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Season 9

Episode 93

(She Could Not Believe They Had Actually Added A Scene For Situ Qiong)

Abby felt that what she said made sense too.

Thats right. Were not lacking in money anyway. We dont necessarily have to appear in their program. Were just doing it to decorate something thats already perfect. Its not as if we will fail if we dont get this job. We should stand our ground more.

The two of them walked out while talking.

However, they saw a woman in high heels walking towards them.

She was in heavy make-up and was dressed in branded clothes from head to toe. For a moment, Lin Che even thought that she was a stranger until she looked straight at them. Only then did Lin Che realize.

Wasnt that Yang Lingxin?

No, she should call her Yang Ling now.

She had already caught a glimpse of Lin Che and was even making her way over unceremoniously. Hey. I heard that youre starting to film reality shows too.

Lin Che smiled. News travels quite quickly.

Yang Ling said, Of course. Since returning, you caused such an uproar. Im not the only one paying attention to you but its such a pity that you lost your role as the female lead to someone else in your first drama. Until now, you havent had any works at all. Its really very disappointing.

Lin Che said, So youve been paying attention to me. Then, Ive really disappointed you. But Im not afraid of waiting for a good production.

Beside her, Abby said, Precisely. We dont need that petty cash either. If theres a drama, well take up the offer. If there are no good productions, then forget it. But some people are different. After all, they want to be dressed in branded goods from head to toe so they have to take up every offer even if its a bad production.

Yang Ling looked at her with a piercing gaze.

Abby stood there and merely rolled her eyes.

Yang Ling asked, Why dont I see Yu Minmin anymore? She replaced herself with such a smart-mouthed lass. Did she give up on you and go off to manage other people because she felt that you wouldnt become famous?

No need to trouble yourself with our matters. Minmin doesnt need to make anyone famous either. She will do it if she wants to and she wont do it if she doesnt want to. Anyway, we can make a living in the entertainment industry. Its only a matter of whether we want to or not, Lin Che said.

Yang Ling narrowed her eyes. She knew that she could not win the argument against her. She was Gu Jingzes wife and Yu Minmin was the first lady. These were immutable facts. They definitely had the money to support whatever lifestyle they wanted and did not need to work themselves to death. Since this was a fact, no one could argue otherwise no matter who they were. Thus, what was the use of arguing otherwise?

Yang Ling could only scoff. She proceeded to smile and say, I wonder if this reality show will become famous. I do hope that you can become popular. Otherwise, in your half-dead state, it wont be any fun for me to defeat you, right? Oh, by the way, what a coincidence. Both of our reality shows are produced by the same company but I was invited here and I came specifically to sign the contract today. Take your time to do your screen test.

When she finished speaking, she strutted past both of them.

Abby said, Look at the way shes showing off like a turkey. Ultimately, shes not a good person. She has no class at all. As long as its branded, she will put it on her body and think that shes stylish. The branded goods are piled on her body in a really chaotic manner. It seems obvious that shes a parvenu.

Lin Che asked, Is she also here to sign on for a reality show?

Abby said, This company has produced three reality shows. One of them is even a long-running reality show that garners very high viewer ratings during its broadcast each year. The set-up is a little similar to this one a few men and a few women going on a self-funded trip. But they travel overseas and the arrangement isnt as sad as yours. Last year, I heard that two of the female celebrities wont be participating this year. I reckon she was the replacement.

I see

Lin Che continued, In that case, it seems that she has been doing quite well over the past two years.

She had always had very good resources. I dont know why. Perhaps it has something to do with the sponsor backing her up.

After the two of them returned to the company, Lin Che received a call from Shen Youran saying that she was on her way.

Before long, Shen Youran arrived.

She looked at Lin Che and asked, When will you take Black Hawk away?

Lin Che asked, What happened? Did he bring you any trouble?

She knew that Black Hawk was still staying at Chen Yuchengs office for treatment.

Shen Youran said, He himself is huge trouble. The office has been completely locked down recently. Its just like a prison. Its so annoying. Furthermore, some people with information keep coming over to investigate for no reason. Just because of Black Hawk, our office is literally at the heart of the struggle now.

Lin Che shrugged. About that, Gu Jingze only trusts Chen Yucheng. And Black Hawk is very important to him too. So it seems that he can only stay in your office for the time being.

Shen Youran lay sprawled out on the couch.

Lin Che said, By the way, regarding what we discussed the last time about setting up a film production company, what do you think?

Oh, I thought about it and I told Chen Yucheng about it too. He thinks that I dont have to worry too much about the two kids and he doesnt have much work at the office either, so its definitely alright for me to do my own thing.

Thats great. That means that he has agreed too. We can make preparations to start up the company, right?

Yes. But Im not very familiar with the procedure. How much exactly do I have to invest and how do I invest?

Lin Che said, You wont have to invest much either. Most of the time, we will have to attract investors to film productions. In the initial stages, you wont need to invest much. We can support our operations completely through the dividends from my company. If your family invests a little more, then that will be making perfection more perfect.

Of course not. Youre investing so much but were only investing a little. If you invest all the dividends from your company into this one but I invest very little, Ill feel bad, she said.

Lin Che said, Its nothing really. I dont spend much money anyway. All my expenses at home are paid for by someone else too. I would just save up the money anyway.

Shen Youran said, Oh, that makes sense too. The company president in your family wont want your small dividends either. Well then, I will invest less money and more manpower instead.

Lin Che said, Seriously. I was just being polite. Are you really not going to invest money? Invest more. Theres no point for your family to store away all its money too.

The two of them chattered away happily for some time. Thereafter, they decided to actually start going through the formalities and setting up the film production company.

Subsequently, Lin Che returned to the film set to continue filming.

She was actually filming a scene with Situ Qiong today.

After he had made a cameo, Nan Gongyu added a scene for him seeing as he had performed pretty well. The scene involved him and Lin Che.

Everyone looked at the two of them and recalled that Situ Qiong had confessed directly to Lin Che before. Could Situ Qiong have forced Nan Gongyu to add this scene

In any case, everyone was watching the fun except for Lin Che who gazed at Situ Qiong gloomily. The script didnt have this scene at first. Why did you butt in?

Situ Qiong said, Its mainly because I look good~

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