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Season 9

Episode 69

(No Matter What You Do She Will Not Love You)

There was a strange sneer on Fang Zhongmous face. You dont even know how much slaughter there was after Gu Jingming was elected President for the first time back then. He had just risen to power and ousted Wu Zexu who had been the president for three consecutive terms. Why had the Gu family provided such tight protection? Do you think it was because everyone coveted the Gu family and they were afraid of a sneak attack? No. It was because the Gu family had too many enemies who wanted them to die. Why? Because the Gu family has done too many unscrupulous things that outsiders are unaware of. Of the two brothers of the Gu family, one controls politics and the other controls the economy. They have done so many filthy things to get to where they are today. Do you think theyre very innocent? They truly deserve more than death for their crimes!

Yu Minmin shook her head sadly. Everyone got in the same way. When you were friends with them, you could understand them. Now that youre enemies with them, you look down on them like this. You speak as if youre spotlessly clean! Theres no such thing as an absolutely good person in this world. Its all the more so for people who can stand in such high positions. You should know this better than me but now youre trying to brainwash me. I wont listen to you spout nonsense. I trust Gu Jingming. During his time in power, he has done so many great things and has achieved so many political accomplishments. The citizens can see all of this. Everyone loves and respects him not because hes handsome but because he has really accomplished things.

Yu Minmin restrained her emotions and looked down. I believe that even if he really has done unscrupulous things, he did it for the benefit of the majority too. Although hes very terrifying, hes still a good president.

Ha. Hahahahaha. You love him so much. Or should I say that it was so difficult for a lowly person like you to become the first lady, so you definitely wouldnt care about how he became the president. He walked toward Yu Minmin and grabbed her hair swiftly.

Yu Minmin tolerated the pain and closed her eyes.

Fang Zhongmou scoffed and pushed her backward.

Yu Minmin fell to the ground. It was indeed very painful, but she did not let out a single sound.

She was the first lady and would not embarrass Gu Jingming. She definitely did not want to admit defeat to this enemy.

Just then, Fang Zhongmous phone started ringing.

Fang Zhongmou held up his phone. When he saw the number on the screen, his gaze immediately turned gentle.

Fang Zhongmou answered the call. Suya, is everything fine over there?

Yin Suyas voice was very weak. Zhongmou, how are you?

I will account to you. This time, Gu Jingming will die. Yu Minmin will also die. I will take revenge for each and every one of the grievances you suffered.

What? Gu Jingming Zhongmou, dont do something stupid. If you get into a fight with Jingming, my heart will really ache.

Fang Zhongmou frowned. Could it be that youre still deluding yourself that you will have some future with Gu Jingming? His heart is with Yu Minmin.


Suya, stop deceiving yourself.

Whats so good about Yu Minmin why does he treat her so well

Yu Minmin cant compare to you in any way but Gu Jingming simply likes her. Now, Ill kill both of them together. Then, you wont have to think about either of them.

Zhongmou dont, dont kill Jingming

You ultimately, you still cant bear for him to die? Fang Zhongmous face turned sinister. He was furious, upset, and sad. Anyone looking at him would find him pitiful too.

Unfortunately, those who were pitiful certainly had something to be despised.

Oh, oh Zhongmou, I dont want to either. But Ive loved him for so many years after all. Furthermore Im also worried about you. Im worried that you will be hurt even more by fighting with him. I dont want both of you to get hurt again because of me

For you, Im not afraid of getting injured. Even if I die now, I would make him suffer with me too.

You Fang Zhongmou hung up and looked at Yu Minmin.

Naturally, Yu Minmin had heard everything. He had never wanted to hide it either. Because he had wanted her to die in the first place. Since she was going to die, there was no need to worry about her hearing anything.

Yu Minmin said sadly, You say that I cling to Gu Jingming only because of his status. Then, what about Yin Suya? How is she any different?

Shut up. I wont allow you to speak ill of Suya. Even I find it loathsome and degrading for your mouth to say Suyas name!

Yu Minmin laughed out loud. Since he wanted her to die anyway regardless of what she said, then she had nothing to fear either.

Fang Zhongmou, why are you so foolish? Shes just using you. She doesnt love you at all because you cant compare to Gu Jingming in any way. Youre not as dashing as he is, not as handsome as he is, not as tall and sturdy as he is, not as domineering as he is, and not as powerful as he is. Now, in this fight between the two of you, you are already in a disadvantageous position. Hes still the President, but you are already a wanted criminal. You have already lost half the battle. Both your ability and power pales in comparison to Gu Jingmings. Of course, she loves Gu Jingming more. Until death, she wont even look your way or love you even a bit. Youre so foolish. Youre willingly letting her use you. But in the end, she only cares for Gu Jingming and wont glance your way at all. What are you trying to achieve?!

Shut up! Fang Zhongmou was so furious that his eyes turned bloodshot. In one stride, he reached Yu Minmin, aimed at her body and kicked her. One kick was still not enough for him and he forcefully kicked her to the ground again.

Yu Minmin sneered and lay there silently. If you and Gu Jingming were to stand side by side, any woman would choose Gu Jingming instead of you. Do you think that she will love you after you kill Gu Jingming? No, she will hate you instead. Because youre worse than Gu Jingming in every way!

You you Yu Minmin, you have a death wish!

Yes. I want to die. Go ahead and kill me. If you kill me and let Yin Suya get together with Gu Jingming, she will be very happy. And if Gu Jingming kills you too, leaving only the two of them, see if Yin Suya will be grateful towards you. She will, possibly. During the new year or other festivities, she will pay her respects to you. Then, she wont think about you for even a second in the future!


Fang Zhongmous presence screamed evil. But when he looked at Yu Minmin, her fearless manner made him unwilling to lay another hand on her. Regardless of how violent he was towards her, she seemed fearless. Since she was asking for death, what meaning was there in hitting her?

All he could do was smash the beer bottle onto the ground before turning, slamming the door, and leaving.

Yu Minmin watched him leave. She lay there while trying hard to look at the beer bottle on the ground.

She crawled towards it bit by bit and managed to get a shard after many difficulties. With the shard in hand, she sawed at the rope behind her with all her strength.

The rope was very thick. It hurt terribly when she started cutting it but she still wanted to live. If there was a chance, of course, she wanted to live. She wanted to live along with Gu Jingming. She loved Gu Jingming. Furthermore, she did not at all want Gu Jingming to just get together with another woman after she died and forget about her.

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