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Season 9

Episode 76

(I Will Always Ignore You From Now Hmph)

Mo Jingyan already left silently. When they searched for him, they found that he was already missing.

Gu Qigang was naturally happy to see Niannian.

Niannian also obediently looked up and upon hearing what Lin Che said, politely called him grandfather.

Gu Qigang looked at Niannian and sighed. Ah, being a child of the Gu family is tough. But one day, you will be grateful for the challenges today. Come, let grandfather take a look to see if Niannian is in good health.

He was going to carry Niannian, but his old hips could not handle it. Just as he was going to carry him, he yelped.

Lin Che got shocked, immediately taking over Niannian.

Father, are you okay?

Gu Jingze asked at the side, Are you hurt? Niannian is heavy. If you cannot carry him, dont force yourself. Let me call someone to take a look.

Gu Qigang covered his hips and laughed sheepishly. Ah, I have to admit that I am old.

Gu Jingze first asked someone to take a look at Gu Qigang.

Luckily, he only twisted his hips and it was of no concern.

He lay down and still felt that he had to return to the old Gu residence.

Gu Jingze said that he would get someone to send him back.

Gu Qigang asked, Why dont you also go there for a night? These hips of mine are bothersome but I havent really had the chance to look at Niannian properly.

Lin Che looked at Gu Qigang who definitely looked reluctant as if he would be indignant if he returned now. When Lin Che saw how Gu Jingze was going to reject him, she immediately said, Alright, lets send father back. I will also be worried if he goes back alone.

Gu Jingze looked up at Lin Che. Seeing her pitiful gaze, he did not say anything.

Gu Qigang looked at them and smiled. This stubborn little boy he actually changed his mind from another persons single sentence?

Lin Che and Gu Jingze brought Niannian together to send Gu Qigang back.

Lin Che especially arranged for Niannian to sit in the same car as Old Master Gu so that they would become closer.

Gu Jingze sat in the same car as Lin Che. She looked at Gu Jingze and said, You are so cold towards your dad.

Gu Jingze looked at her. Am I? I dont think so.

Lin Che tilted her head. Is it because he abandoned you for over ten years, so you dont like him?

Gu Jingze took a breath. Not really. Children of the Gu family are independent since they were young.

Lin Che shook her head. Children of the Gu family are still children. I know he left for over ten years and when you were young, he did not care much about you, so you dont feel close to him. But he had his matters to take care of and he did not mean any harm to you. Even if he is not close to you, he is still your father and compared to him

Lin Che lowered her head, thinking about her father who did not deserve to be called one and shook her head. At least, you have a father.

Upon hearing that, Gu Jingzes eyes shifted towards Lin Che at the side.

He recalled that she had never had a real home in the past, which made him feel bad.

He looked at Lin Che and gathered her in his arms.

He kissed her hair stands and said, Dont worry. You still have me.

Lin Che smiled and looked up. Yes, I still have you.

She gazed at his face and smiled lightly. It is enough to have you. Sometimes I wonder if the heavens gave me so many injuries earlier because I was destined to meet you.

Gu Jingze said, You made me pressurized as if I wasnt good and sorry towards you.

Lin Che looked up. Why? Are you going to treat me badly?

Ill treat you nicely, one hundred percent of niceness.

Only then did she smiled, fulfilled.

He shook his head. If I treat you badly, how are you going to take revenge on me?

Me? Of course, I cannot take revenge on you. You are the CEO of Gu family but, hmph. Dont you enter my room at night!

Her hand pushed his chest.

Gu Jingzes face darkened and said, This revenge is very severe.

He said, You are the first woman who dared to threaten me like that. Are you not afraid that I will take revenge on you too?

Lin Che looked at him. How are you going to take revenge?

Gu Jingze squeezed her. If you dont let me into your room, I will forcefully break-in and nicely take revenge on you on the bed!

Heck As Mr. CEO Gu, you have quite the revenge techniques!

Ha, it seems like you think its not enough? Then we can first try it out tonight.

Get lost!

Gu Jingze lifted her chin and already engaged her lips here, raiding her completely for some time.

Lin Ches mouth was numb from his sucking. He devoured her tastiness bit by bit. His hands were underneath, exploring her long legs.

But after all, they were in the car. Despite being out of breath, Lin Che did not forget about the chauffeur in front.

She immediately grabbed his dishonest hand and made him let go of her.

At the front, the chauffeur also heaved a sigh of relief. When the car finally arrived at the destination and the car stopped, his palms were soaked with sweat.

He could only pray that the next time Sir and Madam were in the same car, no one, under no circumstances, would ask him to drive again.

He could not handle it

He did not dare to look behind. However, he could still feel the heatwave hitting him in waves.

He thought the couple could really just hit it off at any moment. He really did not want to watch a reality show but if Gu Jingze really had a go with Lin Che as the chauffeur of Gu family, he really would not dare to make a single sound.

Fortunately, they stopped themselves in time.

Actually thinking about it, Sir and Madam were not predictable people. But when they were together, they were the same as a couple in love and without rationality.

Lin Che got shy easily, so her face was already burning. She glared at Gu Jingze and hurried out of the car, ignoring Gu Jingze.

Seriously, making a move on her on the car was too embarrassing.

She would be so awkward if she saw this chauffeur again.

Gu Jingze saw her run away and felt despondent standing there.

He looked back at the blushing chauffeur and then at this car.

He looked around it and felt that it was necessary to install some devices for privacy.

Gu Jingze hurriedly got out of the car and ran after her.

Hey, Lin Che. Wait for me.

Lin Che turned back and glared at him. She continued to ignore him and walked towards the old mansion herself.

The people inside were shocked looking at Gu Jingze chasing after Lin Che while entering. He yelled Lin Ches name, shocking the people uncontrollably.

Their Sir offended Madam again?

Lin Che saw Mu Wanqing and hurried over.


Mu Wanqing looked worried. What happened? I heard your dad

He just twisted his hips. The doctor said itll be fine after he gets some rest.

Just then, Gu Jingze chased over and looked at Lin Che.

Lin Che immediately hid behind Mu Wanqing and made a funny face at Gu Jingze.

Mu Wanqing looked at the two of them strangely and still did not understand what they were doing.


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