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Season 9

Episode 79

(He Is That Illegitimate Child)

Gu Jingze said, Two people are together because they feel comfortable together. I married a woman into the family because I wanted to make her happy. So I hope that you can do the things that you want to do, and not be bound by things you dont want to do. Mother is an example. Because of trivial matters in the family, she often doesnt dare to go out in case it affects the Gu family. However, no one knows if she is leading a happy life like that. I only know that she sacrificed a lot because of these things, so I dont want you to sacrifice like that.

Lin Che felt even more touched. She looked at him and thought that since he was so good to her, if she really did not notice it, then she was not a good match to him.

She asked, After becoming the matriarch, is one really not allowed to go out and do other things?

Of course not. Gu Jingze said. However, mother is very careful. She does not want to be buttered up to or speculated, which makes her social circle complicated. She thinks that this will affect the things in the Gu family. For example, the people you know outside may ask you to do some things. If you dont do it, they will be angry. If you do it and it harms the Gu family, you have no choice, so she directly just cut off her social circle and stopped going out daily.

Ah Yes, mother often said that she had not gone out for very long Isnt it very lonely living like that? Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze nodded. Because father left very early on, mother had no choice but to make herself stronger. But you dont need to. He looked down and smiled at Lin Che. You have me, so you dont need to think too much.

Lin Che smiled and looked up at Gu Jingze. I know.

She pondered for a while and said, Although I may not know how to be a matriarch, I will work hard to learn about it. One day, I will become a wise internal helper for you.

Gu Jingze smiled and looked at her. Dont get too tired.

Hm, I believe that there are a lot of things that can be done multitasking as long as you have the heart to.

Gu Jingze replied, Yes.

Then, as the matriarch, what is the first thing she has to do? I think the Gu family may not trust me at all now. After all, it is difficult to accept a new person. Mother has been doing it for so many years, so they are long used to it. If I take over her, they will definitely have their doubts.

Gu Jingze nodded and narrowed his eyes like he was thinking. Thats right, so the first thing we have to do is gain their trust. Luckily, we are not in a hurry, so we can do this slowly.

Lin Che followed and nodded her head earnestly. She believed that as long as she had the heart to do so, she could definitely do it as well if Mu Wanqing could do it.

Lin Che went back to the initial question. So in that training camp, do they only train security guards like Dongzi?

There are many talents in the various categories. Of course, they are separated into different training camps. Slowly, you will get in touch with them. Alright, lets clean you up.

Although it was blissful to be hugged like that, it was not particularly comfortable since they were covered in sweat.

He got up and carried her towards the bathroom.


Mo Jingyan returned home.

Upon entering, he sensed that someone was in the room.

He narrowed his eyes and scanned the room, taking out his gun from his pocket.

He dangerously scanned this quiet room and asked, Which friend of mine did not knock the door when coming in?

Jingyan, you are too careful. This room has been set up so carefully that it is impossible to hide a person. Was that necessary? A voice traveled from inside.

Upon hearing the voice, Mo Jingyan froze and put down the gun in his hands.

Sir Yun, why are you here?

It was Yun Kuoshan who came.

He laughed and walked out.

You are the adopted son of my big brother. Why are you calling me Sir? You can just call me uncle. He said.

Mo Jingyan placed the gun in his hands back into his pockets. He indignantly found a place to sit and looked at him. Sir, I already made an agreement with the Yun family that I will never disclose my relationship with the Yun family. Even if it is in front of my adopted father, I will respectfully call him Mr. Yun, all the more if it is you. You can tell me directly, what business do you have with me here?

Yun Kuoshan said, Ah, you are so cold-blooded. At first, my brother took great risks to run to the snow-filled place and find you frozen. He carried you back to treat you and that was the first time I saw you in covers. You were much cuter back then.

Mo Jingyan said, But I have already been independent outside since I was six years old. Since then, I have not seen you for so many years, so it is reasonable to conclude that you do not understand me.

Yun Kuoshan said, That was to hide your identity and from the others, so we let you make a living outside. Look, the Gu family is still looking for you. Gu Qigang has not given up on finding you. If you were discovered to be at the Yun family, would you still be alive now? Big brother had put in a lot of effort to help you.

Mo Jingyan looked up at Yun Kuoshan.

Yun Kuoshan had a sneaky expression. Even his smile seemed sly.

How would Yun Kuoshan know that the Gu family lost a child before?

At that time, he was still young, so he did not know who exactly was the child that his elder brother carried back and why he was hidden so strictly.

He only said that this child should be kept and would have great use in the future, but he did not speak about the specifics. For a few years, Black Eagles power gradually increased. Then, he told Yun Kuoshan that Black Eagle was the child back then and his family background was indeed shocking.

Actually, even Yun Kuoshans older brother never knew that Black Eagle would develop so well after being released.

Although he secretly gave Black Eagle financial aid, it could not be too obvious there was help, so Black Eagle was indeed talented and resilient, just developing by himself quickly.

He once said that was the power of vengeance, so great that it could make someone stronger, colder, and dauntless moving forward.

Thus, the Yun family never hid from Black Eagle about his family background.

Yun Kuoshan also came to find him today about the Gu family.

He said, You have worked so hard to climb up initially. Wasnt it because one day, you could let the Gu family compensate for everything you have lost? Now, the chance is right in front of you. You have a good relationship with Gu Jingze and you are so close to Gu Xiande, but why didnt you make any moves? We had an agreement. You help me get what I want and Gu Xiandes life is yours. But now

Mo Jingyan looked at Yun Kuoshan. You have no right to ask me to do anything!

You Yun Kuoshan looked at the fearless man.

He actually said that he had no right?

Why, Black Eagle? Dont you want to get the Gu family? Dont you want everything Gu Jingze has now? You are both children of the Gu family. Whatever he has now, you initially had the chance to get too. Furthermore, your ability is not any worse than Gu Jingze.


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