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Season 9

Episode 94

(You Even Have A Scene Together?)

Lin Che said gloomily, I think youre going to have trouble immersing yourself in your role.

Situ Qiong crossed his arms over his chest. That depends on whether or not you act professional.

Lin Che could not believe him. She looked at him before glancing at the staff still staring at them from behind. She had no choice but to start filming.

Sure enough, the moment she saw Situ Qiong, she broke character easily.

It was no wonder that she broke character when this man who was not a professional actor insisted on gazing at her so gently when they were clearly not acting out a love scene.

She felt that she was about to be thoroughly tortured.

They filmed the scene over and over again as well.

Nan Gongyu knew that she was not to blame. After all, she basically got into the groove very quickly for all her scenes and finished filming them in no time. This scene with Situ Qiong was the only scene that she was persistently unable to immerse herself in.

Nan Gongyu stopped filming. I think the two of you better move aside and get into the right mood before filming again

Lin Che glared at Situ Qiong and grumbled to Nan Gongyu at the same time, Director, why dont you just delete his scenes?!

Nan Gongyu shrugged. Weve already decided on them. That scene is so good. You better get into the right mood

Left with no choice, Lin Che moved to the side with Situ Qiong. They sat together and started talking.

Situ Qiong drank something while looking at Lin Che. This really isnt my fault. Im filming properly. Youre the one who keeps getting bloopers.

Lin Che asked, You still have the cheek to say that? Why did you come here to make a cameo instead of just being the company president you are?

I think that being a president isnt even as fun as making a cameo. Oh, by the way. Has the matter between the Gu family and the Yun family been resolved?

How did you know Lin Che looked at him.

Situ Qiong said, You forgot that the Yun family is related to us.

Oh, right. Only then did Lin Che recall that Situ Qiong even called Yun Luo his younger cousin.

Situ Qiong said, I realized that the Yun family hasnt come out of their house recently. It seems like Gu Jingze taught them a lesson.

I dont know if he taught them a lesson. I only know that the Yun family put themselves in that predicament. These relatives of yours are as unreliable as you are.

Hey, hey, hey. Theyre very distant relatives of mine too. You cant just knock us all down with one stroke. But after this disturbance dies down, Gu Jingzes reputation will only grow greater. Ah. This is a good thing and a bad thing too. The good thing is that after his position stabilizes, you will have an easier time in the future. The bad thing is that with a greater reputation, there will definitely be more women lusting after him. You must be more careful.

Nonsense. Regardless of who lusts after him, I know that he will not touch any other woman, Lin Che said.

Situ Qiong chuckled. You really trust him a lot.

Lin Che wanted to say that it was not trust but absolute trust, because he couldnt touch any other woman anyway.

The two of them were talking and did not expect

Situ Qiong turned around and squinted his eyes. Oh, speak of the devil. The person outside is Gu Jingze, right?

Lin Che turned to look. It was definitely Gu Jingzes car.

It was right outside the film city. Lin Che recognized his subordinates with a glance and naturally recognized his car as well.

Lin Che said, Ill go over and take a look.

She quickly sprang up and ran over.

Hello, Madam. Gu Jingzes subordinate bowed respectfully to her.

The door opened and Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che. Whos that? Situ Qiong?

Lin Che fiddled with her ear. Hn yes

Gu Jingzes face darkened immediately. Why is he here?

Lin Che said, About that, hes filming here.

Gu Jingze looked at her. Youre filming with him?

Lin Che immediately noticed the expression on his face turning more and more gloomy. She could tell that his anger was quietly intensifying.

Lin Che hastily said, He just came to make a cameo. Hell leave after a few scenes.

Lin Che still wanted to know why he was here.

But Gu Jingze stared unwaveringly behind Lin Che.

Lin Che froze before quickly turning around.

As expected, she saw Situ Qiong making his way over.

Little Che, were still not finished filming. Dont leave, Situ Qiong said.

Little Che?

Gu Jingzes brow furrowed tightly as he looked at Situ Qiong. When did the Third Young Master of the Situ family become a celebrity?Read more chapter on our

Situ Qiong looked at Gu Jingze. Oh. This is just my hobby.

Gu Jingze said, You have such a special hobby. Those who dont know better would think that you want to continue clinging to Lin Che.

Situ Qiong asked, Are you trying to control Lin Ches work life as well? As expected of the head of the household. Youre even more domineering than you were before.

Of course, I dont care about Lin Ches work life. But if theres a stray cat or dog around her, I still have to get involved. When Gu Jingze traced the car with his fingers, his movements appeared lazy but his gaze was stern.

Hearing this, Situ Qiongs expression changed completely. Who are you calling a stray cat and dog?!

Gu Jingze tilted his head and retorted, Who do you think?


Situ Qiong nearly stepped forward out of anger.

Gu Jingze would definitely not back down either.

Lin Che quickly held Gu Jingze back.

She turned to look at Situ Qiong and said, Go in. What are you doing?

Situ Qiong said, He called me a cat and a dog. Why are you criticizing me?

Lin Che really had a headache.

Thats enough. If you continue to stir up trouble, Ill ignore you. Go in quickly!


Gu Jingze looked at Situ Qiong. Youre the one who took my comment as a personal attack. It seems like you are quite self-aware.

You Gu Jingze!

Lin Che hastily turned her head. Thats enough, Gu Jingze!

Gu Jingzes gaze turned sharp. But he respected Lin Che and pursed his lips without saying a word.

Lin Che quickly pushed Situ Qiong inside.

Go in. Go in, go in quickly!

Situ Qiong huffed but nevertheless went inside in the end.

Lin Che turned around and held her forehead. Gu Jingze, were just filming. And hes just here to make a cameo. Furthermore, were just friends. You

Yes. Hes your friend and Im the one whos butting in! While saying this, Gu Jingze pulled open the car door directly and sat inside.

Seeing the situation, Lin Che quickly tried to follow him.

However, Gu Jingze was actually so heartless as to close the door immediately.

In a moment of anxiousness, Lin Che placed her arm on the door swiftly.

When the door closed, Lin Ches hand was trapped as well.

Oh no Lin Che started shouting.

Gu Jingzes eyes flashed. He quickly pulled the door open and looked anxiously at Lin Che who was blowing on her hand.

What the hell Gu Jingze got out of the car and quickly examined Lin Ches hand.

In actual fact, Lin Che felt some pain. But it was more of an exaggeration.

Gu Jingze pulled her hand and saw that it was no big deal.

There was no sign of injury at all and he completely could not tell why she had to shout so loudly.

Gu Jingze dropped her hand, scoffed, and tried to go inside again.

This time, Lin Che hugged Gu Jingzes waist from behind in one swift motion.

Dont go, Lin Che said.

Let go of me!

I wont, I wont. Dont leave first. Listen to me.

I have no interest in what youre about to say. Im still busy. He pried her arms off him roughly.

He dove into the car. This time, Lin Che followed suit immediately.


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