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Season 9

Episode 80

(Now Is Your Only Chance)

Mo Jingyan looked at him. You only need to tell me what your motive is in coming here. You dont have to say anything else. Just tell me what you want to do.

I am just here to remind you that Gu Jingze just became the head of the family. His position is not stable yet and Gu Xiande just lost the place he had in the past, so he cannot stop you. This is a good chance for you to attack. If you dont do it now, when Gu Jingzes position becomes stable, you will have nothing. What are you doing? Are you so close to Gu Jingze that you have developed some sort of brotherhood with him? Dont you take it for real. A person like Gu Jingze can finish off the Fang family in a few days and split off the power so cleanly. Do you think he is a person that values friendships? When you are being used by him, you are his brother. When you are of no use, you are nothing. So you better think carefully. After working hard for so long, are you now ready to just give up now?

Mo Jingyan sat there with his eyes narrowed, his eyes as deep as an endless trench, making one unable to guess what he was thinking.

Yun Kuoshan continued. What do you think?

After a while, Mo Jingyan looked up. I just got a good thing from Gu Jingze.

Yun Kuoshans eyes lit up. What?

Mo Jingyan said, It is a military factory.

Yun Kuoshan smiled. He really trusts you now. That is a good thing to be made use of.

Mo Jingyan leaned there and took a breath.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze left the Gu family mansion the second day.

Yu Minmin was very bored at home, so Lin Che and Shen Youran went to visit her together.

Yu Minmin was resting in her homes garden.

Because she was still worried about her child, she did not leave the house these past few days. She was casually reading books and watching television at home.

Gu Jingming was still strictly watching over her. If there was any small movement, he would be very nervous. Yu Minmin was also a little nervous but after a few days of adapting, she was getting used to it. She felt that it was not a big deal to be pregnant. She would not have lost the child by just walking for a bit or shaking.

The maids were instructed by Gu Jingming, so they seemed very nervous. While they were looking after Yu Minmin, they would hurry over to take a look and ask if she needed anything if there was any small movement.

Shen Youran said, After your child is born, the two at my house will not be the youngest.Read the next chapter on our

Yu Minmin said, Come on, we dont know how long itll take. Its only two months along.

Shen Youran said, You just got pregnant, so you think youll still have a long time. But when we look back at it, it really felt like the children were born within the blink of an eye. Furthermore, when they are born, you will really feel the urge to stuff them back. Thus, I am really envious of how your child is still in your tummy.

Yu Minmin asked, Really? Is it that scary?

Lin Che said, Yourans two children were born at the same time, so shell definitely have it harder than us with one child. Dont listen to her exaggerate like that. When they grow older, theyll become better.

Shen Youran said, That is because your kid is obedient. If you meet the naughty ones like mine, you will know it.

Lin Che said, That is because you havent been interacting with Niannian for long. He may look like an angel from first glance but after a while, you will know how challenging it is to live with a little devil every day.

Yu Minmin shook her head and said, Look how you two exaggerate so much.

Shen Youran held Yu Minmins elbows. Treasure the alone time you have with Mr. President. now. After the child is born Tsk, tsk. If both of you want to be intimate, it feels like an underground spy meeting

Looking at Shen Yourans begrudging look, Lin Che could not help but laugh and say, Why? Are you dissatisfied Ah, is it when you two are at the peak of intimacy, your children barged inside, so you are so begrudged

Stop it! Shen Youran blushed and scoffed.

Just then, a maid came over and said, Maam, Mr. President is back.

Lin Che and Shen Youran immediately retracted their cheeky look and glanced at each other. They could not help but laugh, their seriousness unlike their characters.

Gu Jingming was indeed back. When he entered, he saw the trio sitting here, and he smiled. Thank you for visiting Minmin. If you have the chance, do come to the Glazed Tile Palace more frequently. Minmin feels bored alone usually, so I am very grateful that you can come and accompany her.

Yu Minmin looked at Gu Jingming who just walked next to her. Alright, it is not so exaggerated. Ill take these few days as a break. Although I am alone, I am not that bored. Dont we have a lot of people at home?

They are naturally different from your friends. Gu Jingming looked down and caressed her hair, looking at her dotingly. His eyes were full of love, so much that the two people watching felt like they should leave.

Lin Che and Shen Youran exchanged a look and stood up together.

Lin Che said, We will come whenever we have time. Im just afraid that by then, you will get annoyed from our much too frequent visits.

That will definitely not happen.

Gu Jingming smiled.

When the two of them left, Shen Youran scratched her ears exaggeratedly. Oh my, the gaze Mr. President gave Yu Minmin is so intoxicating So deep with love.

Yes, Minmin looks very joyful now. Lin Che exclaimed. At first, she was not happy that they were together because Gu Jingming did not treat Yu Minmin so well.

However, seeing how they were today, she felt happy for them.

Things are hard to predict. When we met each other, we perhaps never thought that this woman would enter his heart in the future. Thus, we should not make judgments at the start, right?

Shen Youran asked, Are you talking about you and Gu Jingze?

Would you have ever thought that you would have a pair of twins with Chen Yucheng when you first met him?

Right I didnt think about that. He was so annoying at first.

Lin Che said, Right, I think so too. Initially, I told myself then, dont fall in love with Gu Jingze. But Who knew it would become like this?

The two exclaimed while walking.

Lin Che asked, What have you been doing recently?

I am still doing experiments, files, and running through resources But because I need to take care of the children, I cannot manage it so much nowadays. But I dont know what I can do. Although I feel like there is a lot of time, I did not do anything much to pass every day.

Lin Che suddenly remembered that she wanted to manage the film company.

If you have time, you can come to work with me. Yu Minmin and I were planning to set up our own film company, but she is pregnant now. I think Mr. President will not let her be so worn out, so we are now missing manpower.

Film company? Those kinds that film drama and movies?


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