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Season 9

Episode 66

(I,ll Show You What Acting Skills Are)

With one look, it was clear that the air of malice was not achieved through the use of her facial muscles but was an overall air she gave off along with a hint of eccentricity. It was as if her viciousness came from deep within her bones instead of being deliberately shown on the surface. The effect was plainly obvious and it immediately chilled everyone to their core. They found her terrifying just looking at her.

Lin Che narrowed her eyes before gathering her senses. Lin Ches gaze instantly resumed its usual clarity. She turned to look at the host. Im afraid Ive embarrassed myself. I didnt really prepare and casually performed a small part. Dont be so quiet, all of you. Did I make all of you feel awkward?

Thereafter, the audience suddenly erupted in applause.

The directors, screenwriters, and audience sitting offstage clapped for Lin Che in unison.

The host watched from behind. In the end, she had no choice but to stand up along with the rest.

It had taken Lin Che a mere three minutes but it made a larger impact than if she said a hundred sentences.

The segment she had selectively performed was a scene involving Peng Yus character but her performance was many times more impactful than Peng Yus.

The impact she made definitely surprised people. Everyone started to say amongst themselves that Peng Yu was using her skin and flesh to act while Lin Che was using her soul.

One was acting evil whereas the other had turned herself into an evil person. Of course, the impact was different.

Offstage, it was clear that Peng Yu had run off elsewhere and dared not appear to say anything again.

In the meantime, it did not take long for the almighty netizens to start an online discussion. They mentioned how they instinctively wanted to laugh when they heard Lin Ches conversation with the host today because Lin Ches responses were completely different from the serious responses of the other interviewees when asked the same questions.

She made the hosts face turn completely purple just by saying that she had nothing to say. However, everyone was extremely happy watching the interview and found it immensely interesting.

Some of the attentive netizens had also realized that the host had deliberately put Lin Che on the spot. In particular, she had even compared Lin Che with Peng Yu. Her gaze was full of disdain for Lin Che, so everyone felt that Lin Che was definitely retaliating.

And it was plainly obvious that she had retaliated very beautifully.

When one actually compared the segment that she had performed to Peng Yus performance for which she had previously been praised, they were entirely different.

The people who had praised Peng Yu for her acting skills were immediately proved wrong as well.

Lin Che had directly shown everyone what exactly acting skill was.

Several of Lin Ches fans finally started striking back at Peng Yu online. At last, they could release the pent-up resentment they had accumulated over the past few days.

They commented that there were really fewer and fewer actors who were willing to dedicate themselves to acting now. They could casually act out any scene in a mediocre fashion and people would say that they had acting skills.

Lin Che was just about to leave when she saw someone suddenly walk out from inside and call out to her.

Miss Lin. She turned around and immediately saw that the person behind her was actually the famous director Nan Gongyu.

He did not direct many movies, probably just one each year. He was always involved in several strange avocations. Despite this, each movie that he directed every year would always achieve huge success. It would always be a hit at the box office and receive rave reviews as well. As he had initially been an actor and later went behind the scenes, he had a significant number of fans too. Even though he was no longer acting now, he would film a commercial now and then or a variety show. He still remained popular.

Of course, Lin Che knew about him. He was already pretty famous before she had left C Nation.

Recently, his popularity had skyrocketed again because of a variety program that was on air.

Lin Che smiled. She had never had much interaction with him; they had never even met actually.

Therefore, she did not know why he had suddenly called out to her.

Even though the entertainment industry did not seem large, in reality, this was because there were cliques. Similar to the situation in other industries, everyone had some friends in the same clique and liked interacting and collaborating with the same people too. As a result, it was very difficult for her to have any interaction with Nan Gongyu since they had always operated in different circles that were too far apart without any mutual friends.

But right now, he was suddenly standing in front of her.

He was one of those rare handsome directors so he was obviously placed on a very high pedestal. But he himself was also a knowledgeable young man who had his opinions and deep thoughts, so he did not appear to care much for popularity. He seemed to be much more superior than the other celebrities in the entertainment industry.

He looked at Lin Che and said, I saw how you retaliated earlier. You did quite well.

Lin Che smiled but continued looking at him with slight skepticism, wondering what his motives were. Really? Thank you for the compliment.

We are about to start filming for a movie. I hope to be able to work with you and Im wondering if you would be available recently.

Lin Che froze.

Nan Gongyu smiled at her with a face full of sincerity.

So Nan Gongyu wanted to collaborate with her for his movie this year

Lin Che could not make her own decisions concerning such matters. It was better if she discussed it with Yu Minmin.

As a result, she did not agree readily and merely said that she would consider it.

They exchanged contacts and went their separate ways.

Xue Yang was waiting for Lin Che outside. When he saw Lin Che come out, he walked toward her and said, Sister Che, you were especially impressive earlier. Right now, everyone online is talking about how brilliant you were just now.

Lin Che said, It was nothing really. You can think of it as a cheap trick too. To be honest, scenes like that are good for showing ones acting skills, to begin with. In particular, its very easy to fool people. To the untrained eyes of the audience, they would immediately think that she has great acting skills. But in reality, her performance was nothing much either. Of course, acting is not such a simple thing.

Xue Yang said, But Peng Yus performance indeed paled in comparison to your earlier performance by a fair bit. She did not look as impressive. In comparison with you, her acting appeared especially amateurish.

Lin Che said, I really have to thank everyone for being so supportive. Let me look at what everyone is saying online.

Lin Che called Yu Minmin but no one picked up the phone after a few rings.

She found it strange. Seeing as it was very late, she even wondered if she had intruded on their pleasurable nightly activities.

However, meanwhile

Yu Minmin only felt a blanket of darkness when she woke up in a daze.

Where was she? Why was it so dark?

She reached out her arms to feel around her. She sensed that her entire body was moving as if she was walking in someplace.

She only fully regained consciousness after a minute.

She was in a car in a gunnysack. There was total darkness because she was completely tied up inside

What? What was happening to her?

Had she been kidnapped?

When Gu Jingming arrived home, he sensed that the room was completely dark.

He switched on some lights but saw that the room was empty.

In the past, Yu Minmin would wait for him on the bed every night. If he came back late, she was usually asleep. He would then walk in carefully and fall asleep with her in his arms.

But it was already so late today. Why wasnt she here?

Gu Jingming walked out and first called Yu Minmin, but no one picked up.


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