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Season 9

Episode 67

(I,m Not As Good As You Think I Am)

His heart sank and he immediately felt that something was amiss.

He picked up his phone and opened the GPS tracker. A long time ago, he had secretly installed a tracker in Yu Minmins phone for the precise reason of preventing situations wherein he could not find her.

The tracker was fixed in one location. It was a street. When he zoomed in to take a closer look, it was a major road that cars drove on. The phone was located in the center of the wide road, but it did not move. This this was because

The phone had been thrown to the ground and was not with Yu Minmin. That was the reason why the tracker located the phone here but did not move at all!

Guards! Go and find out where Maam has gone. Why has she disappeared?!

The people outside saw the enraged expression on Gu Jingmings face. His entire body seemed to be immersed in a sea of fire, burning him to the extent that even his eyes were bloodshot.

Just then, the phone in his hand suddenly vibrated.

Gu Jingming held his phone up and looked at the number with his brow furrowed tightly.

It was Fang Zhongmou

Where is Minmin, Zhongmou? His low voice seemed very frightening. He was trying his best to control himself to avoid scaring the maids even more if he were to fly into a rage.

Did you kill my father? Through the phone, Fang Zhongmous tone was also indifferent.

Zhongmou, we will settle our grievances amongst ourselves. Kidnapping a woman is uncalled for.

Everything happened because of this woman. I took her away because shes absolutely not innocent. If you want her to live, then kill yourself in front of me. Otherwise, I will turn her into ashes in the same way you killed my father and turned the Fang family into ashes within the span of one night

Fang Zhongmou hung up the phone, leaving behind a deadly silence through the receiver. There was no sound at all.

Burner phones had no dial tone. This was something Fang Zhongmou who was well-versed in spy tactics would do.

Gu Jingming sat there and tried hard to calm himself down, to calm down again.

Otherwise, his anger may scorch his brain.

However, he had to think about it carefully now and plan properly to ensure Yu Minmins safety

Inform the special forces, the Presidents army, and the National Security Department to gather, Gu Jingming looked up and said to the guard opposite him.

Yes, Sir.

Back in the room, Lin Che had gone to see Niannian first upon arriving home. Seeing that Niannian was fast asleep, she kissed him on the forehead.

She looked at Niannian and wondered if he had become slightly tanned because he had started attending kindergarten. But his body seemed to look much healthier.

She was sitting there and watching him when she suddenly heard footsteps outside.

Lin Che thought that those footsteps did not sound like they belonged to the usual servants who were professional and diligent in their work. She sensed that something was wrong. The moment she stood up, she heard the people outside having a conversation.

Sir, Mr. President has already issued a command earlier to lock down the entire city but we reckon that she has been missing for more than three hours, so we recommend expanding our search.


Who had gone missing?

Following this, Gu Jingze said, Lower your volume. Dont let Madam hear about this.

Yes, Sir.

Dont let me hear about what? However, just then, Lin Che suddenly pushed the door open.

Gu Jingze had not expected that Lin Che would be here and immediately turned his head around.

Their security staff stood there and was so surprised that he was at a loss as to what to do as well.

Gu Jingze paused before gesturing for the man to leave. Then, he walked up to Lin Che.

He pulled Lin Ches hand towards him and spoke to her in a tone more gentle than his earlier tone. Why are you here?

Lin Che looked at him. What exactly were you saying about not letting me hear about the incident? Gu Jingze, tell me. Did something happen?

Gu Jingzes eyes wandered.

As he gazed at Lin Ches worried expression, he did not want to tell her.

She would definitely be very anxious if she found out.

And if something really happened, she would definitely be very heartbroken.

He did not want her to be anxious, nor did he want to hurt her. Thus, he would definitely do what he could to help and pray ardently for Yu Minmins safe return.

But now

He was hesitant about telling her, but Lin Che shrugged his hand off angrily and turned her head away. If you dont tell me, Ill find out myself. Hmph.

She pulled their bedroom door open, went in, and immediately shut the door.

Gu Jingze drew in a deep breath. He walked over and pushed the door open to see Lin Che sitting at the edge of the bed with her back facing him.

There was nothing he could do about her. He could not be physical with her and could not ignore her either. He sighed and felt that he had no choice but to compromise when it came to her.

Lin Che, Ill tell you but you must promise not to get anxious and not to get scared. He put his arm around her shoulders and progressively softened his tone in fear that he would scare her.

Lin Che nodded. Quick, tell me. Im already anxious right now.

Fang Zhongmou has taken Yu Minmin away, Gu Jingze had no choice but to say.

What?! Lin Che nearly sprang to her feet but was immediately held down by Gu Jingze.

I told you not to get anxious. Gu Jingze held her and stopped her from moving.

Lin Che said, Fang Zhongmou? The criminal who killed his own father and escaped? She recalled watching the news on television.

Gu Jingze lowered his head and looked straight ahead. Then, he breathed in silently. To be honest, hes not the one who killed his father.


It was me.

What? Lin Che was even more surprised.

However, Gu Jingze slowly looked up and gazed deeply at her. When the fight between the Fang family and the Gu family reached a climax last time, I employed a tactic to trap Fang Jimin in the Fang residence. I killed the main force of the Fang family and framed Fang Zhongmou for it.

Lin Che could not believe it.

Why was it that all the rumors floating around outside took a complete turn here?

Gu Jingze said, The outside world does not know about these things. Sometimes, they only look at the result but never see the truth because the truth is in the hands of very few people.

Youre the one who did it. Then are you also in danger now? Lin Che looked at him and asked.

Gu Jingze shook his head. He looked at Lin Che and reached out to caress her forehead and her hair. Dont you think that Im scary? Dont you think that Im evil?

Lin Che paused and looked at his familiar face. Youre my husband. Theres no way I would find you terrifying.

But what if Im not as good as you think? What if I also have a dark side?

Lin Che pursed her lips, looked at him, and shook her head calmly. No matter what side you show to others, youre just my husband to me. I only know that youre a man who treats me well and cares about me. Youre also a man who likes me. There are so many complicated things happening outside that its definitely not as easy as I think to manage the Gu family properly. Youre able to sit in your position definitely not just by sitting in your office and approving documents.

Gu Jingzes heart softened completely.

He found it very surprising that one sentence from a woman, one affirmation, would make his heart feel full and make him feel full of confidence.

Lin Che was simply such an amazing woman.

Initially, he had never cared about how other people felt. But when it came to Lin Che, he did not want to see her fear him, not at all.


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