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Season 9

Episode 86

(Release The News And Wait For Them To Take The Bait)

In no time, Qin Hao had done as instructed.

Beating the dog before the lion, they brought the people who had gone online and spread these rumors before out of the Gu family. They deported them out of C Nation and imposed a lifelong ban on their return.

Immediately, the servants of the Gu family shut their mouths.

They knew that they were not allowed to talk excessively. During their training, the first rule they were told was that they could not engage in gossip.

However, the situation in the Gu family had been getting messy recently. Thus, they were on tenterhooks as well and had somewhat neglected the rules.

Now that Gu Jingze had given them a reminder, everyone became cautious once again. They definitely would not let outsiders get wind of the news no matter what they thought or witnessed.

As for the employees of Gu Industries who had spread these rumors, they were all fired immediately as well.

Gu Jingze was so assertive that the situation in the Gu Industries immediately quietened down considerably. Everyone knew that they could not casually gossip about the secrets of these wealthy people. It was more practical for them to focus on working diligently.

After all, it was really difficult to get a job at Gu Industries. If they were kicked out after getting a job there, they really would become destitute and homeless all of a sudden.

While they had gotten rid of these servants and employees, they had no way of warning each and every single wealthy and influential family about the rumors among them.

As a result, many young ladies from wealthy and influential families continued speculating if the Yun family was really planning to work with the Gu Jingze and whether Yun Luo could really sink her claws into Gu Jingze by doing this.

Of course, they also admired Yun Luo immensely. She had truly paid a huge price to enter Gu Jingzes field of vision.

However, they also envied her very much for being able to pay such a huge price.

After all, if she really married Gu Jingze, the assets of the Gu family were worth much more than this too.

In any case, rumors about the relationship between Gu Jingze and Yun Luo were already beginning to spread in high society.

At the same time, Gu Jingze had already started the handover process for the arsenal.

Gu Jingze looked at the document for the transfer and a hint of steeliness flashed in his eyes. He looked up and said to Qin Hao, Release the news. State that the Yun family is about to buy the arsenal and take it under the wing of Yun Industries. When the time is ripe, its revenue will definitely soar and its profit will follow suit and multiply. Because the Yun family is one of the families with the largest military power in M Nation, the military equipment in M Nation will definitely be manufactured by this arsenal now. Coupled with orders from other countries, the Yun family is planning to acquire the entire arsenal with its operations. It will profit considerably.

Qin Hao looked at Gu Jingze in confusion. Sir. Whats the purpose of releasing this news?

Gu Jingze said, No matter what method the Yun family used to persuade Mo Jinyan to cooperate with them, Mo Jinyans goal is definitely not to help the Yun family but merely to oppose the Gu family. In the first place, Mo Jinyan has some grudge against the Gu family that we dont know about. Now, hes probably still doing this because of this grudge. He wants to get revenge against the Gu family, so hes using this chance to work with the Yun family. However, Im releasing this news precisely to tell Mo Jinyan that the Yun family is actually working with him on the surface for its own profit. Thats why they prepared billions of funds in advance. After working with him for so long, I know that he doesnt like being used

Qin Hao said, Sir, I understand. Were trying to create a rift between him and the Yun family.

Gu Jingze tidied up the things in front of him slowly and leisurely. Were not really creating a rift either. Were just notifying Mo Jinyan who may not have gotten wind of the latest news after leaving C Nation that he has been taken advantage of.

Qin Hao nodded his head in understanding. Internally, he wondered how Mo Jinyan would get back at the Yun family given his ill-temper and his tendency for petty revenge.

In reality, there was no disparity between all this and the Yun familys initial plan.

Yun Kuoshan looked at Yun Luo. You must live up to expectations this time. As your father, I have done everything I can for you. I have even used the Yun familys last card ha.

Yun Luo still looked a little unsure when she looked at Yun Kuoshan. But will Gu Jingze really abandon Lin Che because of this?

Do you think he cant understand the situation? Since he has already accepted our help, it means that he has given in.

Yun Kuoshan was not worried about Gu Jingze at this point. He was worried about Mo Jinyan.

As expected, just then, someone suddenly said outside the Yun residence, Sir, we have a problem. Someone is looking for you. Looks like he has ill intentions.

Yun Kuoshan frowned. Seeing that his own butler was actually this frightened, the person who was here was definitely not ordinary.


Mo Jinyan barged in directly with his henchmen.

The atmosphere in the living room was dark and oppressive. Yun Kuoshan was completely frozen the moment he came out.

Black Hawk, what are you doing?! Outside, Mo Jinyans henchmen chased the servants of the Yun family out. Each and every one of them was tied up and thrown out at the doorway.

The Yun residence was a high-class villa. Many of the reputable wealthy and influential families in C Nation lived nearby.

If they walked around and saw the Yun familys servants tied up and kneeling outside, wouldnt the Yun family become a complete disgrace?

Mo Jinyan looked at Yun Kuoshan. He had a seemingly nonchalant expression on his fact but he was in fact in a comparably sullen mood.

Its nothing. Its just that they refused to let me in. I could only make them leave first so that I could meet you.

You Black Hawk, are you going to turn against me?! Yun Kuoshans face darkened immediately.

Mo Jinyan scoffed. Yun Kuoshan, do you think that I dare not touch you? Back then, you said that you would use the arsenal to make Gu Jingze leave the Gu family and give up his position as the head of the family. Now, youre taking advantage of me on one hand but working with Gu Jingze on the other by helping him buy the arsenal. Haha. Do you think that I, Mo Jinyan, am an easy target? Or do you think that I, Mo Jinyan, am an idiot who you can easily hoodwink?

I Yun Kuoshan had sent him to A Nation to rest because he had initially thought that Mo Jinyan would not be able to cause trouble if he found out about the purchase of the arsenal once it had been handed over.

He did not expect him to find out about this so soon.

Yun Kuoshan looked at Black Hawk who had so arrogantly led his men into the Yun residence without hesitation.

He had not thought that Black Hawk was so audacious. Was he not afraid of falling out with the Yun family at all?

Yun Kuoshan said, Black Hawk, get this straight. My position is aligned with yours. But its not yet time to completely oust Gu Jingze. We have to do it in stages, step by step

Black Hawk scoffed. Uncle Yun. Do you really think Im a three-year-old child who is easily deceived? This wasnt what you said a few days ago. You said that now is a good chance to overthrow him, perhaps even the only chance. Dont you think its a bit too late to change your mind now?

Yun Kuoshans face hurt from the humiliation. He looked at Black Hawks imposing manner and at the people who had followed him in. Then, he said furiously, Black Hawk, get out of the Yun residence with your henchmen. Otherwise, dont blame me for being inhospitable!

Sure. I want to see how youre going to be inhospitable! A sinister expression appeared on Black Hawks face. He took a step forward with his large leather shoe. His attitude of invincibility seemed to make Yun Kuoshan lose half the battle in terms of his aura.


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