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Season 9

Episode 82

(I Believe You Can Definitely Handle It)

Whats the meaning of this? Lin Che asked strangely.

Gu Jingze replied, It means that someone thinks our family is intervening with the regime.

Lin Che understood.

This did not look like a small problem.

If this spread, who knew how it would affect Gu Jingmings presidential title?

Gu Jingze said, The factory must, therefore, be suspended temporarily. The factory recently obtained several large orders including those from M Nation, A Nation, the United Kingdom, and Europe. They will lose more than several billion yuan. Moreover, it is unclear if they can regain their trust and continue cooperating in the future.

Lin Che heard this and her heart sank. It sounds serious Is this factory that great?

The factory does not produce the weapons directly. Instead, it produces parts that many of the most advanced countries need. They use the most advanced technology to create the best quality so the selling price is also very high. C nationals are more self-sufficient, so this meticulous work can be taken over by C Nation factories. But now, they are forced to stop working.

Gu Jingze walked to the window. I just passed the factory to Mo Jingyan and this happens. Now, Mo Jingyan is nowhere to be found.

What? Are you saying that this might be related to Mo Jingyan?

Lin Che thought that the Black Eagle was not a good person, to begin with. It was not like they did not pit against them before. He had been working closely with Gu Jingze recently, so Lin Che also thought that he did not seem so bad anymore. Now, he was linked to this matter again.

She said, He just obtained the factory and caused trouble. You also said that he always had beef with the Gu family. This time, he intentionally got close to you and pretended to be friends with you. He took the chance and immediately betrayed you. He was just looking for another way to betray you, wasnt it?

Gu Jingze turned around to look at her. Youre much smarter today.

Lin Che was speechless. This is a very obvious problem. Furthermore, Im analyzing it seriously with you!

Gu Jingze returned to stand in front of her and carried her to the bed. He continued, This needs to be dealt with slowly. Indeed, I did not take a proper look at Mo Jingyan and am angry for trusting him blindly. However, every decision in business brings a risk. They are all wagers. Even if I lose this one, it is nothing to me. Dont worry. I will be busy over the next few days because of this matter.

Do your work. Theres no need to worry about me, Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze bent down to look at her face, I dont want you worrying about me either. Tell me that youre not worried.

Yes, yes, Im not worried! Lin Che promised impatiently.

Gu Jingze frowned and stared at her. You promised too quickly. How patronizing.

Lin Che raised her brow. But how can I not be worried? I cant lie to you. Ill definitely be worried in one way or another, but I believe youll be able to handle it. So, its alright even if I worry over the next few days. I believe in your capability.

Lin Che always thought that Gu Jingze was all-powerful, even now.

But as his wife, she was definitely worried.

She smiled and looked at him. He gazed at her deeply. She understood that even if it was for her, he absolutely would never let himself be beaten down.

He was never someone who would admit defeat easily. He always moved forward without anyones push or pull. He continually pushed himself to get stronger because he never liked losing.

Now, with the addition of Lin Che and Gu Shinian, the ones he cared about, it was even more so that he would not allow himself to lose.

When he thought of Lin Che, he wanted to protect her and give her the best life. It gave him much more strength. The anger he felt just now already dissipated miraculously when he looked into those clear, beautiful eyes of hers. He returned to his logical self, looked at Lin Che, smiled, and kissed her cheek.

When Gu Jingze said that he was going to be busy, they really kept missing one another. When she was with the crew, he was at home. When she was at home, he was already out.

When Lin Che returned today, she heard the maids talking about the factory incident.

Although Gu Jingze already deployed his men to handle the matter, the family still felt that they mistrusted him and led to the loss of billions of yuan. Whether they could recoup their losses was another issue.

As a result, the family was somewhat disappointed in Gu Jingze. After all, this was the first year he took charge of the family. When Gu Xiande was the head, nothing like this ever happened. Gu Jingze just took over this position and such a huge matter arose. Everybody had their opinion on Gu Jingze.

The maids chatted privately. I wonder if Sir would be asked to stop using his authority.

But if Sir doesnt become head of the family, who will?

Old Master just had his surgery, but he is not that weak. I heard that some people want the Old Master to help manage the family again.

But how will outsiders look at Sir?

That is why Sir must be under a lot of pressure.

Lin Che stood there and listened. She leaned against the wall and tried to think of ways she could help Gu Jingze.

However, there was really nothing she could do to help.

Lin Che wondered if she was useless.

Sitting outside the set, Lin Che looked at the crew members walking around.

She had no parts to film today, but she still came to the set.

While she was daydreaming, someone suddenly appeared beside her.

It was Situ Jing.

He sat down noisily and looked at Lin Che. Whats wrong? You look unhappy.

Lin Che looked at Situ Jing with surprise. Hey, what are you doing here?

Oh, Im here as a guest. Dont you know?

You? Here as a guest? Lin Che rolled her eyes.

She indeed did not know that this movie had quite a number of guest appearances. She never noticed.

Situ Jing said, Yes. The production crew promised to help promote my nonprofit organization on the condition that I make a guest appearance.

The crew saw Situ Jing talking to Lin Che and did not disturb them.

Situ Jing looked at her. You havent told me what exactly happened. Why do you look so terrible?

Lin Che asked, Havent you heard about the recent incident with the Gu family?

Oh. Are you talking about the Gu familys military factory?


I heard that Gu Jingze went to look for buyers to buy the factory. He wanted to legally change ownership to an entrepreneur before he resumed production.

Huh? Is that the solution?

No. I only heard that hes looking for a buyer, but a military factory requires at least ten billion yuan to purchase. Not many people have this spending power.

Lin Che thought that if anything happened to these top-level giants, the average wealthy community could only watch. This figure was not something an average wealthy person could afford.


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