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Season 9

Episode 73

(Do You Want A Boy Or A Girl)

The doctor immediately said, Yes, although we probably cannot see other things, we should be able to see if it is inside or outside the womb.

Okay, go check now. Gu Jingming said.

Yu Minmin lay on top, feeling extremely nervous.

Gu Jingming was next to her. The machine faced the two of them. The screen showed some shadows but those who did not know would not understand those professional concepts.

The doctor looked around for something. Yu Minmin felt that it had been a while but it was still not found, so she felt panicked.

As if he could feel Yu Minmins nervousness, Gu Jingming held her hands.

She looked up at Gu Jingming, wanting to smile but unable to do so.

Gu Jingmings hands gripped tighter. He looked at her and said, Dont worry. It will be fine.

Yu Minmin felt much better as if she received his energy.

Just then, the doctor finally said, Its here, I found it.

The doctor really felt more nervous than the couple.

Because it was none other than Mr. Presidents child. Even if the child had a problem, because Gu Jingming was standing there looking, his powerful aura made people uncontrollably nervous. It was as if he would face a death sentence if there was even the tiniest problem so the doctor was nerve-wrecked.

The doctor said, Mr. President, Maam, look. This is the fetus. You can see its heartbeat and it is inside the womb, so it normal as of now. But because it is a bit small, it was harder to find.

Yu Minmin looked at the tiny dot carefully.

That was her child?

Indeed, it was hard to tell anything at this point in time. If the doctor did not say that was a child, she would not have thought that the tiny thing was a child.

But upon hearing the doctor say everything was normal, her heart really lifted up.

She looked up at Gu Jingming who smiled at her gently, his smile creases spreading across the corners of his eyes.

Yu Minmin suddenly felt her heart growing warm, feeling fulfilled for the first time.

She did not like children at all in the past. But at this moment, she thought that she saw a family of three with a child and that fulfilling scene made her filled with hope. She was eager for the child to quickly arrive.

Gu Jingming sat down and held Yu Minmins hands. Yu Minmin wanted to sit up, but he extended his hands to hold her down. One of his hands held the back of her head, and he gently held his forehead against hers. It was an ambiguous feeling to have his breathing mix with hers.

Yu Minmin blushed.

Ive said that it would have no problem, right? He said.

Yu Minmin nodded. It was really lucky. I cannot believe I am pregnant at this time. If anything happened these past two days, then wouldnt it

Shh, nothing would happen. Since he survived a hardship, he would definitely be blessed in the future. He will be fine.

Yu Minmin looked down and smiled, her hand entwined with his. A sense of happiness began spreading in her heart.

The doctor was still here, not knowing whether to stand up or pretend to see nothing.

After some time, Gu Jingming finally stood up and lifted Yu Minmin up to head out.

Yu Minmin definitely had to recuperate these few days.

Because she was pregnant, some medication was removed, not allowed to be administered on her.

Gu Jingming directly brought her back to the Glazed Tile Palace after helping in the check-up here.

Yu Minmin suddenly felt like the world was like a fantasy. Yesterday, she thought that she would not live to see tomorrow but today, she was told that she was going to have a child.

Even the sky today seemed suddenly a lot brighter.

After reaching home, the maids began to busy themselves with work inside-out.

After Gu Jingming finished making the drinks for Yu Minmin, he personally brought it in for her to drink.

Yu Minmin lay on the sofa and looked at Gu Jingming. Why? Because I am pregnant, my treatment has also upgraded?

Gu Jingming placed down the drink in his hands. Am I not good to you normally?

Yu Minmin knew that he also treated her like that in the past, so careful and tactful towards her. The shining Mr. President on the outside was like a normal man after returning to their room. He treated his wife with love and was even more careful than an ordinary man.

She said, I am just kidding. You are great to me usually, I know.

He sat down. You still have the conscience to remember, I thought you didnt know!

Yu Minmin laughed. She saw him taking the spoon and feed her mouthful by mouthful. She asked, You say Do you want a boy or a girl?

Gu Jingming looked at her. As long as its by you, I will like them.

Yu Minmin knew this guy was good at sweet-talking her. He was like a sly old fox. How else would he have achieved such great results in politics?

She said, You are just patronizing me. That wont work! You have to say one!

Gu Jingming shook his head and thought about it seriously. He then said, Okay, then I prefer a boy.

Why? Yu Minmin thought he should not believe in valuing males and belittling females.

He said, If it is a boy, we dont need to care too much about him. We dont need to be worried if he will get bullied because no man is good. I dont want a girl to get conned by a man in the future.

Yu Minmin was tickled by him. She looked at him and said, If no man is good, then as a man yourself, you are also not much of a good person?

Of course. Gu Jingming tapped her head. If I am a good person then how would I get you pregnant?

Yu Minmin blushed upon hearing him.

This president was not too serious!

At this moment, the maid knocked outside the door.

Although she did not want to disturb the sweet couple, she knew the people outside had been waiting for a long time and did not dare to treat them lightly. So she knocked on the door and said, Sir, Maam. Second Young Master and Second Young Madam are here.

Gu Jingze and Lin Che came together.

Yu Minmin said, Ah, theyre here. They must also be worried these two days.

Gu Jingming said, This time it was basically Jingze who had been helping. Lin Che was probably also worried about you.

He invited the two of them in.

Yu Minmin wanted to get down but was stopped by Gu Jingming. They are not outsiders anyway, so just wait for them like that.

Yu Minmin agreed and stayed put.

Gu Jingze walked in with Lin Che. After Lin Che saw Yu Minmin bodily well, her pale face gained some color.

Minmin, I was so worried about you. She said, walking in.

Gu Jingming looked and told Gu Jingze, Okay, lets talk outside.

Gu Jingze just happened to have something to discuss with him, so he nodded and left the space to Lin Che and Yu Minmin.

Lin Che said, What did they maid say just now you are pregnant, really?

Yu Minmin blushed, feeling a little shy. They like to gossip too much.

Lin Che smiled. Why? Were you planning to hide it from me?

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