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Season 9

Episode 71

(You Die Or She Dies)

In the room.

Yu Minmin looked outside. When she heard someone approach, she quickly hid the rope behind her.

The rope was basically cut open, leaving only one. If there was a chance, she could break loose and run away. Otherwise, nobody would realize that her ropes were already undone.

The person who came in was Fang Zhongmou.

He violently opened the door and entered.

Looking at Yu Minmin, he scoffed coldly. How does the Gu family treat their daughter-in-law? Youre finished, Yu Minmin. The Gu family has Gu Jingming under house arrest and he cant save you. Whats going to happen to you now? Youre going to die, arent you?

Yu Minmins heart sank.

Was it really like this?

Was she really going to die?

However, if she was going to die, Fang Zhongmou would not have anything else to threaten Gu Jingming with.

She did not want to die. However, if there was no other choice, she would rather die than put Gu Jingming in danger.

She closed her eyes and then laughed maniacally.

Fine, fine. Its up to you. Kill me. Go ahead and kill me. Once you kill me, you cant threaten Gu Jingming or the Gu family anymore. The Gu family can simply crush you since I wont be in the way. Im very happy that theyre smart enough to give me up. You are arrogant but you wont be for long. The Gu family will destroy you.

Fang Zhongmou glared at Yu Minmin. Im really puzzled. You would rather die for Gu Jingming?

Yu Minmins eyes glistened. Im just a commoner anyway. I have no status and no future. The life I have now is something I never dreamed of before. I thought that I would live a peaceful life, but I became Madam President. Its only been a few years but Ive enjoyed the glory that came with it. Even if I die now, Ill have no regrets. I have nothing to fear.

These were indeed words spoken from her heart. Thinking about it, she smiled even more. She truly was not afraid at all.

Being able to love Gu Jingming already moved her heart deeply. She was so lucky to be in a loving relationship with him; it was just that it only lasted a short while. However, they have experienced love

She looked at him and continued to agitate him. Furthermore, doesnt the woman you love have deep feelings for Gu Jingming? He is simply someone who could make people sacrifice themselves. Tell me, is there any use in doing all these for Yin Suya? If you touch a hair on Gu Jingming, Yin Suya will only hate you.


Fang Zhongmou was violent. Hearing her say this, he really wanted to kill her.

Just then, a helicopter could be heard outside.

Fang Zhongmous expression changed. He raised his head to look outside.

Remembering what those goons said coupled with his own gathered information, he thought that the Gu family was really going to start a war and kill him and Yu Minmin.

He did not want to die here nor did he want the Gu family to kill Yu Minmin so easily. Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to threaten Gu Jingming.

Thus, he dragged Yu Minmin up and brought her outside.

What are you doing? Let go of me! Yu Minmin exclaimed as she was dragged out. She looked up and saw a helicopter approaching loudly.

Fang Zhongmous eyes sharpened as he quickened his pace.

He said to his men, Protect her. Dont let her die now.


He was not going to let the Gu family win. He was not going to let Yu Minmin die before Gu Jingming was here.

He could not tell where the people in the helicopter came from. Were they the Gu family members, the bodyguards, or from the government?

Fang Zhongmou protected Yu Minmin along the way while he fired shots in the direction of those people.

It was chaotic.

Yu Minmin was being blocked and was not hurt. Some people on this side were already shot.

Fang Zhongmou took Yu Minmin behind. He found a bunker, listened to the shots and murderous intent was obvious in his eyes. He replaced the bullets angrily and swiftly. He glanced at Yu Minmin and aimed his shots outside.

Someone fell to the ground. At this moment, Yu Minmin took the chance and loosened the rope around her hands. She quickly ran to the fallen soldier and grabbed a gun.

Fang Zhongmou turned around to see that Yu Minmin already had a gun aimed at him.

Fang Zhongmous eyes were fierce. Yu Minmin, youre asking for a death wish.

Yu Minmin said, I am indeed. Kill me if you have the guts to. I wont be able to survive today anyway. But if I die, youre going to the grave with me!

Fang Zhongmou scoffed, You want to die? That is out of the question. Dont think about dying as long as Im not letting you die. What will Gu Jingming do if you died? Until Gu Jingming comes, you wont die even if you want to!

Fang Zhongmou aimed a shot at her feet.

Yu Minmin instinctively retreated. Fang Zhongmou took the chance to rush forward and grabbed Yu Minmins hand.

At this moment, Gu Jingming disembarked from the plane. He looked around and saw Yu Minmin struggling with Fang Zhongmou. He immediately jumped down from where he way.

The gun in his hand was aimed at Fang Zhongmous waist. He pulled the trigger but did not dare to hit his chest as Yu Minmin was there. He did not want to risk hurting Yu Minmin, so he could only aim at the sides.

With one shot, Fang Zhongmou winced and let go of Yu Minmin.

He turned around in a split second and saw Gu Jingming. He endured the pain and grabbed Yu Minmin. He pointed his gun at Yu Minmins temple.

Gu Jingming, youre finally here.

Gu Jingming looked at him. Release Minmin.

Fang Zhongmou narrowed his eyes. Arent you supposed to be under house arrest?

He was not an idiot either. He looked at Gu Jingming as he walked over. He was in camouflage and wore a bulletproof vest. Sure enough, he was prepared and not someone who just escaped.

He guessed it. Gu Jingming was never under house arrest and neither did they intend to kill Yu Minmin.

The ridiculous thing was that he deployed his men to protect Yu Minmin just now, causing the team to slow down. Now, his men were practically dead before they could escape.

Fang Zhongmou laughed loudly. Gu Jingming, I have to hand it to you. You planned it all too thoroughly but its a pity that Yu Minmin is still in my hands and you wont do such a heartless thing. My death would be inevitable today but she is still here. Think about it. Either you die or she dies. If you take a step forward, my gun wont be merciful.

Gu Jingming gazed at Yu Minmin. Gradually, he put down his gun.

Let go of Minmin.

Fang Zhongmou laughed even more crazily.

He was still winning.

Fang Zhongmou shifted his gun and pointed it at Gu Jingmings heart. You deserve to die today. Gu Jingming, dying one time is not enough. No matter how many times you die, you cant bring back all the lives in my family and Suyas heart.


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