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Season 9

Episode 92

(Get Someone To Investigate Yunyuns Matter)

Lin Che thought that she was thinking too much. Perhaps Niannian was still sensible. Although he doted on Yunyun, he really did not know what love was at such a young age.

Lin Che patted Niannians small head. Alright. Do you want to eat something? Should I buy you some hazelnut chocolate?

Alright then.

That night, Lin Che looked over Niannians homework for him. She left after saying goodnight to him.

Gu Shinian only lifted his head from behind his desk after watching Lin Che leave.

What did she mean by Yunyun becoming his younger sister

Gu Shinian snapped his fingers twice and someone immediately jumped in through the window.

He looked at Gu Shinian and asked, What instructions does Little Young Master have for me?

Help me investigate this matter. Is there any information on who Yunyuns biological father is? Also, what have my parents been up to recently? And what does this have to do with Yunyun?

Yes, Little Young Master.

Niannian watched his secret guard leave nimbly and thought to himself that his grandfather had sent him quite a useful person.

Black Hawk was still recuperating at Chen Yuchengs place currently. Dealing with matters concerning him was a little complicated as well, so Lin Che did not get herself involved again. It was better for Gu Jingze to slowly think it through on his own. As for her, she was going to continue filming her movie.

On set, the atmosphere was joyous and harmonious and made Lin Che feel very comfortable.

Once she was comfortable, she was also very efficient when filming. She was in a fairly good condition as well. She was very immersed in her role and often completed her scenes in one take. The staff on the set respected her wholeheartedly as well.

Lin Che knew that things were proceeding so smoothly only because she had once again gotten back into the groove of filming. She was very glad as well and was in high spirits at the moment.

Meanwhile, the reality show that Yu Minmin had arranged earlier also called for her to do a screen test.

Lin Che went to the screen test for the reality show along with Abby. As Yu Minmin was not around, Abby was her temporary manager. Abby was so busy bustling about as well and her hands were completely full. However, she prioritized matters that concerned Lin Che.

When they arrived at the location of the screen test, Lin Che met with the director of the reality show.

The directors surname was Fang. He looked at Lin Che and assessed her. It was their first time meeting because they had not worked together before. He was not familiar with Lin Che either. He only gave her a chance because she was under Yu Minmins management, so he felt that he had to show due respect for Yu Minmin.

Lin Che was very popular, but he was also afraid that she would not cooperate and behave arrogantly.

The director was quite happy to see that she had only brought one manager with her today, unlike some celebrities who brought a whole entourage with them. Just looking at them annoyed him.

It was fine when such people were only involved in acting. When they actually participated in a reality show, they were very troublesome; this would not do, that would not do. An entire production crew was not even enough to wait upon one such person. Of course, that was not feasible.

This reality show was about a few celebrities being sent elsewhere for two days and two nights. They had to earn their own money and each person was only given thirty dollars for their expenses. They were given a car and were considered to have completed their mission when they arrived at the appointed destination.

This was a very tough reality show itinerary. Now, netizens had strict demands. Even though several locations would intentionally be made slightly easier, people would raise objections if it was too easy, so the trip would definitely be tough.

The director said, Young girls like you care about your bodies and your image. Can you withstand this?

Lin Che smiled and said, Well, as long as the request is reasonable, I will definitely do the best I can. If its unreasonable for instance, if you insist on having me go into the water to catch fish while Im naked, then I definitely cant do it.

Haha. That will not happen but you will be living together with a few young men, so inconveniences will be inevitable.

There are so many staff members filming and so many female producers too. At most, it will only be inconvenient for me to change my clothes and to use the washroom. I can still resolve these easily. Its the same as our military training in the past.

Thats great. You should know that our reality show is very popular. Even though our cast is not particularly strong, the female role will definitely receive a lot of attention. Because youre the only girl, everyone will definitely pay a lot of attention to you so quite a few people want this role.

Lin Che could tell that he was trying to elevate the program to prevent Lin Che from acting all self-important.

Furthermore, many directors put on airs too. Some looked down on popular actors because a director was in a different position from the actor. Not only did actors and celebrities have to perform, but they also had to create hype and promote their works too. However, a director was just a commander behind the scenes. He was in a different position and had a different take on things so of course, he had a different way of thinking as well.

Lin Che said, Dont worry. I can also guarantee that among the female actresses now, you wont find another person who is funnier and can work with you better than I can. Im very confident about that. We didnt randomly choose this reality show either. I received quite a few offers for reality shows, but I took a fancy to this one because it was appealing to me. There isnt much pretense and its interesting. Furthermore, I think that everyone genuinely wants to film a reality show that is up to standard. Thats why I want to participate.

Lin Che looked at the director. You can take a look at my past appearances on reality shows. You can also look at the positive comments and the number of fans I have online and then compare it with other people. This is your program. I believe that youre the one who wants the program to become the most popular, so you will definitely make the best judgment.

Naturally, Lin Che was neither haughty nor humble as she looked at the director. Although she was here for a screen test, she could not be led by her nose either. If she placed herself in a disadvantageous position, she would be in trouble if the show actually made an unreasonable demand in the future.

The director froze. He was momentarily stunned by her powerful aura.

However, her aura was not the arrogant and loathsome kind and it seemed to somewhat convince him.

He looked at the numbers and gazed at her. He had to admit that amongst the numerous female celebrities who had come for the screen test, she really gave off the most pleasant feeling.

Furthermore, she had only put on a bit of light make-up for the screen test today. Her skin looked extraordinarily good too. Regardless of whether she was in light make-up or was bare-faced, she would probably look very good on screen. This was also good for the program.

The directors expression became much more relaxed. He said to her, Alright. Miss Lin, Im really looking forward to working with you. Well then, thank you for taking the time to come here.

Thats what I should do. You can take your time to consider it and let me know of the result no matter what it is.

Lin Che left with Abby in tow. Abby asked, What does he mean? Does he want to go back on his word because Minmin didnt come along? Is he not going to choose us?

Lin Che said, Thats enough. Since hes thinking about the program, he will have someone in mind that he thinks is the most suitable choice. Weve done what we could. Well just have to see what his choice is later. Just like when two people are in a relationship, wishful thinking on one persons part will not suffice. When it comes to a reality show, we have to see if were on the same page too. If he really doesnt choose us, then theres no point for us to approach him either.


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