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Season 9

Episode 72

(He Was A Complete And Utter Tragedy)

Yu Minmins heart stopped as she stared, mouth agape, in Gu Jingmings direction.

No, dont shoot him. Shoot me instead! Yu Minmin exclaimed as she tried to snatch the gun.

Gu Jingming was firm. He looked at Yu Minmin and shouted, Minmin, dont move!

Yu Minmin gazed at Gu Jingming. Her tears fell uncontrollably. Gu Jingming, dont come over. Youre the president and many lives are counting on you.

But my life counts on you, Gu Jingming spoke hoarsely.

Yu Minmin was stunned and she stood frozen.

Fang Zhongmou gritted his teeth and scoffed. Dont worry. One will follow the other. Neither of you will escape!

His finger was just about to pull the trigger.

However, at this moment

Zhongmou, no! A shrill voice echoed strictly from behind.

Fang Zhongmou froze.

He turned around with wide eyes.

It was Yin Suya.

She actually rushed here from Paris.

Suya, you Fang Zhongmou looked at her in disbelief and asked, How come youre here?

Yin Suya shook her head profusely, Dont shoot. Im begging you. Dont kill him.

She was begging him

Fang Zhongmou loosened his grip and looked at her. He betrayed you and neglected you, yet youre still begging me to let him go? Suya, dont be a fool. He already came here for another woman.

Yin Suya sat limply on the ground. She shook her head tearfully. But I cant forget him. Im sorry. I cant. If you kill him, I wont be able to take it

Fang Zhongmous eyes were filled with sighs, hurt, and self-mocking. What was he doing all this for then?

Is it because hes the president, so therell be nothing left? Suya, tell me. Is it because he has everything while I do not?

No Its because he is Gu Jingming It is who he is, so I cant forget him. Im sorry. I really want to love you too, but I cant do it.

Fang Zhongmou looked up to the sky and sighed heavily.

At this moment, the guards behind were already prepared. There was a sudden loud bang

Fang Zhongmous chest started bleeding and some of the blood landed on Yin Suya.

Yin Suya looked at him with shock and horror in her eyes.

Zhongmou Zhongmou, Zhongmou, dont die Yin Suya crawled to Fang Zhongmous body and bawled.

After a while, she looked up and turned to Gu Jingming behind her.

Jingming, I really love you. Its true I didnt want to see all this happening, but I couldnt stop him. I could only stop him from killing you because I truly cant watch you die

Gu Jingming only looked plainly at her. Without a word, he walked slowly to Yu Minmin in silence.

Yu Minmin suddenly felt exhausted. She leaned against Gu Jingming and went limp.

Gu Jingming then saw the open wounds around her hands. They were deep and scary-looking.

Gu Jingming took her hands and gazed anxiously at her. What happened? Were you mistreated?

Yu Minmin shook her head meekly and looked down at Yin Suya.

Miss Yin, he died for you and because of you. Up until he died, he was convinced that everything he did was to your benefit. However, all this is merely a tragedy. He was a tragedy. I really feel sorry for him because before his body went cold, you already professed your love to another man. Furthermore, this man is married.

She previously told Fang Zhongmou that even if he died, Yin Suya would not remember him. Who would have thought that this would happen so soon?

Yin Suyas brows twitched. She looked at her and said sternly, This is all your fault, Yu Minmin.

Yin Suya really could not do it. Whenever she looked at Fang Zhongmou, she did not feel a tinge of excitement unlike whenever she faced Gu Jingming. It was so obvious how much she wanted this man. She could not hide it at all.

Because there was only one Gu Jingming on this planet. She really could not watch Gu Jingming be with another woman. She could not let another woman enjoy his glorious body.

In any case, no matter how good Fang Zhongmou was, he could never match up to Gu Jingming

Gu Jingming glanced coldly at Yin Suya but remained silent. He only lifted Yu Minmin up. Come, lets take you to the hospital.

Yu Minmin nodded and rested in his arms. She closed her eyes quietly. At this point, it was already a bliss that she could breathe in his scent. It was a bliss that she thought she would lose

At the national hospital.

Yu Minmin underwent a full-body checkup in the ward.

She only had some minor injuries and they all looked like superficial wounds. Only the injury around her hands looked the most serious.

But thankfully, that did not appear to be anything major either.

Gu Jingming remained by Yu Minmins side. His stare made her feel embarrassed. She looked up at him and said, Im fine now. Why do you keep staring at me? Youre making me scared.

Gu Jingming replied, I want to keep staring at you every minute and every second so that you wont disappear from my sight again.

Yu Minmins heart fluttered.

Beside them, the nurse who was dressing her wounds heard this and her heart melted.

She looked up strangely at Gu Jingming. She found it hard to believe that the seemingly cold and aloof president would be so nice to his wife.

Furthermore, this special hospital was absolutely discrete. Gu Jingming had absolutely no need to display affection on purpose. He could be his true self as the people here were sworn to not leak anything that happened in here to the outside world.

However, Gu Jingming still behaved like this. Perhaps this was his true self.

The nurse glanced enviously at Yu Minmin and quickly retreated. Just then, the doctor entered with a serious look on his face.

Mr. President.

In his hands was Yu Minmins medical report. His quick steps seemed as if something happened and it made Gu Jingming anxious.

Whats wrong?

Seeing Gu Jingmings expression, the doctor quickly said, Sir, Madam, congratulations to you both. Madam is now two months pregnant.

The husband and wife froze.

They were in disbelief.

Yu Minmin never thought about this. She looked up dumbfoundedly at the doctor.


She was pregnant?

Meanwhile, Gu Jingming looked more shocked than ever.

After a long pause, he suddenly walked to Yu Minmins side and grabbed her hand. Youre pregnant, Minmin. Youre pregnant!

Yu Minmin then snapped back to reality. However, she immediately got reminded of her previous experience. She touched her belly and did not dare to be too happy.

My My child Will it

Gu Jingmings face also sank. He looked up, Can we do a scan now to see if the baby is normal? In her previous pregnancy, they only did a blood test and did not do a proper scan. As a result, they only knew that it was an ectopic pregnancy when she started bleeding.


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