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Season 9

Episode 63

(I Can Give Up The World For The Two Of You)

Since Niannian protects Yunyun, bullying Yunyun is akin to bullying Niannian. Its the same thing. But fortunately, he didnt disappoint me. He wasnt the one who got beaten up. If he was the one who had gotten hit, I would only tell him to quickly go and hit the other person back.

Gu Jingze said, Alright. Forget about him. Its natural for him to have his own views. You ran off to film for such a long time but you didnt even think about comforting me first when you came back

He pulled Lin Che down and buried his head in her chest first

How do I comfort you

What do you think? He looked at her chest and felt that her chest seemed to have gotten much bigger than before. It was soft to the touch and extremely comfortable.

He was just about to touch what belonged to him, but he did not expect

Gu Shinian to push the door open.


Lin Che quickly pushed Gu Jingze away.

There was complete disappointment on Gu Jingzes face. He could only glance at Gu Shinian with dismay.

Lin Che said, Alright. Continue teaching Niannian a lesson. I still have to call Minmin.

Lin Che was embarrassed. It was the first time Niannian had barged in on an intimate moment. She felt extremely awkward at the moment and hastily found an excuse to leave first.

Gu Shinian walked in swaggeringly.

Gu Jingze slowly held up a book and looked at Gu Shinian. The boy whom you fought was six years old?

Gu Shinian nodded. Yes.

You should study diligently in kindergarten. Youll make your mother worry by getting into random fights with other kids.

Gu Shinian smiled. I just learned some new moves and wanted to put them to use. Who knew that he would be so weak?

Gu Jingze knew that he was learning some basic self-defense moves.

Gu Jingze said, You can ask the bodyguards outside if you want to practice. Even if you defeat a six-year-old child, theres nothing for you to be proud of either.

He can just consider himself unlucky. Gu Shinian thought to himself, How dare he touch Yunyun in the first place.

Was she someone he was allowed to touch?

He had not laid a heavy hand only because he was still a child too.

Gu Jingze sighed and shook his head while watching Gu Shinian leave. He thought of Yunyun and picked up his phone to call Mo Jinyan.

What kind of father are you? Your daughter was bullied in kindergarten but you didnt do anything about it at all. My child even had to come forward and help you settle it.

What? Yunyun? What happened to her?

Gu Jingze summarized the situation briefly.

It was not long before he seemed to be able to hear the sound of Mo Jinyans teeth grinding on the other end.

Gu Jingze said, Alright. I was just letting you know.

Mo Jinyan immediately said, This bastard has a death wish.

Gu Jingze said, Dont blow the matter up too much. Be wary of the consequences. After all, he whats his position? Oh, hes the vice-mayor.

At that moment, Mo Jinyan realized that something was amiss.

Gu Jingze, did you deliberately tell me this because you want to deal with the matter but youre too lazy to do it?

Huh could it be that you dont want to deal with it? Alright, Im hanging up.

As Mo Jinyan listened to the dial tone, he thought to himself that Gu Jingze was truly a wily old fox.

He wanted to take revenge but did not do it himself and wanted him to do it


When he thought of Yunyun, he knew that he had no choice either even though he knew that Gu Jingze had done it intentionally. He definitely had to settle the matter.

He picked up his phone and dialed a number.

Help me investigate this person. B City has a vice-mayor with the surname Sun, right?

Ah, yes yes. President Mo, why? Are you looking for him regarding something?

No, I have a grudge against him. Tell him to wait and see.

The person on the other end of the line was B Citys current mayor. The moment he heard the simple sentence, he was literally stunned.

What had Old Sun done? How dare he actually offend Black Hawk

But it was really impossible to save someone who had offended Black Hawk. Otherwise, he would also become Black Hawks target for revenge. If that happened, he would not survive

That night, Lin Che was seized with a sudden impulse and asked Gu Jingze to go with her to walk the dog.

It had been a long time since they had taken Prince out for a walk together. After returning, she had constantly been busy as well. Since she was free today, it was just the right time for them to take Prince out for a walk together.

Naturally, Prince was extremely happy. Lin Che put him on a leash and released him once they were outside so that he could run around.

Lin Che said, If only bringing up a child was as simple as rearing a dog

When she had first started rearing Prince, she found that rearing a dog was really troublesome because she felt that she was responsible for a small living thing.

But it was only after giving birth to Niannian that she truly felt that Niannian was way too difficult to control.

She did not know if other children were as mischievous and as much of a troublemaker as Niannian was. Furthermore, he did not listen to her teachings at all and could even reason with her to the point that she would want to roll her eyes in anger.

Gu Jingze said, Dont think too much. Its natural for Niannian to have his own views. Furthermore, its a good thing for a child to have his own opinions. He has never gone off the wrong end either. His views have always been very proper too, right?

Lin Che looked at him. Gu Jingze, I think that youre really not at all concerned about Niannian. Tell me. Do you actually dislike children?

Gu Jingze held her hand and nodded. Yes. I dont like children, especially boys.

Lin Ches heart sank immediately. She was just about to fly into a rage when Gu Jingze pulled her hand and put it by his lips. Then, he said, But because hes our child, our flesh and blood, obviously I like him. But my feelings for him will not surpass my feelings for you no matter what

Lin Che froze. Something seemed to be spreading through her heart and was fermenting bit by bit. That feeling was very wonderful.

Even though his love for his child was not so passionate, he had said that he liked her more than he liked his child. This made her feel as if she would always be first place and would not turn into second place because they had a child

Anyone would feel very glad to occupy the most important position in someones heart.

She said, But many fathers will love their children when they have children.

But I knew you first and him later. First come, first serve. I should love you more too, right?

Lin Che thought that he was seriously talking nonsense but still sounded reasonable.

She asked, Then, how much love exactly do you have for Niannian?

Gu Jingze said, If you must know, I can give up the world for him because hes my child, our child.

He pulled her towards him. But I can give him up for your sake

Lin Ches heart froze. She immediately felt that it was very cruel to make such a choice.

As a mother, she really felt her heart ache when she heard the two words give up.

However, Gu Jingze went on to say, But I know that your world may crumble entirely if I give him up. So no matter what happens, I wont give either of you up. I will definitely protect both of you and make sure that both of you are not alarmed by anything.

Lin Ches heart turned warm again

She felt that this man was literally the demon of temptation sent to her by the heavens. If not, how could he be so bewitching? Even the way he sweet-talked her was so tempting to her.


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