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Season 9

Episode 85

(You Can Insult Me But You Cant Insult Lin Che)

Lin Ches face turned completely red.

She thought about how awkward it was that they turned the office into a mess each time she came. She did not know who outside was the one cleaning up the office either

However, Gu Jingze had already put his arms around her and could not resist placing her on the office desk.

He looked down, pressed his body down on hers and looked at her. I like doing it here.

Ew. What kind of weird fetish do you have?! Lin Che said with her face flushed.

Gu Jingze traced the top of her neck with his tongue. This way, when Im working here every day, I will be able to recall that you were once in the throes of passion right here I would feel as if I could see you anytime

What a pervert!

She found that scene way too perverted.

She did not expect Gu Jingze to be like this!

However, Lin Ches entire body nevertheless stiffened because of the tip of his tongue. She hugged his body tightly and forcefully.

Gu Jingze knew that she was nervous but her body was more sensitive when she got nervous.

Thus, he really enjoyed teasing her thoroughly here, to the point that she was completely wet. When he entered her, the process would be extremely smooth.

It was truly an immensely satisfying feeling.

However, Gu Jingze felt that women were made of water. This really was the truth. She was made precisely of water. Furthermore, she was so moist that it enchanted him. No matter where they were, he always felt as if he had not kissed her enough and had not had enough of her.

After the two of them were done, Lin Che still felt a little embarrassed thinking about it. She was worried that she had been too loud and that someone else had heard her.

The louder she was, the more excited he seemed to be so he became more and more forceful as well. Just like that, the two of them went at it until they were too ashamed to see anyone in the end.

It was only after they had rinsed themselves off that he said to her, To be honest, you dont have to worry about matters concerning Yun Luo. In actual fact, I have already made plans of my own.

Lin Che asked, You know how to resolve it, right?

Yes. Furthermore, I will let the people who betrayed me and schemed against me know what the consequences of doing so will be. I think the Fang familys disappearance was not enough of a reminder for them. Or perhaps theyre so audacious because they think that they wont become the next Fang family

The people who betrayed him

Was he referring to Black Hawk?

Lin Che looked at him and did not say anything more. She did not want to interfere too much in his affairs because she actually trusted him with all her heart.

Lin Che found it very strange. No one in this world was almighty but for some reason, he gave off that almighty feeling.


Everyone started spreading rumors that the Yun family was going to share weal and woe with the Gu family.

Although they said it was the Gu family, in reality, everyone knew that it was actually because of Gu Jingze.

Yun Luo personally made an appearance to offer her help. She had already made her intentions very clear. As for Gu Jingze, it was obvious that he had already agreed to accept the Yun familys help.

Everyone could not help but start to speculate Gu Jingzes intentions.

However, some people also said that Gu Jingze was left with no choice but to accept the Yun familys help now. As Gu Jingze had just assumed the position of the family head, his status had not solidified and people were already starting to doubt him now. It could not be considered a serious matter, nor could it be considered a minor issue. If it was not swiftly resolved, it would not only affect Gu Jingming but would also affect Gu Jingzes status in the Gu family. That was why the matter had to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

This must have occurred to Gu Jingze, leaving him no choice but to accept help from the Yun family.

During this time, everyone saw the renewed possibility of the Yun family forming an alliance with the Gu family.

Even members of the Gu family felt that Yun Luo was indeed more suitable for Gu Jingze.

If the two of them were together, it would definitely be to the advantage of the Gu Family and the Yun family too, just like the strong alliance of the Lu family and the Gu family.

Seeing that Gu Jingze had relaxed his stance and agreed to work with the Yun family, the members of the Gu family momentarily felt that Gu Jingze might have thought the same way too. It seemed that no matter how much Gu Jingze doted on Lin Che, he still had to come to terms with reality. In actual fact, even if he married Yun Luo, it did not automatically mean that he had to leave Lin Che. He could continue doting on Lin Che if he wanted to.

In reality, it would be better for him to take it in stride since he could have it both ways.

However, they had previously thought that Lin Che was definitely going to be the mistress of the Gu family after returning to C Nation but her position had started to waver. It seemed that it would still be a little difficult for Lin Che to be the mistress of the house without some status.

All else aside, she had nothing to be confident about.

If she became the mistress, the masses would not be easily convinced.

It seemed that Lin Che was ultimately still not good enough. Looking at her status now, she was definitely in a precarious position.

People were also talking about how Lin Che had already gone up against Yun Luo at the company that day. The two of them were like fire and water. Lin Che had even pushed Yun Luo and triggered her illness. She had been terribly unreasonable.

Others said that Lin Che was so furious upon knowing that her status was being threatened that she wanted to kill Yun Luo. Unfortunately, Yun Luo was lucky and was also the Young Miss of the Yun family. She was willing to spend any amount of money. Once she got to the hospital, she preserved her life after spending a large amount of money.

There were all sorts of stories going around. Yu Minmin called Lin Che to talk to her about this. Lin Che found it extremely funny.

Yu Minmin said, It seems like you really have to think about it now. Think about how to elevate your status.

Lin Che said, I will. You have to look after your baby too. Dont worry about me. Gu Jingze is already dealing with this and I will pay attention to it too. Dont get involved.

Yu Minmin merely felt that this incident had ultimately arisen because of Gu Jingming. Now, it was snowballing and had even dragged Lin Che down. It was seriously frustrating.

And Yu Minmin was not the only angry one.

In the office, Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes when he saw these rumors and immediately threw the tablet computer to the ground.

He looked at Qin Hao. Who are the ones spreading these rumors?

Qin Hao thought that these people in the company were in for it. How dare they speak ill of the Madam and even spread rumors?

Of course, Gu Jingzes heart ached for Lin Che when he heard all this. He was also furious that everyone actually dared to criticize her like this.

It was fine to insult him but if they dared to insult Lin Che, they were definitely challenging his bottom line.

Gu Jingze looked straight ahead and said slowly and leisurely, I think our maids are becoming more and more unruly. And dont these idle people in the company have too much free time? Do they not have anything to do? The company doesnt give them such good welfare to gossip. Are they deceiving me on account of my generosity?

His eyes twitched and he said bluntly, Qin Hao, find out who spread these rumors. Clean up the Gu family as well. Kick out all the servants who arent willing to continue working for the Gu family. Exile them from C Nation and never hire them again.

Yes Sir. Qin Hao felt a wave surge forth and a blast of cold air blow at him. He dared not say another word and quickly went to deal with these matters. He prayed ardently that these rumors would vanish completely one day. This would also serve as a deliberate show of strength to warn everyone to wake up. They were literally dreaming if they thought that Gu Jingze would treat Lin Che with an ounce of unfairness.

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