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Season 9

Episode 88

(I Want To See Yunyun One Last Time)

In the multi-purpose warehouse of the arsenal

Mo Jinyan looked around and laughed grimly. So you never intended to sell the arsenal to the Yun family for cheap, right?

Gu Jingze said, This is a business that will only profit. Its just that no one could afford to start it. Why should I sell it to the Yun family? The Lu family has already bought this factory and ownership will be transferred to them in no time. Right now, we have continued fulfilling all the orders that were previously suspended, including orders from America and England. Dont worry. Even without you, the arsenal is operating quite well.

Mo Jinyan laughed even more. So you already calculated everything from the start. You wanted to lure me out to find out who was wreaking havoc behind the scenes, right? Fine, fine. I was one step behind you and didnt consider these things.

Gu Jingze said, Yes. You miscalculated. The victor becomes a king and the loser a bandit. You can start thinking about how exactly you want to die.

No. Mo Jinyan looked up at Gu Jingze. You cant kill me.

Gu Jingze scoffed. Doesnt this sound familiar to you? Fang Jimin also said the same thing when we killed him together.

Mo Jinyan shook his head. Im not like the Fang family after all. After you broke up the Fang family, you wasted so much energy putting them in good order. My men are even more difficult to tidy up. Its easy for you to kill me. The difficult part is preventing my men from retaliating. Thus, you cant just kill me.

Ha. I like doing challenging things the most. Gu Jingze looked at Mo Jinyan. After being acquainted with me for some time, you should know that of all things, I hate being deceived the most.

Mo Jinyans face darkened.

He smiled faintly with slight distress in his eyes.

Mo Jinyan knew that he had trusted him.

That was why he wanted to kill him all the more now.

Mo Jinyan said, Sure. If I will definitely die, I want to meet Yunyun.

Gu Jingze said, Initially, you said that you wanted to meet my father. Now, you say you want to meet Yunyun. Dont you think you have too many demands?

Forget it if you wont allow me to meet your father. But Yunyun is my daughter. You were the one who told me this. If Lin Che finds out about this one day and figures out that you killed Yunyuns biological father, dont you think she will feel regretful and find it a pity? She treats Yunyun as her biological daughter, but you wont even let Yunyun see her father one last time.

Gu Jingze only jolted slightly at the mention of Lin Ches name.

Lin Che was his weak spot. However, she was his most heartwarming weak spot.

Mo Jinyan had seized his weakness. Indeed, he did not want Lin Che to be unhappy at all. Even a little would not do.

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and looked at Mo Jinyan silently for a long time.

In the end, he said to the people beside him. Get someone to watch him.

Thereafter, Gu Jingze left the place first.

Mo Jinyan drew in a deep breath and leaned back. The bullet wound on his body was still bleeding and his face was still deathly pale. However, it seemed that he had already forgotten what pain felt like.

In reality, this bit of pain was nothing to him. He had seven or eight such wounds on his body. This didnt even include the wounds he got from being hacked by knives and gashed by daggers.

But he had never thought that he would just die like this one day.

Lin Che was currently in her room.

Yu Minmin called her very soon after and told her about the gossip she had heard in her boredom.

Just now, I heard the servants say that Gu Jingze has already captured Black Hawk and taken him away. Apparently, he brought more than a hundred people and directly blocked the Yun familys doorway. The Yun family was terribly frightened. From the outside, it seemed as if it was going to turn violent. But in the end, they came out without a scratch, although Black Hawk was carried out. It seems that no one knows if hes dead or alive or what happened in the end.

Lin Che became even more anxious hearing this. Why do you have so much information?

Get your subordinates to listen to the rumors going around.

Alright then Gu Jingzes servants have never dared to shoot their mouths off. Gu Jingze doesnt like it. I better let my subordinates go and ask around.

Oh, right. You have your own personal army now. Of course, youll find out whatever you want to. But dont worry, Gu Jingze is so powerful. No one can harm him.

Lin Che felt slightly relieved hearing this. Just then, she looked outside and saw that Gu Jingze had actually returned. He removed his coat and walked in quickly.

Lin Che put down the phone and hastily walked out.

What happened? Youre okay, right? After hearing what Yu Minmin said, Lin Che felt that things must be very complicated, so she was still on edge right now.

Gu Jingze looked at her and heaved a sigh. It inevitably made Lin Che slightly worried.

What happened? She felt that he was looking at her a little differently.

Gu Jingze said, Lin Che. Theres something Ive been keeping from you.

Whats up?

Gu Jingze pulled her in and gestured for everyone to leave.

To be honest, Ive known who Yunyuns biological father is for a long time. But I didnt have a chance to tell you.

What? As expected, Lin Che was shocked.

You must keep this a secret for the time being. You cant tell anyone.

Alright, tell me. He clearly knew about the relationship between Mu Feiran and Lin Che. She was so tender and doting towards Yunyun. After all, she had watched her grow up from the moment she had been born. Her feelings towards her were really different.

Its Black Hawk.

Lin Che felt a wave of shock. She wondered if she had misheard him. But of course, she would not have heard wrongly. She could only say that she felt as if the world had turned into a fantasy world.

Why was it him

Back then, he had conspired with Li Mingyu to take revenge on me in C Nation. Didnt he kidnap you after that? Its also during that time that he was staying in the hotel where Mu Feiran was holding her wedding banquet. Then

Lin Che still remembered the events of that night.

She simply felt that it was all too much of a coincidence. But at the same time, coincidences such as these were intricately related. Although they seemed to be contrary to expectations, they were reasonable when she actually thought about them.

Then, now

Mo Jinyan is with me. He wants to see Yunyun one last time. So Im here to ask you what you want to do.

One last time

This meant that Gu Jingze was going to

Lin Ches eyes were glimmering. She had initially been filled with dislike towards Black Hawk. But she felt differently now that she knew he was Yunyuns father. No matter what, that was Yunyuns biological father. If he died, Yunyun would really be fatherless

As someone with a child as well, she felt her heart ache even more when she shifted the scenario to her own child.

She said, Let him see her.

Gu Jingze said, In that case, Ill make arrangements.

Cant I tell Feiran about this? Lin Che asked.

Gu Jingze said, For the time being, its better not to tell her. They dont have any feelings for each other. It would be meaningless to tell her.

Lin Che froze. Did he mean that whilst they had no relationship, Mu Feiran could continue living as if Black Hawk had never existed if something actually happened to him now?


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