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Season 9

Episode 68

(I Love You No Matter What You Do) 

Youre not lying to me, right? Gu Jingze asked.

Lin Che felt a little sad all of a sudden. She felt sad that he was so cautious and dared not show the real him.

She leaned against his shoulder and continued that trajectory until her head was resting in the crook of his neck. Of course not. Gu Jingze, no matter how you behave, I only know that I can accept every side of you. In my eyes, you have no bad side because every side of yours is good and I like all of them.

His heart shook. He felt his body harden before he slowly held her shoulders. He moved downward bit by bit as he caressed her back.

Lin Che felt his large palm comforting her warmly and curled further into his embrace.

She really wasnt lying to him. She wasnt lying to herself either.

Those were her exact thoughts. Was she not going to love him just because she knew that he had to be decisive and ruthless outside? Because he had to engage in violent fights with other people and could not be happy all the time?

Of course not. She only felt her heart ache even more for him. She felt sad that a person as upright and good as he had to fight for all this. She felt that he had given her all the sunshine, leaving himself with the darkness.

She did not want him to leave only darkness for himself. She wanted to be able to share his joy and bear his burdens too because they were husband and wife.

Furthermore, he was the man she loved

She looked at Gu Jingze. Besides were in an era where appearances matter now. Your face is good-looking. Nothing else matters

Gu Jingze looked at her and really wanted to bite her.

When you put it like that, I feel like Im selling my body, Gu Jingze said.

Hearing this, Lin Che nodded vigorously. Yes, yes. Was he only realizing it now?

It was precisely his body that had enchanted her first. Then, she was unable to extricate herself as time went by.

Gu Jingze really wanted to just bite her unceremoniously.

Lin Che asked, Now, can you tell me what exactly happened?

Gu Jingze said, The rumors outside say that Fang Zhongmou killed his father. In reality, we were the ones who did it to prevent his father from staging a military coup because of him. The best defense is offense. Now, we have placed military power under the management of someone else. It is a completely different system from that of the Fang family. In this way, the Fang family will no longer have a chance to incite a large-scale war. But we framed Fang Zhongmou while he was abroad. Now that hes back, he went to look for Yu Minmin instead

Then isnt Minmin in very grave danger?

Gu Jingze nodded. Not for the time being. His target is Older Brother. Minmin is his hostage. Outsiders are not yet aware of these matters. As Minmin is the first lady, it will cause a shock if news gets out. Dont tell anyone else about this.

Lin Che nodded. Of course I wont.

Naturally, she was very worried but she also knew that she could not cause trouble at a time like this just because she was worried.

These were the secrets of the innermost circle. Outsiders had never been privy to such matters. Since she knew, she definitely could not leak the information to anyone else.

Mr. President treats Minmin so well. Hes definitely even more worried about Minmins safety than I am. Of course, I believe that you will be able to help Minmin more than I can. I wont add to the trouble.

Gu Jingze kissed her. No matter what, Yu Minmin is my sister-in-law too. I wont let anything happen to her as well. After messing with someone from the Gu family, of course, I will make sure that Fang Zhongmou comes to no good end. A murderous look flashed in Gu Jingzes eyes. It was fleeting but was nevertheless very shocking to Lin Che.

At this moment, his aggressiveness appeared unknowingly. Although it was frightening to see, it also made her feel much more at ease. It was as if he would absolutely succeed once he had made his decision. He would definitely do as he had said no matter what methods he had to use.

That night, videos of Gu Jingmings previous two visits to America were broadcast on television. There was also news about the latest laws, the latest trends in the real estate market, and the national troops military exercise in the gulf. However, none of the channels were talking about how Yu Minmin had been kidnapped and taken away.

It was a show of happiness and prosperity. No one sensed the undercurrent of violence and realized the number of people in the upper echelons engaged in a life-and-death struggle.

As for Lin Che, it was actually her first time finding out about these secrets relating to C Nations political power. For a moment, she felt very strange too. She kept thinking ruefully to herself that the world was really very complex. Politics was also very complex and life was also very complex fortunately, she still had Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingming instructed people to investigate Fang Zhongmous whereabouts.

He also instructed other people to ask Yin Suya.

Yin Suya was under protection in Paris. It seemed that unbeknownst to Gu Jingming, Fang Zhongmou had always had his own forces abroad as well. It had occurred to him that they might look for Yin Suya, so he quickly sent people to protect her.

Yin Suya was temporarily staying at an embassy. Gu Jingming could not recklessly make a move to avoid revealing these problems internationally. There was a possibility that it would trigger another round of disputes.

Meanwhile, on the other end, Fang Zhongmou had tossed Yu Minmin into the room.

Yu Minmin was bound up tightly. She had been resting in the car and woke up only to find that she had suddenly been tied up. It went without saying that she had drunk something dangerous in the car. Because the car had been sent by the Glazed Tile Palace, she had put her guard down and consequently fell into a trap.

She remembered that when Lin Che had been kidnapped by Li Mingyu, she had eaten and drank her fill and had even bought plenty of luxury goods. She was basically imprisoned, but she did not suffer at all.

However, she was definitely not as lucky.

Because Fang Zhongmou hated her from the start, he was all the more not well disposed to her right now. He felt only hate for her.

He tossed Yu Minmin into the room and casually picked up a bottle of beer for himself. As he looked at Yu Minmin, his hate for her penetrated the bottom of his heart.

Because of this woman, precisely because of this woman, his family was ruined and he was stranded abroad.

How he wished he could tear her from limb to limb. However, the person he hated, even more, was the person who had done the deed: Gu Jingming.

He scoffed and looked at Yu Minmin. What are you looking at? Do you feel that its unfair? Do you think that youre totally innocent? No one is innocent. You arent, so you dont have to look at me like that.

Yu Minmin glared at him unyieldingly. You and Gu Jingming were initially good friends. Why do you have to destroy each other like this now?

Fang Zhongmou laughed out loud and reached her in one step. He reeked of alcohol and was no longer his old gentlemanly self.

Do you think Gu Jingming is a good person? Let me tell you, no one in the Gu family is good. Destroy each other? Hes the one who killed my father first. Hes the one who killed my guards first. Do you know how many people they killed? Over twenty people. All of them were killed from a distance by snipers before they rushed into my house. Then, they checked on each person and shot anyone who wasnt dead again. They spared no lives! Thats what they did!

Naturally, Yu Minmin was unaware of these things.

Gu Jingming had merely said that her matter had been settled. But of course, she knew nothing about how exactly it had been settled and did not probe either.

These national affairs were too complex, to begin with. She would not understand them either.


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