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Season 9

Episode 81

(Why Was Gu Jingze So Angry)

Yes, we lack the manpower to manage people. Go ask your Chen Yucheng quickly to come to invest some money. He has so much remuneration every year. Where does he hide it? He doesnt even take it out.

Upon listening, Shen Youran became slightly interested.

She said, I will go back and discuss it with Chen Yucheng. Actually, I am just worried that because I had never done this before, will I screw it up?

Everything starts with trying it out. Hehe, are you afraid that you will lose all the remuneration your Chen Yucheng earns? It wont get to that extent. He gets tens of millions of remuneration per year just from Gu Jingze. Our company just needs a few million dollars, so you wont lose all of it! Lin Che said.

Shen Youran looked at her. Tsk, tsk. You are here to ask for remuneration on behalf of your husband, right? After getting remuneration from you, we immediately return it back to you for investment. You two have such a great plan.

I got found out.


The duo played around and left. However, Shen Youran seriously considered it when she returned home.

The announcement of the Nangong Yu movie that Lin Che was participating in was quickly broadcasted.

The character Lin Che was playing was called Mi Na. She conned for a living and lived in all sorts of lies every day. She could change her identity anytime and anywhere to con different people. Lin Che liked this character a lot. It was announced that the name of the movie was Who Am I, which was characteristic of Nangong Yu. When you just hear about the title you would have no idea what you would be watching

Lin Che would enter the filming crew soon. She first went to participate in the opening ceremony and met the few leading casts. The male lead was very experienced. He was Jun Linhan, thirty-five years old, had many fangirls, and was an older actor full of charisma. Although many people said his face was ageless on the television, when she met him in person, she could see that he had many wrinkles on his face. Only because the lighting was good, he seemed very young.

But he was indeed a good guy. When he saw Lin Che, he took the initiative to shake her hand and said to her, That day, Nangong told me that the female lead this time is you and I was looking forward to it. Hello hello, this is the first time we are working together. I hope we will work together well.

These were all seniors, so Lin Che was definitely respectful. Brother Han, please take care of me from now on.

Not at all, we will support each other.

He could not say much in front of Nangong, but behind his back, he lazily leaned there and told Lin Che, I think this drama will have a good reputation. But this is a comedy, which is different from those big movies adapted from novels. Nangongs movies are all so indie. It will have good but not great sales. Ah, but Nangong has such a good reputation that acting in his movie is like being gold-plated, so it is still beneficial for an artists image.

Lin Che said, Anyway, I am good if it does not make a loss. I think the script is quite good and with Brother Hans involvement, the box office will definitely not be bad.

Your little mouth speaks well. Jun Linhan laughed.

As the two main leads of the movie, they would have many scenes together so they would frequently interact off set. But this movie had many other cast members making a cameo. Although they may not have as many scenes as the two of them, some just appeared for a tiny bit as a favor. Even when Xue Yang was introduced by Lin Che to make a cameo, Nangong agreed happily.

But the good thing about a low-budget movie like this was that everyone was familiar with each other. The filming scene was not so serious. Everyone looked like they filmed the movie by playing around, which was a lot more relaxing than filming drama in the past.Read the next chapter on our

On the Internet, some people posted a few photos of Lin Che and Jun Linhan. Everyone was envious of Lin Che who seemed to be like a collector of handsome men. All the male actors she worked with were handsome men.

Now that she also collected Jun Linhan, she made many fangirls full of jealousy.

This day, she returned home from filming.

She had not entered the room and already heard Gu Jingze breaking something inside.

The maids did not even dare to breathe. The room was deathly silent.

Lin Che felt that it was strange that Gu Jingze would be so angry.

Standing at the door, she did not go in first but stood outside to watch. Gu Jingze stood there, full of coldness, freezing the room as if everyone was in an ice house.

Lin Che heard Gu Jingze say, Let someone contact Mo Jingyan.

The people below said, Sir, we are unable to contact Mr. Mo. He is probably not in C Nation. What should we do?

Then go overseas and contact him! Gu Jingze silently turned back and glared sternly. Do you need me to teach you?

Lin Che felt that it was strange. Why did he need to contact Mo Jingyan? And so urgently?

Gu Jingze looked up and saw Lin Che looking from outside. He took in a breath and retracted his expression. What are you looking at? Dont you see Maam standing at the door?

The maid took a look and quickly came out to open the door.

Lin Che hurriedly walked over and said, No worries. Ive just returned.

While slowly walking towards Gu Jingze, she looked at him. What happened?

Gu Jingzes voice did not return to the tremendous anger like just now.

The maids looked and immediately heaved a sigh of relief. They felt that Maams return was their saving grace.

Gu Jingze said, Nothing, just some company matters. Why are you back suddenly?

He wrapped his hands around Lin Ches waist and walked inside. She looked up and did not answer her question. She asked again, No, something must be wrong, right? If nothing was wrong, Gu Jingze would not be like that.

She had never seen Gu Jingze so angry like that before.

Gu Jingze closed his mouth and did not say anything. Lin Che looked at him caringly. If you dont tell me, I will be even more worried about you. I will think about all sorts of things and I dont know where my thoughts will lead to.

Upon hearing her, Gu Jingze looked down at her.

Lin Ches eyes sparkled at him, earnestly wanting him to answer her properly.

Gu Jingze took a deep breath and sighed helplessly. Alright.

He had no other choice. After looking at her eyes like that, he had already given up.

Furthermore, indeed, he would be worried about how her thoughts would wander.

Actually, it is no big matter. After the Fang family was destroyed, they left some military power. It was slowly split, but there is this military factory that had just been leaked. Someone spread the rumor that this factory is in the hands of Gu Industries, which means it is in my hands. Someone sabotaged the parliament to question the president why the critical industries of the military will involve Gu Industries. Theyre asking, Is he not splitting private and public matters and putting the country matters below his own family to benefit the Gu family?’

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