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Season 9

Episode 75

(This Mans Gaze Is A Little Weird)

Ah Bi said, Of course, I have no problem. After learning for so long, I need a chance to train myself.

Just then, someone outside suddenly said, Sister Che, there is an old guy wanting to meet you outside.

Old guy? Lin Che asked questionably.

Yes, we dont know who he is but anyway, he is latched onto the door and refused to leave. We tried to shoo him away for some time but he didnt leave.

Lin Che said, Forget it, let me go and see.

Lin Che stood up and headed outside. She saw Gu Qigang at the door and got a shock.

Her mouth was agape for a while before hurriedly calling, Father.

She walked over. What brings you here?

The person behind her asked in shock, This old guy is sister Ches father?

They naturally thought that it was not true because Lin Ches father was the mayor and it had been exposed in public in the past.

They naturally did not know that he was not Lin Ches father but Gu Jingzes father. His sons were doing extremely well in their own areas, but he was an old guy who no one heard of.

No one could look at him and connect him with Gu Jingze or Gu Jingming.

Father, why are you here? She asked.

Gu Qigang laughed. Nothing, I am just walking around here, so I swung past and wanted to come here and take a look. Also, you have been busy these few days because of Jingming, so it was not good for me to disturb you. Now, I want to go and visit my grandchildren. Will that be alright?

Realization dawned upon Lin Che. She had not brought him to visit Niannian.

Indeed, because she was so busy these past few days, she temporarily forgot about these things.

There were too many miscellaneous matters. If there was no reminder, she would forget about them.

She said, Look, I think it is about time. Niannian will probably be fetched home soon. How about I bring you home to visit Niannian?

Yes yes, of course. That would be great. Jingze is always busy, so I dont want to easily disturb him.

Not at all. You can go there anytime.

He was smiling and looked very friendly.

Lin Che briefed the company and promptly drove the two of them back.

At the Gu residence.

Some maids were newly trained, so many did not know who the old man was.

But since he was brought back by Lin Che, they naturally allowed him to enter.

After entering, some maids were looking at him curiously, so Lin Che said, What are you looking at? Niannians grandfather is here to visit Niannian. Quickly ask someone to call Niannian out.

Upon hearing that, everyone looked at him in shock.

They knew that Gu Old Master was back after many years, but they had not seen him. It was the first time they saw him so naturally, they were surprised.

After hearing it was their Old Master, everyone hurriedly went to prepare for afternoon tea.

Lin Che asked, Where is Niannian?

The maid said, Madam, Sir is in the room discussing with Mr. Mo. Young Master will get home soon. Do I need to notify Sir?

Oh? Mo Jingyan? Alright, let them discuss away. We will just sit here and wait.

In the room.Read the next chapter on our

Mo Jingyan sat there, looking lazily at Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze said, There are a lot of things we are collecting from the Fang family. Some women are overseas and will never return to C Nation. There are still a few jurisdictions under the Fang family. So I am thinking that if you are interested, I can give you some power in the army.

Mo Jingyan raised his eyebrows at him. You trust me that much? Dont forget that I used to have scores against your family.

This is not about trust. This is about checks and balances. Do you think I will give you everything? There will definitely be other powers restricting you. I am not afraid of you having some power unless you want to give up on C Nation and the clean identity you got with much difficulty. Unless you want to go back to the dark and continue being the Black Eagle and give up your daughter

Hey! Mo Jingyan almost jumped up. I knew it. You dont have a good heart in letting me acknowledge my daughter.

Gu Jingze said, Only I know this. If I didnt tell you, you would have probably never known about this your whole life. So even if I have a motive, it is definitely beneficial for you too. Furthermore, as long as we are still on the same line, I will help protect your daughter and your woman. Isnt this great?

Mo Jingyan was a little half-hearted. He looked in front of him, his expression neutral so that Gu Jingze wouldnt know what he was thinking.

After a while, Mo Jingyan finally said, Okay, if youre willing to give it to me, Ill take it. No one rejects a free lunch, right?

Gu Jingze only smiled coolly.

Mo Jingyan raised his eyebrows at him, purposefully making things difficult for him. But I have to remind you. Although the father and son of the Fang family are dead, there are a lot of relatives of Fang who are not as loyal as they seem to be. If they backstab you in the future, things may not be as perfect as you think it is.

Dont worry. By then, you will be the person who killed Fang Jimin together with me. If I die, dont you dare think about escaping.

You Mo Jingyan scoffed.

Mo Jingyan did not say another word and rose to exit.

The two people chatted as they walked out.

Outside, there was the noise of conversation, it was Lin Che and Gu Qigang.

Gu Jingze asked the maid, Is Madam back?

Yes, she came together with Old Master Gu.

Gu Jingze froze immediately.

He raised his foot to go out, but he did not notice Mo Jingyan stopping behind him to stand there and look outside.

He narrowed his eyes. After a while, he tightened his fist and followed him out.

Lin Che heard some noise and looked up. She smiled and welcomed Gu Jingze. Are you done being busy? Father wanted to come and visit Niannian.

Gu Qigang sat there, turning back with a smile.

Gu Jingze said, Oh, let me ask someone to bring Niannian back.

Lin Che asked in shock, Does Niannian come back so late every day? Why hasnt he come back yet?

Gu Jingzes eyes flashed and looked at Gu Qigang at the side.

Gu Qigang raised his eyebrows. Obviously, he knew something, but he maintained his smile and said nothing.

Gu Jingze did not care about him and told Lin Che. Niannian likes to play for a while outside before coming back.

Oh Lin Che did not doubt him. However, she saw Mo Jingyan silently walking out behind him.

Gu Qigang just discovered the person behind Gu Jingze. He looked behind and narrowed his eyes at Mo Jingyan. Originally, it was a stranger but he was shocked by the expression on his face.

In those deep eyes, there seemed to be a deep sense of anger, which made Gu Qigang freeze.

He did not know who he was, but he thought his expression was strange.

Just then, Gu Jingze heard noise from outside. Niannian was brought back.

Lin Che immediately said, Ah, Niannian arrived.

Gu Jingze said, Father go take a look.

Gu Qigang turned back and looked at Mo Jingyan who was behind him again before walking over to find Niannian with a smile.


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