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Season 9

Episode 61

(You Nearly Made A Huge Mess)

Lin Che snickered. At the side, the teacher was so frightened that she had already rushed over and said, Miss Lin, Miss Lin. Please dont do this. We know that you have your own stand but its still better to extenuate matters relating to children. Otherwise, blowing up the matter wouldnt be good for you either. Shes not very educated and doesnt know about anything other than make-up too but we know so lets not stoop down to their level. To be honest She lowered her head and continued, Shes the daughter-in-law of the vice-mayors family. Shes particularly unreasonable. Its useless to oppose her too, just look at what happened

Oh, so shes someone with connections, Lin Che smiled and said.

Yes, yes

But thats just fine. Lin Che stretched her hand out and dismissed the teacher with a wave. I wouldnt find it fun if it was someone without connections. Now, things seem extremely interesting. I want to see whose family is so powerful that they are allowed to go out and randomly hit people, snatch their phones, and let their children run rampant.

Of course, when the woman heard this, she turned around and scoffed to Lin Che, Just you wait. Dont cry later!

They did not cry, but the teacher beside them was really about to cry.

However, Lin Che could not be bothered with them. She crouched down and held Yunyun by the shoulders, looking at the beautiful girl.

She had watched Yunyun grow up since she was born. She definitely would not allow anyone to bully Yunyun!

Yunyun, you did the right thing. In the future, if someone makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy, you must tell Brother Niannian.

Yunyun looked at Gu Shinian with slight worry. Auntie, in that case, you wont blame Brother Niannian or hit him, right?

Of course, Im not as violent as he is. I wouldnt fight violence with violence for no reason. Lin Che glared at Gu Shinian and said to him, Youre not getting any allowance this month.

Gu Shinian asked, Mother, dont you think I did the right thing too?

Lin Che said, Firstly, it was wrong of you to gather your friends for a fight. Youve started rallying people at such a young age. What are you trying to do? Gather power in kindergarten?

Secondly, it was wrong of you to hit him. If he did something wrong, you have to find another way to punish him, not go and hit him right away. You even hit him so viciously. How can you do that?!

Gu Shinian pursed his lips. He had learned some new skills recently and was itching to put them to use too he didnt expect the boy to charge at him first.

Of course, he could not tell his mother these things.

Gu Shinian said, Alright then. I will take note next time but thats on the pretext that the other party doesnt go overboard too.

Lin Che knew that Gu Shinian might not have done anything if it was only for himself.

But after all, he was on such good terms with Yunyun. Yunyun had always been under his protection. It was like that back in America as well.

Lin Che looked at the few people who were still following behind them, including Chen Nian and Chen Jiu who were muddleheaded about what had happened earlier. She thought to herself disbelievingly that as expected, she could never be free from worry when it came to Niannian. He had only been attending kindergarten for a few days but he had nearly created a gang. What exactly had he been doing in kindergarten

Of course, Lin Che did not know that this was just the start

In time to come, Gu Shinian would only gain more and more supporters. From a young age, he was held in great esteem.

Naturally, this was something to be taken up later.

Just then, Lin Che suddenly heard the piercing sound of a female voice from behind her again.

Hubby. I have never experienced such humiliation in my life. She even beat up our subordinates, not to mention our son. He was beat up so terribly. My heart was aching to death.

This time, she sounded much more melancholic than she had earlier. She sounded as if she was really about to cry.

Who did this? Hitting my son, seriously

When the man came in, his eyes met Lin Ches calm ones. Her gaze was like water and seemed to remind him of the moonlight in the clear night sky.

Her eyes were not stunning when she looked at someone calmly, but they could penetrate ones soul immediately.

Sun Xinyue did not expect to see such a beautiful woman inside. She looked familiar, very familiar, but he could not remember who she was. For a moment, he thought to himself,Was this the mother of that child? This woman looked like a sixteen-year-old teen, but she was actually someones mother.

She looked way too youthful.

In no time, his eyes were completely fixed on her.

The way he looked at her was way too obvious. Beside him, his wife was so angry that she was about to implode.

Sun Xinyue, what are you looking at?!

Oh oh. Your child hit my child, right?

Thats right, Lin Che said.

Do you know which family we belong to? How dare you hit him? Lets go, lets go. No need to say anymore. We will see you at the police station.

Once they were at the police station, everyone there worked for him. She could forget about escaping.

He looked at Lin Che in a lecherous manner. Inside, he was itching to just tear off her clothes immediately.

He could not wait any longer to bring her to the police station to personally interrogate her.

His wife was still unaware of his thoughts. When she heard his firm and resolute words, she immediately started howling in laughter.

Great. Lets go to the police station. Hmph, Lin Che, just you wait. Well settle scores in the police station!

Lin Che? Sun Xinyue froze. Is she Lin Che?

Lin Che turned her head slightly.

Sun Xinyues eyes were fixed on her

He was so frightened that he immediately averted his gaze.

You, you, you, you He turned to look at his wife. What are you doing?

What? What did I do? She looked at her own husband in slight disbelief.

Of course, she did not know.

Quite a few people in B City were aware that Gu Jingze had a wife. His wife was Lin Che. He also had a child with Lin Che.

His family was involved in the administration of the city so of course, he was aware of this news.

In that case, if the mother of the child who had hit his child was Lin Che, then the child who had hit his child was

Gu Jingzes child?

Sun Xinyue took a closer look. Sure enough, the two bodyguards behind Lin Che wore the blue crest of the Gu family. As for the child behind them, he really looked somewhat similar to Gu Jingze as he stood there.

He quickly pushed his spectacles up. Sorry, sorry. Miss Lin. I didnt know it was you, he said frantically.

Lin Che narrowed her eyes. She knew that there was an eighty percent probability that he knew which family she and Gu Shinian belonged to.

He had changed his tune very quickly.

She said, Lets go. Didnt you say we were going to the police station? We can go now.

Of course, Sun Xinyue did not dare to do it.

Take her to the police station? Did he want to die?

Even if their family had some power in B City, when it came to the entire C Nation, they were just a fly in the Gu familys web. Their President was the oldest son of the Gu family.

He could not believe he had dared to lust after Gu Jingzes woman earlier. How he wished he could slap himself now. How could he dare to think about anything? Was he tired of living? If he touched Gu Jingzes woman, Gu Jingze would definitely make mincemeat of him!

However, his wife still did not know what had happened. When she saw that he had suddenly become so cowardly, she slapped his head out of anger. You youre really impressive. Why? You couldnt help yourself after seeing that she was a celebrity? How many times has a vixen like her been used before she became popular? Dont you think its filthy?!

Shut up! Are you mad?! He quickly grabbed his wife and covered her mouth forcefully.

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