press conference today. It was this companys most well-known program called Lets Go On A Trip Together.

That program was the program that Yang Ling was participating in. By choosing to have its press conference on the same day, there was some sense of the company competing with itself too. It became a more interesting subject of conversation to outsiders.

However, it was actually Yang Ling who had suggested this.

After finding out that Lin Che was going to participate in this reality show, she immediately told the director of Lets Go On A Trip Together in private that she thought it was a good idea to have both programs compete against each other. Furthermore, she even tried to create a rift and said, Theyre obviously targeting us with their program. If we suggest having the press conference on the same day, we appear to be helping them on the surface by creating hype with our programs attention. In actual fact, were simply taking them a notch down. Our program has been around for so many years and the viewer ratings have remained consistently high. Since they want to join in, we should show them how capable we are. Hearing this, the director thought that this made complete sense too.

Yang Ling sneered and thought to herself that she was participating in this famous program precisely to defeat Lin Che. She wanted to show Lin Che that Lin Che was no match for her in terms of the resources she had now.

She knew that although Lin Che had a powerful background, she had never accepted Gu Jingzes assistance. She wanted to appear noble and virtuous and wanted to maintain a good image in front of Gu Jingze. However, this made her path in the entertainment industry way more difficult.

When Yang Ling passed by the area, she glanced at Lin Ches appearance, huffed, and said, Your production crew is way too stingy. This goddess attire of yours looks as cheap as goods from Taobao.

Abby was with Lin Che. She looked at Yang Ling, scoffed, and ignored her.

Yang Ling headed straight towards her. But I understand why too. The sponsors for your reality show invested very little money. Its probably because they thought that your show just wouldnt get popular, so it will be hard on you, Sister Che.

Abby watched Yang Ling walk away and said to Lin Che, How disgusting. But I dont know how that show could possibly have chosen her. Ha. We are at a disadvantage since they chose to hold their press conference on the same day. That show has so many fans. Theyve waited an entire year for the broadcast of the new season. Now, people will pay much less attention to our new show.

Lin Che said, When theres a will, theres a way. After so many seasons, a significant number of people are probably slightly sick of the show.

Anyway, I feel uncomfortable just looking at how arrogant she is.

In no time, the press conference started.

There were many people at Yang Lings press conference. However, she saw that there seemed to be fewer reporters than she had expected and asked the people around her what was going on.

The director said a little gloomily, A few of the reporters ran over to the other side when they heard that Lin Che was participating in the show.

Yang Ling was immediately angered. What? Was there something wrong with these reporters? They ran off to watch Lin Che instead of watching such a popular program.

Yang Ling huffed and turned around to whisper into her assistants ear.

She was definitely going to cause the other production crew to make a blunder. She was going to show everyone which production crew was serious about its program and which production crew merely wanted to produce a subpar program.

On the other side.

Amidst the cheers, Lin Che floated down from above like a goddess.

She landed lightly on the ground, stunning everyone momentarily with her appearance. She looked even more striking, especially when contrasted against the men standing around her.

When Abby saw the numerous reporters from the back, she also felt an air of pride and satisfaction.

It seemed that Lin Ches prediction was right. The reporters preferred something that was a little more novel. Furthermore, Yang Ling had severely underestimated Lin Ches ability to rally people.

However, just then Abby saw a vaguely-familiar face sneaking out from inside. For a moment, she found it a little strange.

After pondering for a bit, she suddenly cried out in alarm. Wasnt that Yang Lings assistant?

They were having a press conference. What was she doing here instead of watching over the celebrity in her charge?

Abby paused for a moment. She immediately thought that trouble was brewing. She stood up and walked outside.

However, her realization had come too late.

A mishap had suddenly occurred on stage. Something caused Lin Ches gown to stick to the ground. A problem had suddenly occurred with an apparatus on the ground causing it to grip Lin Ches gown directly. The moment Lin Che moved, the gown which was made of something akin to paper mache, was ripped after some pulling.

As they looked at the floating material, everyone could not help but gasp at how cheap the dress looked

Everyone could see that it looked like cheap goods from a street stall. Furthermore, it looked alright when it was complete but for some reason, it looked like it had been pieced together from garbage after it was torn.

There was an awkward moment.

Offstage, the director was about to lose his mind. No way. How could they be so unlucky? How did the people under him do their jobs? How could the stage apparatus be damaged for no reason? And it had even targeted their goddess

On stage, Lin Che was momentarily speechless as well. When she looked down, she quickly covered her body and glanced down. There was no time for her to respond. The reporters cameras had recorded everything long ago.

Lin Che laughed dryly. She had no choice but to say, Dear me. Director, is there a goddess like me? How poor is our production crew? This gown is way too cheap, right?

Her words immediately roused the people who were still dumbfounded to their senses. The oldest cast member, the host, was the quickest to react. He looked at her and said, Director, you turned our goddess into a madwoman. Will we still be able to worship her happily in the future?

The director quickly reacted as well, laughing dryly offstage.

Just then, Lin Che was about to start walking when her gown suddenly dragged her backward, causing her to fall off the stage.

At this precise moment of imminent peril.

Dongzi sprang up on stage as if he was flying. He immediately hugged Lin Che and flew offstage with her in his arms. Then, he looked at her and asked, Miss, are you alright?

Lin Che was still stunned. Earlier, she had thought that she was going to fall. She could not believe that she could still stand firmly on the ground. For a moment, she was immensely grateful to the heavens. She said while exhaling, Im fine, Im fine.

At this moment, the reporters felt that this scene was truly dramatic. The cameras continued flashing and clicking, capturing Dongzi in the lens as well.

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