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Season 9

Episode 59

(Apologize To My Child Right Now)

She had originally been a model. She knew that she could not be a model for long and married a wealthy and powerful man in the middle of her career, hoping for a stable life.

However, she had always felt slightly regretful. She felt that she could have continued being a model. Several models got popular and immediately became celebrities as well. They switched to acting and hit the big time too. Although she felt great leading a carefree life now, she ultimately felt that she initially had the chance to become famous but did not manage to.

Thus, when she saw a famous celebrity appear here, it had already triggered her jealousy, especially when she saw that all the teachers around her were looking enviously at Lin Che and gasping in admiration that she was truly beautiful in real life. Their behavior genuinely made her feel even more disgusted.

She looked at Lin Che who had entered. Right on time. Is this brat your son? Just take a look for yourself. How exactly did you educate him? How can he hit people? Look at how my child has been beaten up.

Lin Che gazed at Gu Shinian and his friends in surprise.

She walked over to them first. Then, she looked at Gu Shinian and asked, Whats going on? Did you hit him?

Gu Shinian looked at the boy opposite them who was still weeping bitter tears. He immediately looked at him in warning, directly causing the boy to curl into his mothers embrace in fear.

Lin Che hastily pulled Gu Shinian to her. You still havent explained to me what exactly is going on.

Gu Shinian crossed his arms over his chest. Mother, cant you see? Yes. I hit him.

You Lin Che looked at Yunyun behind him. Yunyun, tell me. Did Brother Niannian hit him?

Yunyun was definitely much more obedient than Niannian and was very honest too. Yes Auntie, dont get mad. Brother Niannian had a reason for hitting him too. Its because that older brother is a bully.

Lin Che asked, A bully? What exactly is going on? Tell me everything in detail.

Just then, the teacher quickly said from behind them, Miss Lin, is Gu Shinian really your child?

Lin Che turned around and said in a calmer tone, Yes. I havent revealed this to the media yet. For the childs sake, I wont reveal it for the time being either.

Ah. Yes, yes. We understand. Our kindergarten will definitely keep it strictly confidential. Their kindergarten had many such children who had to keep their identities confidential. The staff had signed non-disclosure agreements as well. Such information definitely could not be released to outsiders. Otherwise, who else would attend such an expensive kindergarten?

Lin Che said, Thank you. Sorry for troubling you today. Can you tell me what happened exactly?

Miss Lin, this is what happened. Gu Shinian got into a fight with Sun Yiming. Gu Shinian pulled a few of his friends and they beat up Sun Yiming until the corner of his lips split. He has quite a few injuries on his body too.

Had he pulled his friends into it?

Lin Che looked at Gu Shinian angrily.

He was really becoming quite capable. He even knew to form a gang and stir up trouble!

Gu Shinian immediately said, Mother, the teacher is lying.

What? Surprised, Lin Che and the teacher beside her looked at Gu Shinian at the same time.

However, Gu Shinian said, Essentially, the rest of them didnt really hit him. In actual fact, Im the one who did most of it.

When she saw that Gu Shinian even looked proud of it, Lin Che really felt that it was time to teach him a lesson.

Gu Shinian, its not right to hit people! Youre so proud even after hitting someone! If you dont explain yourself to me right now, watch how I deal with you!

Opposite them, Sun Yimings mother started shouting, Good lord, look at how this child was brought up. Hes so arrogant even after hitting someone. Hes truly outrageous.

Gu Shinian looked at Sun Yimings mother. Im the one who hit him. Why are you scolding my mother? I indeed hit him but I only hit people who deserve to be hit. You yourself didnt educate your child properly first. Since you didnt educate him, of course, others will educate him for you. Why arent you asking why he got hit and why we hit him in the first place? I wouldnt have bothered fighting with him if it wasnt necessary. Theres no skill involved in it at all.

Beside them, the teacher was completely stunned. She felt that this child was way too sharp. He did not seem like any other child his age at all.

The woman opposite him was even more surprised. Dear me, dear me. Just look at you. At such a young age, you even know how to pick a fight with other people! What did my son do to you that made you hit him?! Hmph!

Gu Shinian said, He started it first. He snatched Yunyuns things and even said that he wants Yunyun to be his wife in the future. Huh. Is he even worthy of her in the first place?! Not only did he disturb Yunyun, he even touched her butt and said that he wanted to kiss her face. Hmph. He usually goes around hitting people but no one stops him. Ive been tolerating it for a few days. How dare he actually touch Yunyun? I didnt beat him up to the point where he wet his pants out of fear because he was no match for me at all. I didnt want people to say that I was bullying him.

The teacher could not believe it. These kids

They had started fighting over girls at such a young age.

Sun Yimings mother laughed out loud.

However, Lin Che immediately felt that the boy had gone overboard as well.

At such a young age, he had started taking liberties with girls.

In reality, children did not know anything. But now that information was easily available, children saw many inappropriate things as well. Sometimes, if the adults did not set a good example, the children would learn many bad things too.

Just like this child.

If the adults were usually more frivolous and flirtatious with women, the children may learn to be the same. If they watched how girls were treated on television, they would also learn the same thing.

However, the adults should stop him at this moment and tell him that his behavior was wrong. He could not treat girls so disrespectfully and so rudely. Even if they were still children, this was not acceptable either.

Lin Che looked at his mother. Even though we were wrong for hitting him, your child must apologize to Yunyun.

Sun Yimings mother immediately had an expression of disbelief on her face as if she had just heard the funniest joke ever. She started laughing with her hands on her belly. Thereafter, she exaggeratedly looked at Lin Che. What did you say? Who did you ask us to apologize to? Does justice still exist? My son got beaten up and still has to apologize to you. Do you have any shame at all?!

Lin Che looked at her and said righteously, Touching her butt and kissing her face dont you think such actions are way too vulgar?! Of course he must apologize for it.

Hey. Are you mistaken? Hes just a six-year-old child. What does he know? This girl is only three years old. Who cares about her butt or face? So what if a child gets touched a bit? Isnt it just a prank? Whats the big deal? What does he know? He wouldnt do anything to her either. Will she die from being touched a little?

You Hearing this, Lin Ches face started turning red.

It was precisely because the adults indulged their children. They felt that their children did not need to be taught at such a young age and thought that they would naturally learn with age. As a result, their children were encouraged to take it further and further.

Did they think that children did not have dignity and would not care? Did they think that children did not have the privacy that could be violated?

That definitely could not be allowed!

Lin Che stared at the woman in front of her. Apologize now! Otherwise, I wont take it lying down!


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