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Season 9

Episode 87

(They Captured Black Hawk Easily)

However, Yun Kuoshan had always been crafty. He looked at Mo Jinyan and immediately said, Black Hawk, to be honest, my older brother didnt tell you everything about your background. Dont you want to know all the details?

Mo Jinyan immediately lost his composure.

There was slight disbelief in his evil gaze as he looked at Yun Kuoshan. What are you trying to get at?

Listen to me, Black Hawk. Yun Kuoshan walked forward and said to Mo Jinyan, Older Brother said that your father didnt know back then that you had been abandoned and looked for you for many years. He hasnt given up on finding you even now. He even specially set up his own shadow organization to search for you.

Mo Jinyans gaze remained indifferent, but there was a hint of gloominess in his expression.

Yun Kuoshan asked, Furthermore, now that hes already back, dont you want to meet him?

Mo Jinyan asked, Has he been looking for me?

Yun Kuoshan said, Of course. After all, youre still his son.

If so, why didnt you tell me this before? He asked.

Thats because

That was because he was the trump card that the Yun family was intending to keep hidden. Since he was their trump card, how could they let him know about this?

We only found out about it after he returned to C Nation too. We didnt manage to tell you in time At this moment, Yun Kuoshan had already moved closer to Mo Jinyan unknowingly.

Mo Jinyan narrowed his eyes and looked straight ahead. When he suddenly felt an unfamiliar breath on him, he looked up only to see that Yun Kuoshan was right under his nose.

Yun Kuoshan suddenly held up a gun.

As a member of the Yun family, how could he not have a gun with him?

He pointed his gun straight at Mo Jinyans head and immediately pulled the trigger without any hesitation

However, Mo Jinyan was not to be trifled with either. He moved aside instantly and dove to the ground with lightning speed.

The suppressed gun let out a muffled sound and fresh blood flowed out from Mo Jinyans body.

He felt a pain in his shoulder and looked down only to see that Yun Kuoshan had created a hole in his shoulder.

However, it was fortunate that he had moved quickly. Otherwise, the hole would probably be in his head now.

A hint of frustration flashed in Yun Kuoshans eyes. He could not believe that he had not killed his target in one shot.

However, when he had walked over earlier, he had pressed the alarm in his other hand. The servants in the Yun residences courtyard rushed out behind him the moment he pulled the trigger.

In order to round up the bandits, he had to capture the ringleader first. They rushed forth and immediately surrounded the injured Mo Jinyan. The people at the back started fighting Black Hawks henchmen. The entire living room of the Yun residence turned into a battlefield.

However, the evil Yun Kuoshan instructed his men to point their guns at Mo Jinyans head. Seeing the situation, Mo Jinyans henchmen could only surrender in grief and indignation.

Mo Jinyan glared fiercely before a hint of a cold smile flowed in his eyes.

Yun Kuoshan. Everyone says that the Yun family is full of vile characters. I didnt notice it before.

Yun Kuoshan scoffed, All is fair in war.

Yun Kuoshan looked outside and instructed his men, Untie all of those useless people.

The people at the doorway were still bound up. Outside, the passers-by had seen them clearly.

Although they knew that this was the Yun residence and that they had no right to pry into the affairs of such wealthy and influential families, they could always crowd around and watch the fun while passing by.

Thus, many people had probably witnessed the earlier scene.

Yun Kuoshan was nearly dying from anger. He looked at Mo Jinyan and the only thought in his mind was that he would definitely punish him for this later.

However, just then, unexpectedly

The muffled sound of clapping traveled in from outside.

I didnt expect to arrive in time to join in the fun.

Mo Jinyan and Yun Kuoshan looked up at the same time and looked out in disbelief.

With the Gu familys security guards alongside him, Gu Jingze had already appeared at the doorway in an unhurried manner. He behaved as if he had really only passed by. But there was no way a member of the Gu family would pass by this area.

Gu Jingze walked in and Yun Kuoshans eyes flashed immediately.

Oh, Jingze. Youre here just in time. I wonder if youre looking for this Black Hawk. After I found out that he betrayed you, I got very angry. Now

Gu Jingze cast a cold glance at this fickle man who was very good at sizing up the situation.

Uncle Yun, its true that Ive been looking for him. Now, it seems that youve already done it for me. However, the Gu family naturally has its own ways to deal with traitors. Thus, I want to take Black Hawk with me. Is that alright with you?

Of course, Yun Kuoshan wanted to refuse.

If Black Hawk stayed here, there would still be time for his older brother to come and speak to Black Hawk personally to dispel any misunderstandings between Black Hawk and the Yun family. But if he went to the Gu residence

However, it was not as if Yun Kuoshan had not noticed the Gu familys guards.

Gu Jingze had come here prepared with his men. Even if the people in the Yun residence and Black Hawks henchmen attacked together, they would be no match for the Gu family.

Yun Kuoshan could only clench his teeth while thinking about how people could bring themselves to say that the Yun family was full of despicable people. Gu Jingze was a hundred percent a despicable person. He had obviously known about the Yun familys relationship with Black Hawk for a long time. That was why he had pretended to work with the Yun family when in actual fact, he was waiting for the Yun family and Black Hawk to cut each others throats so that he could profit from the side stands.

What the hell? When had he discovered the Yun familys relationship with Black Hawk?

Their relationship should have been hidden completely.

Of course, Yun Kuoshan did not know that Gu Jingze had simply analyzed the situation. He felt that the Yun family had prepared the funds to purchase the arsenal a long time ago. Thus, he guessed that they had already worked out a strategy with Black Hawk. They had known early on that something would go wrong with the arsenal, so they had prepared the money in advance.

Yun Kuoshan knew that he would not be able to go up against Gu Jingze and could only admit defeat. He smiled and said, Alright. Take him with you. The two of you can settle matters between you.

Gu Jingze smiled. In that case, thank you for your help.

Gu Jingze looked down at Black Hawk.

When their eyes met, Black Hawk fidgeted slightly and averted his gaze.

Gu Jingze took a step forward.

I really didnt want things between us to get to this stage. But Black Hawk, you should know what happens to the people who offend me, Gu Jingze. Seeing as we were once acquainted, I wont do anything worse to you than what I did to the Fang family.

Black Hawk suddenly started cracking up as he looked at Gu Jingze. Thats up to you. But theres someone I want to meet before I die.

I dont think a prisoner has the right to bargain with me. Gu Jingze looked straight ahead coldly.

Black Hawk narrowed his eyes. I want to meet Gu Qigang. Gu Jingze, you think that you know everything and that you have everything mapped out but you dont know that youve been kept in the dark from the beginning. And if I die, you will never know about this for the rest of your life.

Gu Jingze looked at Black Hawk with dark eyes.

Black Hawks gaze was sharp and he met Gu Jingzes eyes without showing any weakness.

The two of them looked at each other for a long time.

Gu Jingze waved his hand. Take him away first.

Just like that, without striking a single blow, Gu Jingze took Mo Jinyan into captivity first.

The crowd of people at the doorway dissipated, leaving only a few people who took the tied-up Mo Jinyan away from the Yun residence.

Seeing this, the spectators outside felt that the scene at the Yun residence today was a truly magnificent sight. Although they did not know what had happened, they also understood that this was a huge affair that involved several wealthy and influential families. If not, so many people from such powerful families would not have suddenly gathered here.


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