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Season 9

Episode 62

(We Will Definitely Settle This Matter For You)

Seeing that he had actually covered her mouth, the woman immediately bit his hand in a moment of fury.

Good lord! It hurts like hell. The man released her hand and slapped her face angrily.

Have you gone mad?!

You you how dare you hit me?! She was so angry that tears immediately streamed down her face. For so many years, youve never laid a finger on me. I cant believe youre actually hitting me now because of this woman. You She did not continue to blame him but turned to aim at Lin Ches face. You vixen! Its all your fault!

When the man saw that she was actually about to throw herself on Lin Che, he hastily pulled her to him in fright.

Dont hold me back. Let go of me She was still in a mad frenzy. Sun Xinyue reprimanded her harshly, Stop making trouble. If you continue to kick up a fuss, Ill divorce you. Get out of the Sun family. As far as possible.

The woman was so frightened that her beautiful face turned pale. Her tears stopped streaming down her face.

It had not been easy for her to marry into the family. Of course, she did not want a divorce.

But why was he suddenly treating her this way? He had courted her for a year before succeeding. After they got married, he had always treated her impossibly well. He allowed her to spend and enjoy herself as she wished and never controlled her either.

Why from the moment he saw Lin Che did he

She was currently looking in Lin Ches direction with resentment but Sun Xinyue frantically said to Lin Che, Its our childs fault for being insensible. Its my wifes fault for being insensible. Please be the bigger person and dont stoop down to her level

This was not his attitude towards a woman.

He was bending over backward and lowering himself to the extreme. It was as if even his face was about to fall to the floor.

The woman froze where she was and asked him, What exactly is going on why are you treating this slut so

Get lost. What nonsense are you spouting? This lady is Madame Gu. Shes Mr. Gu Jingzes wife. So this boy must be Mr. Gus son!

He said while looking down at Niannian.

Gu Gu Jingzes wife?

The woman froze for a long time before she understood what being Gu Jingzes wife meant.

This womans name was Lin Che but her childs surname was Gu.

Which meant that the father of her child had the surname Gu.

Initially, Sun Xinyue did not know that the childs surname was Gu but still mentioned that the childs father was Gu Jingze. This proved that he was not completely guessing.

He had grounds to believe so.

The teachers beside them were also dumbfounded. Gu Jingzes wife?

Gu Jingzes son?

A child of the Gu family was in their kindergarten?

Sun Xinyue looked as if he had expected better from her. Ultimately, she was a model and had deliberately wanted to marry into the Sun family. All she had was her looks. She had no intelligence.

This is the Gu family emblem. Are you blind?!

When she took a closer look, she saw two emblems on each shirt pocket of the two bodyguards at the back.

Hearing the commotion, the teacher beside them took a look as well.

She had seen the emblems long ago but she did not recognize the Gu familys emblem. This was the very first time she was seeing it and she even gasped in admiration internally.

However, when she recalled how the two bodyguards had fought earlier, those were indeed not the movements of ordinary people.

No wonder they were so impressive. It was because they were bodyguards of the Gu family!

Sun Xinyue quickly carried his son and instructed him to apologize to them. Admit what you did to them. Apologize quickly.

The child had always ridden roughshod over others and was usually spoiled rotten. Although he would be reprimanded at home after starting fights and causing trouble outside, his family members would only criticize him a little before saying happily that the child was truly a tyrant. Intelligent children all tended to create trouble like he did. He was taller and bigger than others, so they could not win against him in a fight either. In any case, they were always proud of it. Despite his young age, he gradually began to realize that everyone did not think much of him starting fights, so he became even more uncontrollable.

However, this was the very first time his father was holding him by the collar and forcing him to apologize.

He was genuinely frightened and was definitely a child who knew to assess what an adult was thinking. Thus, he quickly lowered his head and said, Im sorry. I wont do it again in the future.

Lin Che said, Thats enough. I dont want to listen to such empty apologies either. Dongzi, give them their medical fees. Lets go.

No, no, we dont need any medical fees How could the man dare to take it? But Lin Che had already instructed them to hand over the money. Thereafter, she held Niannians and Yunyuns hands and said, Lets go.

The mans face darkened completely. He was genuinely worried and hoped that Lin Che would not tell Gu Jingze about this incident. Otherwise, he was definitely done for.

Lin Che had yet to tell Gu Jingze. But when she left, she told Gu Shinian to look after Yunyun first while she went to the directors office with her bodyguards.

The director had just received news of what had happened outside. The moment he saw Lin Che, he hastily went up to her and said pleasantly, Todays incident was really abominable. I will definitely manage the teachers and give them more training. A worthy teacher cannot be like this. Although children are young, there is all the more reason to protect them properly. It is truly our honor to have Mr. Gu let you choose our kindergarten. In the future, there will definitely be no more issues with the children. We will replace all our teachers with new ones, the best ones, to give your son the best education

In that case, Ill thank you in advance. Niannian does not need any special treatment. I only hope that the teachers will have better moral values and be more responsible as well. Thats all. Ill take my leave first.

Yes, yes. Of course, of course

When Lin Che went outside, she saw that Niannian was still holding Yunyuns hand. The two of them looked very intimate.

Lin Che walked over to them and said to Niannian, Ha. Youre so good to Yunyun. You even beat someone to a pulp for Yunyuns sake. You already know to protect other girls at such a young age. Im so jealous.

Niannians face turned red. Mother, Yunyun is not any other girl.

Lin Che smiled. Fine, fine. Youre right. But you little brat, youre really so protective of Yunyun. Pft, pft. Seriously kids these days

Niannian narrowed his eyes skeptically. Mother, what do you mean by that? I I protect her because

Enough, enough. If you explain, it means that youre hiding something. Alright. Im going back. I still have to let your father know about the huge mess you created.

Lin Che took Niannian home. She also took Yunyun home for the time being to comfort Niannian.

Then, Lin Che also informed Mu Feiran and told her to come and pick Yunyun up.

Lin Che came in and said to Gu Jingze, Your son already knows how to play the hero and save the damsel in distress now. Hes so much better than you at hitting on girls.

Gu Jingze asked, What?

Lin Che recounted the incident to him. Gu Jingze shook his head.

But he could not help but think to himself, But that child is Black Hawks child.

If there really was anything between them in the future could Lin Che accept it?

But even if she was Black Hawks child, she was also Mu Feirans child. Lin Che would probably have no prejudice against her.

He asked, Who dared to act like an overlord in kindergarten? He even bullied my son.

No way. Its clearly your son who bullied him.


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