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Season 9

Episode 74

(Rest Assured Provide For The Baby And Leave Everything To Me)

Yu Minmin said, Of course not. I just wanted to tell you myself, but they were chattering about it before I could.

Lin Che exclaimed, I was so worried about you yesterday. Thank goodness you are fine and even received good news from the checkup but you have suffered this time around too.

She looked at the injury on Yu Minmins hands and thought it must be painful.

Let me see how did you manage to get your hand injured like that?

Yu Minmin waved her hands. Its fine; its just a skin-deep wound.

Lin Che furrowed her brows. It must be painful.

Yu Minmin shook her head. I probably had an adrenaline rush at that time, so I didnt feel any pain. Looking at it now seems scary, but it was actually nothing. And it is already healing, so its just a little itchy.

Okay, seriously, those nasty guy stuff and involving women for nothing. Lin Che pulled her. Luckily you are fine.

Yu Minmin sighed and thought about Fang Zhongmou. She still felt a sense of regret.

He did a crazy thing for a woman but in the end, the woman was not moved at all.

What a waste.

Yu Minmin sometimes pitied him.

But everything was over, so she did not really care about it anymore.

She snapped out of her daze. Oh yes, I did not manage to look at the company these few days, so Im not sure if its doing well.

Okay, the company still has me, so dont worry and focus on recovering and providing for the baby. After you recover, you can come back and manage the company.

Yu Minmin said, Okay, Ill trouble you for these few days.

Dont worry.

Yu Minmin was a person who did not like being free. But after the previous experience, she did not dare to anyhow move around.

She also felt that it was better for her to continue to deal with the things she should deal with after her pregnancy stabilized.

Anyway, Ah Bi was matured now, and she didnt have to worry about Ah Che, so she definitely had the ability to deal with the mess.


Gu Jingze said, The Fang family things had been dealt with cleanly. This time it was a risky win but big brother, you were also really rash then. Luckily, Yin Suya

Gu Jingming shook his head. If it was you, would you be able to bear not going out back then? I could not bear it, but I dont regret it either.

Gu Jingze patted his shoulders. Anyway, things are over, so its better to be careful in the future.

Gu Jingming nodded. This time, did Black Eagle get involved?

No. Gu Jingze said. After meeting him previously, I did not see him again. I have no idea what he is busy with, and this time I thought there were many confidential materials involved, so I didnt call him.

Gu Jingming asked, Oh yes, did father ask you to help check up some things when he came back?

Oh, you mean, about a child? Why? Did he ask you to check on him too?

Yes, he asked me to do him a favor and check the news in C Nation. But who exactly is this child? I looked it up. According to his birth year, he was around your age.

Gu Jingze shook his head. I am also not sure who this person is.

Gu Jingming said, But this is not easy to check. I asked someone to check all the baby records, orphanages, entry and exit records, and adoption information that year, but there was nothing. It had been a long time too, so it was like finding a needle in a haystack, I dont think it will be an easy search.

If we want to know who he is, we have two ways. First, we can ask father, and second, we follow his clues and look him up. I think father may not tell us even if we ask him.

Then we can only look him up. Gu Jingming said.


As the two brothers were discussing future events, the entire supper society, however, were still discussing the shocking incident that just happened.

After Fang Zhongmous passing, the Fang family lost its only blood descendant.

The Fang family, which held strong power under the army and government, was also easily destroyed by the Gu family.

All of the aristocratic families were in shock.

But they were more wary of the Gu family now.

As Yu Minmin was resting at home, Lin Che was outside privately discussing the script of the drama twice. After reading through the script, Lin Che felt that it was indeed a good script.

She looked at Nangong Yu, feeling a little hesitant. Why did you choose me? I am an expired celebrity and I havent filmed a single movie since my return.

Nangong Yu said, That day, during the National Drama Ceremony, you put up a good show. I think you are very suitable for this character, so I want you to act it.

This character was an evil woman. She always lied to the male lead with amazing acting skills. She was evil and toxic. However, this movie was a comedy and was using black comedy to mock society. Therefore, it was a good, refreshing comedy movie.

Lin Che said, Because that segment of performance was for me to trigger Peng Yu, so dont you regret it later.

How could I? I am very good at judging people. Dont worry. This character suits you and you suit our cast, so you will not regret joining this show.

Lin Che thought about it and agreed. She thought she could give it a go because she had indeed not acted like such a character before.

I had never met you before. Surprisingly, we were fated because of the National Drama Ceremony. Ah, look, this time I was also lucky like a blind cat meeting a dead rat.

Come on, you are no blind cat and I am not a dead rat. I take it that since you agreed, we will find a time to discuss the contract. After signing it, we will start filming next month.

Okay, well, I hope to work well with you.

Lin Che was casted by Nangong Yu, and was immediately going to film his movie after leaving the cast of the television drama. This news created an uproar in the entertainment industry.

On the day of signing the contract, Nangong Yu made an announcement on Weibo with Lin Ches photo, saying that he welcomed Lin Ches joining.

Everyone was still in shock. The two people seemed completely unrelated but now, they were going to film together. Fans thought it was strange at first, but were now looking forward to it. Nangong Yu and Lin Che were both interesting people, so they thought that it must be interesting for them to film together as well.Read the next chapter on our

Nangong Yu had a good reputation in the industry and amongst fans. Everyone thought that Lin Che was lucky to film his movie. After leaving the previous cast, she entered the movie cast, which was much better than the former.

In the company, Ah Bi looked at Lin Che and said, Let Peng Yu see. We dont care about their drama at all. But, I dont know if this indie movie will be able to sell. Although Nangong Yu has a good reputation, his movies did not sell extremely well. In other words, although they were popular, there was no single chart-buster. I dont know how well this one will perform.

Currently, I am the only fixed cast so we dont know who is the male lead. However, the script doesnt seem too bad and comedy has a sizable market. I dont ask for it to be a hot seller. As long as it doesnt make a loss and is a bit popular, thats enough for me. After all, I have just returned. I can only do things slowly. I dont ask to be explosively popular instantaneously. I am maintaining an attitude of a newcomer, slowly taking it as if I am starting from the beginning. Lin Che said. Oh yes, recently Minmin will have no time to deal with company stuff, so we will have to do it ourselves these past few days.


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