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Season 9

Episode 84

(I Beg You To Let Gu Jingze Off Alright?)

Yun Luo said, Perhaps you think that Gu Jingze is already formidable, can hide the sky with one hand, and has the ability to do anything. In that case, this incident may enlighten you on the fact that wealthy people dont have such easy lives. Gu Jingze is bound to have his worries too. Furthermore, his worries are even more vexing than those of ordinary people, because ordinary people definitely cannot resolve them. But I can. So, Lin Che, theres something that I dont know if I should say.

She lifted her dress and took a small step forwards. While looking at Lin Che, she said in anguish, Lin Che, I know that you love Gu Jingze very much and that youre madly in love with him. After all, he may be the only man in the world who is like that. Youve been together with him for so many years and there is a lot of depth in your relationship too. But I still want to beg you. I beg you to let him off. You really cant bring him any benefits by being with him. You will only hinder him. If something happens, you cant help him at all. Im begging you, alright?

Lin Che looked at Yun Luo and wondered how she could be so shameless as to say such things.

Begging her to let Gu Jingze off?

Lin Che scoffed grimly as she looked at Yun Luo. Move aside.

Miss Lin Yun Luo grabbed her hand with a rueful expression. Her imploring manner evoked even more worry in others.

I said, let go of me, Miss Yun! She tugged at Lin Che so forcefully and so unyieldingly, refusing to let go. It seemed as if she would not let Lin Che go no matter what unless Lin Che agreed.

Lin Che had enough of her. She did not like having physical contact with strangers, to begin with, and Yun Luo was even being so shameless.

Lin Che looked at her. Do you think were playing house? I told you to let go, so let go. Do you think that Ill give Gu Jingze up just because youre pulling me and refusing to let go? Dont think that things are so simple. Youre Miss Yun, but that doesnt mean that everyone on earth is your mother. No one is obligated to give in to you.

You Yun Luos body went limp and she suddenly collapsed onto the ground.

Her lips turned purple and she sat on the ground unmoving.

The servants of the Yun family who had accompanied her here were momentarily shocked and quickly gathered around her.

Miss, Miss. Whats wrong

Yun Luos heart disease had flared up.

She looked up at Lin Che plaintively. You you will ultimately live for many more years. But I may die anytime. You can meet many more men, but hes the only one I love. Why cant you give him up for me

Beside her, her servant scoffed, Miss. Its pointless for you to talk to such a selfish woman. She will cling onto Mr. Gu and refuse to let him go because she herself has a low status. Lets head to the hospital quickly. Anyway, everyone has eyes and can see for themselves who exactly is worthy of Mr. Gu and who is not. Hmph.

Then, they pulled Yun Luo out. Lin Che stood there and found it inconceivable. What ridiculous logic did all these people have?

Did Lin Che have to give up even her own husband for her because she was weak?

Was she the only one allowed to pick the best man on earth because she had a high status?

Lin Che shook her head in disbelief. However, she sensed that the people around her were all staring as if speculating what exactly had happened here earlier.

But everyone quickly pretended that nothing had happened when they saw Lin Che look up and glance at them. Then, they bowed their heads and went their way.

Everyone had a tendency to pry into others affairs. They wanted to know what exactly the lives of these rich young women were like. For once, they had witnessed such an incident. Naturally, news of the incident spread like wildfire in no time. However, there were many versions of the same incident. The publics ability to make up stories was really amazing. It really made people marvel at the fact that good scriptwriters were what the world lacked least. The reason why some dramas were so terrible must be because they had not properly used the power of the public. In reality, the experts were among ordinary people

When Lin Che arrived at the entrance of Gu Jingzes company, Qin Hao immediately walked up to her upon seeing her.

Now, most people in the company knew that Lin Che could enter and leave as she wished. Naturally, they didnt dare to stop her and did not specifically notify Gu Jingze either.

Her sudden arrival was slightly shocking. Qin Hao hastily said, Madam, youre here. Sir is in his office.

Okay. Im not disturbing him, right? Lin Ches expression was still a little sour after what she had just been through.

Of course not. You would never be a disturbance no matter when you appear. Quick, come on in. Qin Hao trailed after Lin Che and opened the door for her eagerly.

When it came to Lin Che, there was no need to knock on the door before entering or to notify Gu Jingze of her arrival either. If Sir saw her, he definitely would not blame anyone and would only welcome her cheerfully.

Sure enough, Qin Hao saw Gu Jingze look up. His initially stormy gaze immediately softened when he saw Lin Che.

Why are you here? Gu Jingze stood up and walked over to her, waving his hand for Qin Hao to leave first.

Qin Hao quickly excused himself and left the space inside to the married couple.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze. Didnt things take a turn for the better?

Gu Jingze raised his eyebrows at her. How did you know? Did you see Yun Luo on your way up here just now?

If not, she would not say something about a favorable turn and even with such a resolute gaze.

Lin Che said, Wow. You could even guess this.

Gu Jingze tapped the tip of her nose. Of course. Your thoughts definitely cant escape my scrutiny.

As he was very observant of people, to begin with, it was a simple matter for him to know what they were thinking as long as he wanted to. This was even more so when it came to Lin Che; he would only be even more observant. Thus, he could immediately sense when something was wrong with her.

He asked, Did Yun Luo say anything?

Nothing much. She just said that she was going to help you.

Gu Jingze asked, Is that all?

What else would she say? Lin Che now knew how to respond to his questions by asking him questions in return.

Gu Jingze gazed deeply at her. He then lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it. I wont accept her help.

Why not?! Lin Che asked instead. Accept her help. Dont reject it for nothing. Anyway, shes willing to offer it, right? Its not like Im selling my husband or that youll have to get together with her if you take her money. Even if she gives you money, she wont have you either. She will be wasting her money anyway. Isnt that better? Hmph.

Gu Jingze looked at her. Can you really accept it?

Lin Che nodded. Of course. She looked at Gu Jingze. I believe you. You definitely have your own way of handling the matter. I dont want you to change your plan because of me. Gu Jingze, dont bother about me. Do what you have to do. Thats what I really think. No matter what tricks she plays, I will stand with you and watch her from our high vantage point. Shes just a clown. Nothing she does will work. Wouldnt that be very fun?

A long time passed before Gu Jingze gazed at her deeply. He tapped her on the forehead and said, Youve turned bad now.

Of course. They say that being close to bad people makes you bad. She tapped him on his hard stomach.

He narrowed his eyes at her. Close? Im still not close enough Ill turn you even worse

He moved closer to her and she retreated sullenly. What are you doing?!

When the distance between us is in the negative thats what real proximity is. If you dont believe me, we can give it a try?


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